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Baracata method of cowry divination


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The Baracata method of cowry divination is a means of communicating with angels and other spiritual beings using four cowrie shells placed and rotated in the palm of your hand. I personally use this tool as a learning and communications tool to ask all kinds of questions to spiritual beings. In the human hand the thumb of a human being is connected to the Elohim, the index finger is connected to the soul and to the subconscious mind of the person, and the ring finger is connected to the guardian angel of the person. The cowrie shells hence when placed in the hand acts like a mobile phone and give one the ability to communicate with angels anywhere they are, just like talking on a cellular phone while walking or riding the train or bus anywhere. This method when further improved can be used to communicate with all human beings on earth as well as spirits in heaven. I have been using this tool to maintain a dialogue and conversation with many angels out there daily.

Note before using this method or any method of divination, first rub your palm with a few drops of the Angelic Spiritual oil, also known as the Saint oil, Barakata oil. This will then first cover the shells with an energy of Saint, that creates a doorway to communicate with the angels and spirits. This Barakata oil is a basic essential used in spiritualizing an object.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who dictated the Koran to Mohammad (Gabriel or Isaiah)

The story of the birth, life, and death of Jesus was well narrated in the gospel of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  One may ask the question; how did the author know of the birth and intricate details of the life of Jesus?  Was the author present everywhere Jesus went?  Some said it was a holy spirit that dictated the story to the author.

In a previous article titled “WHO WAS JESUS?. I explained that JESUS WAS JOHN, that played the double role of both author and the character.  Since Jesus was John, the story he was telling was that of his own life and hence knew every intricate detail of all the events.

The camouflage goes deeper than that, for the angel of the Lord that appeared to the three wise men, was also John.  You will notice the use of the angel of the Lord, going back in the days of Isaiah, who coined the phrase : THUS SAID THE LORD.   This trick was first started by Isaiah, for the angel of Lord that Isaiah was referring to was Isaiah himself.

Isaiah was not a human being. Isaiah was an immortal being with an angelic type body that is capable of shape shifting to appear in different bodies.  The story is told that Mary had a husband Joseph.  Here is also the trick; for JOSEPH WAS THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS JOHN, AND HE WAS ALSO THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS THE CHILD JESUS.  An angel materialized as a human being can instantly change their age from a child to an adult in a matter of seconds, then back to a child or any age they want.

The team who was originally Osiris and Isis, were the same team who was Joseph and Mary.  Isis was an angel materialized as a human being, and it is the same female who also played the role of Mary.   That same team combination was also Abraham and Sarah.  Sarah was the same female angel materialized as a human being, who was also Isis, and later also showed up as Mary. Now the account is further given that the angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah.  THE ANGEL GABRIEL IN THE BIBLE, WAS JESUS, WHO WAS ALSO JOHN, WHO WAS ALSO JOSEPH.

So from this perspective it was Isaiah who prophesied the birth of the son of God, and showed up in the body as both Joseph, angel Gabriel, and John.  If we track down the movements of Paul, it will be noticed that the book of Revelations surfaced in the area where Paul went to.  The Paul that was the scribe was also JESUS, that changed into a different body.

It was stated in the New Testament that when the tomb of Jesus was visited an angel told them, he was not in the tomb and has risen.  That angel, was also Jesus.

Going forward, it is well known that it was the angel Gabriel that dictated the Koran to Mohammed.  That angel Gabriel, was the same Isaiah, who became Jesus in the New Testament.  Hence Koran was actually dictated by Isaiah, pretending to be Gabriel.  Isaiah was not just pretending to be an angel, for he was truly an angel materialized as a human being.  Isaiah, who was Jesus, appeared to Mohammed on the mountain in the flesh and dictated the stories of the Koran to Mohammed.

In summary, practically all the major religions of earth were masterminded by one person.  The main character from Genesis to Revelation is the same one man.  This same one man was also Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, who was also Rama,  Vishnu, and Shiva.  Hence many scholars have noticed the similarities of the life of Osiris, and Mithra to be similar to that of Jesus.  The reason is, they were all one and the same person.

Who was and is Jesus (John)

The greatest story that has ever been told in the bible, is that of the life of Jesus.  The story from birth, through his miracles and death are so emotionally deep, and as such makes a strong impact on the mind of anyone that reads the gospel.

What I am about to explain to you is not something that I have always known, excerpt that I know for a fact that there is no one in heaven by the name Jesus, and always suspected that the character was fictional since the actual person is no where in heaven. It was only a few days ago, when I wrote the article on the WORD, that by substituting the WORD, for Elohim, and Elohim as Spirit that the true character of who Jesus was emerged.

