Friday, January 20, 2017

Mysteries of Re-incarnation (Life and Death)

There is much spoken and written about re-incarnation.  Some believe in the theory of re-incarnation, but many dispute in this theory. So do human beings truly re-incarnate back on earth, and reborn in new bodies after they die?

Re-incarnation is a natural process of the cycles of life, similar to the changing of the seasons from Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall and back to winter.  In fall seasons, the leaves begin to fall off the trees, by winter most leaves are off the trees, by spring they start being born again, by summer the trees are full grown again.

Everything, in nature is indirectly immortal at some level, and the apparent death of a creature is not the end of the existence of that creature.  There is an immortal body within every atom, hence within everything,  even in salt, clouds, rocks, animals, and human beings.  This immortal component is covered by a duplicate of a mortal level body, which decays, and dies, but the immortal component which is the NUCLEUS OF THE ATOM, the INTELLIGENCE OF A LIVING CREATURE NEVER DIES.  Hence when the outer mortal body dies, the immortal body covers itself again with another mortal and resumes life again.  This is the fundamental structure of living creature.

When a human being dies, the flesh dies, but the INNERIMMORTAL BODY (INTELLIGENCE) DOES NOT DIE.  This immortal body re-enters the body of an eleven year old child, and combines itself with the intelligence of that child, and relives their life again in that new body.  A human being is no different from an angel.  A spirit from time to time renews the outer body of an angel, keeping them immortal.  Whereas, a human being dies, and acquires a new body, by entering the body of a child that is eleven years old, and relives all over again.

No human being after death, goes back into the womb of a woman. A person lives only once, and after that, upon their death, they instantly enter the body of an eleven year old child.  Hence, upon the death of a person, they are instantly reborn in new body, right here on earth.

Nature preserves itself exactly the same way it has always been for billions of year, and no human being or creature, can change their gender or transform themselves from male to female, or from female to male.  No matter what a person does on the surface of their body, does not change the immortal body within. The outer body is like the clothes we wear, which when dirty or worn we change into new clothes, but our bodies remain the same.

Even though almost all human beings automatically re-incarnate there are two conditions that can prevent someone from re-incarnating.  The first condition is:  IF A PERSON DIES BY SUICIDE, THEY DO NOT RE-INCARNATE, FOR THEY ARE NO LONGER GIVEN THE PREVELIGE TO ENTER THE BODY OF A CHILD. Such persons who die by suicide will attach themselves to their children and attempt to make use of their body, causing the children to become a Schizophrenia.   The voices they hear in their head is that of the intelligence of the person who died from suicide attempting to take over their body, to cause another suicide.

The second condition is built into natures to preserve itself: HENCE GAY MEN THAT DIE DO NOT RE-INCARNATE, for nature prevents children from inheriting the intelligence of a gay man. The immortal bodies of gay men, automatically enters the body of a monkey, preventing them from being born among human beings.  What I explain to you is simply to educate, and make you aware of choices you make voluntarily.  Nature preserves itself, and creature cannot change itself into something else.  Lions, snakes, monkeys, cats, dogs, fish have always been the same for billions of years. Hence, a human been who attempts to change themselves into something else are eliminated out of the human race.  The logic behind the two conditions that prevent people from re-incarnating is simple: IF A PERSON BY THIER OWN FREE WILL DESTROYS THIER BODY, THEY WILL NOT BE GIVEN A NEW BODY TO DESTROY IN THE FUTURE.

No human being dies and goes to heaven or a hell.  Rather everyone automatically re-incarnates instantly the moment they die.  There are few who are transformed into angels while they were alive on earth.  These ones at some point often fake their deaths, and are taken to heaven to live among the angels. If the body of any living creature is buried in the soil, they did not make it to heaven or hell, and have most likely re-incarnated, unless they committed suicide or if the person was a gay man.  No child inherits the intelligence of a gay man, and no child is born gay. Nature eliminates gay men, like a poison gas in the atmosphere.  This process of elimination is the root of the HIV and AIDS which started among gay men. The HIV virus is nature’s way of attempting to mark and eliminate gay men off the earth.

Whatever carrier or role a person played they first time they were born on earth remains the permanent carrier of immortal body.  As I write this article; Donald Trump is being sworn into office.  I predicted many months ago that Donald Trump will become president despite all the odds against him, and he is now the president. Once a king in on life, a person will always be a president in all their future lives. What you are today at old age, is either what you were in the past or it is a new role of a new soul who is here the first time on earth.  The Past becomes the present, the present combines with the past to become the future.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Is Virgin Birth possible?(Mysteries of pregnancies)

A story is told in the New Testament bible, that a Hebrew woman named Mary as a virgin gave birth to a child that is known today as Jesus.  Scientifically, we know that a woman is not capable of conceiving a child without being impregnated by a man. So this story as told in the New Testament gospel, is it possible for a woman to be impregnated without a man?

Scientifically, for a woman to be pregnant, a male sperm must unite with a female sperm in the womb of the woman. The union of the two cells of male and female is what eventually becomes a fetus, to be born as a child.  This process is the normal approach.

But there is also the second approach, whereby a woman even though a virgin can be spiritually impregnated without a man. To give you a straightforward answer: IT IS POSSIBLE FOR A VIRGIN TO GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD.   I will even further let you know that some children that have been born of married couples, were not impregnated by a man, but rather they were spiritually impregnated.  One may ask, how is virgin birth possible?

Here is the spiritual trick behind virgin births.  IF THE DNA OF ANY HIUMAN BEING, IS COMBINED WITH THE SPERM OF A WOMAN, INSIDE THE WOMB OF THE WOMAN, SHE WILL GIVE BIRTH TO A CHILD THAT CONFORMS TO THE DNA THAT WAS COMBINED WITH HER SPERM.  But as we know, scientists can only combine the sperm of a man to that of a woman.  But spiritually, it goes beyond that step.

Example, for Jesus to be born of the virgin Mary, A  SPIRIT WILL COMBINE A SAMPLE DNA OF A SINGLE CELL OF THE SKIN OF JOSEPH, WITH THAT OF THE SPERM OF MARY IN HER WOMB.  THE SINGLE CELL OF THE SKIN OF JOSEPH, IS EXTRACTED BY A SPIRIT IN THE FORM OF NEGATIVE MATTER, WHICH ENABLES THAT SKIN CELL TO FUSE INTO THE SPERM CELL OF THE WOMAN IN HER WOMB. The negative matter state of the cell of Joseph, will easily merge into that of the sperm cell of Mary, which will then form a normal fetus, to result in the birth of a male child. Such a child created by a spirit in the womb of a woman, is born half human and half an angel.  Such a child have all the capabilities of an angel, will be immortal, and be become invisibles at will, even though they have the body of a human being.



Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mysteries of Negative Matter (Invisibility)

Scientists have speculated the possibility of negative matter or negative mass?  Example an object with -3kg of mass. So far scientists have speculated this as theory, but no one has ever observed negative matter, since it will require a negative material substance to detect the presence of negative matter.  So does negative matter truly exist? 

To get straight to the point, I will answer that: NEGATIVE MATTER TRULY EXISTS.  Negative matter makes physical object invisible.  Negative matter, is matter of the third plain, and it exists between SPIRIT MATTER OF THE 2ND PLAIN, AND ENERGY MATTER WHICH IS MATTER OF THE 4TH PLAIN.  Example, an orange that is negative matter, will appear to be invisible to a human being and every living creature. An object that is negative matter has a body of air.

Scientists believe that matter cannot be created.  I will correct that theory by letting you know that MATTER CAN BE CREATED. It appears logically that matter cannot be created, that is assuming the entire universe as we see it is all there is. 

There are at least seven plains, each of which is made of different matter.   Physical matter cannot be created from physical matter, however ENERGY CAN BE CREATED FROM NEGATIVE MATTER, AND PHYSICAL MATTER CAN THEN BE CREATED FROM ENERGY MATTER. 

Negative matter is the basis of miracles.  For something to appear out of seemingly nothing, the source is a spirit that converts negative matter  version of that object into an  Energy matter of the same object and then into physical matter of that object.  Example,  when Moses struck the rock for water to appear out of the rock.  That miracle was done by a spirit wearing a body of Negative Matter Water, which became water as Energy Matter, then finally appeared as physical water. This miracle is creating matter out of seemingly nothing.

Our entire universe first existed as negative matter, which was combined into itself and become a universe of Energy, which was then combined three times to appear as physical matter on the 7th plain.  All physical matter exists as energy matter, it also exists as negative matter, and it also exists as spirit matter.  The negative matter of every atom exists;  hence there is Spirit Hydrogen, negative matter of  Hydrogen,  Energy of Hydrogen, Angelic Hydrogen atoms, and physical Hydrogen atoms, as we know it.  All these exists within each single atom.