I then confirmed my suspicion of the true identity of Jesus with the Spirit, and I was told my analysis is correct.  The John 1:1 which reads: In the Beginning was the WORD, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

This actually translates into : In the beginning was the Elohim, and the Elohim was with God, and the Elohim was God.  John further continued that the word become flesh.  This means the Elohim became flesh.   In all these text the WORD, is the ELOHIM, and the ELOHIM is the SPIRIT.

Here is where I caught the linking identity, because I know that there is only one being that exists that has a personal Spirit, the rest of humanity share a common spirit.  The only person that has and had a personal spirit was the same one you knew as Moses, Elijah, Osiris, Mithra, Vishnu.

I will now try to explain to you in simple language as possible who Jesus really was and is.  The author of the books of New Testament from Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, including the books of the Corinthians , associated with Paul, all the way to the last book known as Revelations is one and same author, namely JOHN.

I will tie in your missing puzzles for you, going back to the prediction of ISAIAH, who said a son of God will be born.  Isaiah is the mystery man behind all these , for ISAIH DID NOT DIE. ISAIH BECME JOHN OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.  JOHN, WHO WAS KNOWN AS THE BROTHER OF JESUS, WAS JESUS.

I verified who Isaiah was through the Spirit and was informed he did not die.  Isaiah prophesied the birth of the Son of God as himself.  Isaiah was not a human being, he was the living ancient living Elohim as a man who was OSIRIS, VISHNU, SHIVA, MOSES.  Note that Lucifer was first mentioned by Isaiah, and further expanded upon in the book of Revelation.  Isaiah as Theophilus wrote the book of Revelations.

Isaiah did not die, but took on another body as John, the mystery brother of Jesus.  It was known through the biblical text that John was the brother of Jesus, but one may ask, when did Mary give birth to John.  JESUS WAS A CHARACTER PLAYED BY JOHN, WHO ALSO WROTE ALL THE BOOKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. The miracles of Jesus were actually performed by John, who disguised himself as YESHUA.

The letters of Paul to the Romans, Corinthians were all written by John, including the book of revelation disguised under name Theophilus.  Jesus however did not die, because John did not die, and resurfaced as Theophilus.  There  was no revelation given by Jesus to John, because both JOHN and JESUS were one and the same person.

The Romans have no account of a trial by Pontius Pilate, sentencing Jesus to death, John made up that part of the story as an exit strategy for the Jesus character.


In summary, the words of Jesus were actually the words of John, and John was the author of all the books of the New Testament. John is the founder of the church, for Jesus and John, and Paul were both one and the same person.  JESUS was a double character played by JOHN, author of the book of John.  Those words in the book of John, pertaining to the WORD becoming flesh was referring to himself.

Isaiah was an immortal man, with an angelic type body, that is capable of changing himself into different bodies. Hence, he took on the body of John, and created the fictional character of Jesus, and the story that he told were partially those of his life. JOHN, the brother of JESUS, was JESUS.  It was ISAIAH, that resurfaced as JOHN, lived the double life as JESUS., All the books of the New Testament were written by John, who was also Isaiah, who was Jesus. Osiris, was the same man as Isaiah, who became John, with the double character as Jesus.

In those gospels, It was Isaiah that played the roles of Joseph, husband to Mary, John as brother to Jesus, angel Gabriel that met with Zachariah, as well as the main character Jesus.  Isaiah was also then one that played the role of Paul, and wrote the letters to the Romans, Corinthians, that became known as the books of Paul.

Throughout the gospels, you will  notice that there is a death scene for the each of the apostles, including Paul.  But there is no record of the death of John. The number of years that transpired from that of the life of Jesus to the writing of the book of revelations exceeded the lifespan of a human being, yet John lived throughout.  The reason as stated, John was Isaiah who was an immortal being with an angelic type body. Hence, he did not die during that era, and transformed himself from Isaiah, to become Joseph, John, Jesus, and angel Gabriel.  He further went on to dictate the Koran to Mohammed under as Gabriel.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

What is the WORD (The Elohim)

One of the most popular verses in the New Testament Gospel of John, is the Book of John Chapter 1: 1, which reads: IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD, AND THE WORD WAS WITH GOD, AND THE WORD WAS GOD.


This verse from John 1: 1 are exactly the same as those of GENESIS: 1:1 Paraphrased in another way, but the translation is the same.  GENESIS 1:1 reads: IN THE BEGINNING, THE ELOHIM CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

The Torah BERESHITH 1: 1 reads: Bereisheet bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz): Now by comparison, The WORD is ELOHIM, which also translates into SPIRITS.

The text in John 1: 1 can be re-written as: In the Beginning (BERESHITH), was the SPIRIT, and the SPIRIT was with God, and the SPIRIT was God. All things were made by the SPIRIT, and without the SPIRIT, was not anything made that was made.

This text is the same as: In the beginning (BERESHITH), was  The ELOHIM, and the ELOHIM, was with God, and the ELOHIM was GOD. All things were made by the ELOHIM, and without the ELOHIM, was not anything made that was made.

In summary, The WORD is the SPIRIT, which is also The ELOHIM in Genesis.
The WORD [Aleph - Yod]


The WORD was the beginning
Out of the WORD came clouds
Out of the clouds came water
Out of the water came life.


The WORD was the beginning
Out of the WORD came fire
Out of the fire came light
Out of the light came life.


The WORD was the beginning
Out of the WORD came mind
Out of mind came motion
Out of motion came life.


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD united the clouds and the fire
Out of the WORD came the earth
The WORD gave mind to the earth
Out of the earth came life.


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD is the breathe of God
The WORD is the living name of God
The WORD is holy and mighty.
The WORD is God.


The WORD was the beginning
Between man and the angels is the WORD
Between God and the angels is the WORD
Between man and God is the WORD and the angels.


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD has power over the angels
The WORD has power over man
The WORD has power over all


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD is independent of man
The WORD is independent of the angels
The WORD is power.


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD has an intelligence of it’s own
The WORD has a will of it’s own
The WORD has healing in it’s wings
The WORD has dominion over all things


The WORD was the beginning
The WORD has a life of its own.
The WORD has healing in it’s wings
The WORD knows the inner secrets of all
The WORD is that which is uttered as prayer.

From the book "The Trinity of Lights" by Ken Nunoo

Friday, January 16, 2015

How does a spirit determine the color of your race (The Elohim)

In a previous article, I have stated that the entire human race are organized into two colors, that come under two main spirits: The two main spirits of the human race are SPIRIT YAHWEH, whose color is Red, for the Caucasians, who are sometimes referred to as Whites,  and SPIRIT AYI, commonly known as ARIELIS, whose color is Black for the people of color.

The spirits determine the race of a human being from the COLOR OF YOUR EYES.   It is not by the color of your complexion, neither is it by the color of your hair, neither is it by where you are born, that determines your race, but rather it is by the COLOR OF YOUR EYES, regardless of your skin color that determines whether you are Caucasian (White), or a person of color (Black).

From a spirit point of view, if the color of your eyes are either GRAY, BROWN, or BLACK, you are person of color and come under the spirit AYI.  This is where it is completely deferent from how human beings determine a person’s race, since we generally look at the skin complexion of the person.  You will notice that many people of fair complexion such as Italians and many Europeans have either Brown or Gray Iris,; all these are considered people of color by the spirits.

If the color of the eyes of the person is either Blue, Green or any color other than Gray, Brown, or Black that person is Caucasian(White), and it is the Spirit Yahweh that responds to their prayers.

There is only one excerption to this rule, with regards to the Jews.  All Hebrews regardless of their eye color are all classified under the category of Caucasians and it is only Yahweh that responds to them.  What I have explained to you is a spiritual tactic that is used in neutralizing an opposing force.   It requires a SOLID RED (CAUCASIAN) to neutralize a person of color,   and it requires a person that is a SOLID (BLACK) to neutralize a Caucasian.

What I mean by a Solid Red is, the person has to be 100 percent Caucasian, which is either a Hebrew, or a 100 percent Caucasian with Blue eyes and Blond hair, to neutralize a person of color.  If you look at the present population of the human race, the people of color far outnumber the true Caucasians. Furthermore, apart from the Jews, the remaining Caucasians do not know much about spirituality.

Likewise, a Solid Black is someone like a Ghanaian, true black from head to toe, with nothing in common with the color of a Caucasian.  A true Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes have nothing by color in common with a typical Negro, and when the two forces meet, no one wins.  A black can only defeat a black, and a Jew or true Caucasian can only spiritually defeat a Caucasian.  What I have explained to you simply means, a Caucasian cannot pray for a person of color to solve a spiritual problem, and a Negro cannot pray for a Caucasian to heal or solve a spiritual problem. The two have separate forces that do not respond to the opposing color. It is also basically means, a Caucasian Pastor cannot solve the spiritual problems of a Negro, and a Negro Pastor cannot solve the spiritual problems of a Caucasian.

When a true Caucasian is spiritually challenged by a true Negro, no one wins, because neither Yahweh for the Caucasian nor Ayi (Arielis), for the Negro responds. It also means a Negro cannot cast a spell on a Caucasian, and a caucasian cannot cast spell on a person of color. Only a person of color can cast a spell on a person of color, and only a caucasian can cast a spell on a caucasian. It is only Spirit RA, (the neutralizer) that can overcome either a person of color or a Caucasian.

The race color of a person plays a vital role in all spiritual works.  Example, if a person of color is praying or doing something of a spiritual nature and a caucasian is standing, sitting, kneeling or facing the person of color, the prayers of the person of color will not be answered by anyone. The same rule applies vice versa.