Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Mysteries of the Ocean (Kabbalah of Water)

When we observe  the ocean we will notice something distinct about it, which makes the seas different from a river or a lake.  We have all noticed that, there are waves in the sea and also the ocean has a taste of salt. So the real question is, what really causes the waves in the sea, and what causes the sea to have a taste of salt that have lasted for billions of years. If the salt nature of the ocean as normal salt, it would have been diluted by rain, but as we know the ocean have had the same taste of salt for billions of years.

To find the answers to this puzzling mystery of the waves of the ocean, and the salt nature of the sea, I called COSMIC ELOHIM BARASHITH (GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), into the cowry shells to explain to me, what causes the waves in the sea, and the taste of salt in the sea.

Barashith explained that the waves in the sea are caused by: ATOMS OF LITHIUM IN THE OCEAN.  We know that Lithium atoms are the third element in the periodic table of elements. It consists of three electrons, three protons, three neutrons.  We also know that the electrons within the atom is a always in motion.  Barashith explained that: TO EVERY SINGLE ELECTRON IN THE ATOM, THERE ARE FOUR INVISIBLE ELECTRONS TO THAT SINGLE ELECTRON THAT ARE CONSTANTLY PUSHING THE VISIBLE ELECTRON.  HENCE, THE LITHIUM ATOM HAS TWELVE INVISIBLE ELECTRONS, THAT SET THE THREE ELECTRONS IN MOTION.

It was explained that the Lithium atoms in the ocean are constantly in motion, and dissolve molecules of various compounds that are in the ocean.   The constant motion of Lithium atoms in the ocean generate a force that sets the sea water in motion, which appears as waves.  The constant motion of the lithium atoms in the ocean is what dissolves all the chemical waste, such as urine, faeces, and substances that are at the level of molecules into their basic components.




Friday, August 2, 2019

Mysteries of Re-incarnation (updated- Aug 3)

Re-incarnation is the belief that the soul of a human being enters the body of another human being after death. After several dialogues with Cosmic Elohim Bereshith(God of spirits of spirits- the creator), it was explained that this concept is not entirely correct for several individuals only live once and are never reborn.

It was explained that the human race has reached its maximum population of almost 8 billion and it is rapidly on the decline.  It was explained that within one thousand years, the human population will decrease by approximately one billion. In two thousand years it will decrease by approximately two billion,  In three thousand years, it will decrease by approximately three billion. In four thousand years, it will decrease by approximately four billion. In five thousand years, the population will decrease by about five billion years and, THE CAUCASIAN MALE RACE, WILL BECOME ALMOST EXTINCT, ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA.

So I asked Bereshith how is it possible for the human race to decrease so rapidly.  Bereshith then explained the concepts of re-incarnation, a built in formula that will cause the human race to decrease by large numbers.

It was explained that all the human beings on earth at the present time have already lived in the past, and that everyone on the planet is a re-incarnation from the past.  There are no new souls on earth. 

A formula built into re-incarnation that will cause the population to rapidly decline is the fact that: EVERY MALE HAS A FIXED MOTHER, BUT EVERY FEMALE DOES NOT HAVE A FIXED MOTHER. Meaning, the mother of male child that is born on earth is already pre-assigned, and only the present mother of a man can enable her son to re-incarnate.  But a woman can re-incarnate through any woman.

I will elaborate on this concept.  If for a example, a woman has one male child in this life, in her next life she has the potential of giving birth to one female, but not a male.  Hence, upon the death of her present son, provided he has lived a normal human life, his soul will return to the INTELLIGENT STAR in the sky. Now, if a woman has two male children in this life, in her next life she will have one male child, and upon the death of her present two male children, the youngest one will re- incarnate to inherit the body of her son in the next life, but the soul of her oldest son, will return to his Intelligent star.  Therefore, every first born male does not re-incarnate.

If the woman has one male child and one female child, she will give birth to only one female child in her next life, and the soul of her present son, upon his death will return to his intelligent star.

Now since every male child has a fixed mother, and only their present mother can give birth to them, if the woman has lets say four male children in this life, in her next life she has the potential of giving birth to three of her sons. Her first male son will not re-incarnate, but her other three male children has the potential of being born through her.  BUT NOTE WHAT I SAID, BY USING THE WORD POTENTIAL, (meaning it may not occur for reason).  Now here is how it gets tricky. Supposing the woman chooses to become a lesbian in her next life, then upon the death of her present sons, none of them will re-incarnate, because they do not have a mother, and their souls will return to their intelligent stars. If that woman had a daughter along with her sons, the daughter will re-incarnate through another woman, but the souls of her sons will not re-incarnate, because their mother is now a lesbian.


Now it was further explained that if man lives a gay lifestyle, his soul does not re-incarnate, neither does their souls return to their stars. THE SOULS OF ALL GAY MEN, UPON THEIR DEATH ENTERS THE BODY OF A MONKEY.  EVERY GAY MAN THAT YOU SEE TODAY, IS THEIR LAST TIME OF WALKING ON EARTH AS A HUMAN BEING.  If gay men were allowed to re-incarnate the human race would have become extinct many of years ago.

Since women do not have fixed mothers they re-incarnate automatically through any woman. Hence, a woman keeps re-incarnating until she is transformed into an angel.  Bereshith explained that within seven thousand years, the entire human race will no longer exist, however there will be thousands of people on earth who were once human beings and are now angels.  The few men that will seen around, will be less than sixty thousand male angels.  The millions of people that will take over the earth will be the most beautiful women in the world that have been transformed into angels.

I will further elaborate on how it is possible for the population of earth to decline by a billion in a thousand years. I have stated that the ability of a man to re-incarnate all depends on his present mother, for the mothers of men are fixed but the mother of a female can be any woman. Meaning, if you are a man,  your present mother was also your mother in your past life, and your future mother is also your present mother.

Example, if  a woman had three male children in this life.  Upon her death in this life, in her next life she has the potential of giving birth to two male children. Upon the death of her first born son, provided he lived a normal life without being gay, his soul will return to his Intelligent Star in the sky. Now the lifespan of her second and third son, depends on choices their mother makes in her next life. If she chooses to become a lesbian in her next life, then upon the death of her second and third son, their souls will return to their Intelligent stars in the sky.

But if the mother in her next life, chooses to live a normal life, she will give birth to two sons. When her first born son  in her next life reaches 11 years old, her second born son in this life will die, and his soul will enter the body of her mothers first born son.  The woman will again have a second son.  When the second son reaches 11 years old, her third born son in this life will die, and his soul will enter the body of her mother's second son.  So her two sons in her next life, are the same second and third born sons. Now since the second son in this life is now the first born son in his mother's next, upon his death as the first born son, his soul will return to his intelligent star in the sky.

This woman upon her death in her next life, will re-incarnate and if she lives a normal life, she will give birth to one boy.  Her son in her previous life who was her second son, will now become her first son.  Upon his death as a first born, his soul will return to his intelligent star.  The woman will now re-incarnate but will then give birth to females, since all her sons from her previous life have returned to their intelligent star.

The soul of a human being is a combination of three bodies (INTELLIGENCE BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS BODY, MIND BODY).  Now if the man was gay, his body of consciousness is contaminated with the GAY VIRUS, I mentioned in the previous article.  Since his conscious body contains the gay virus, his soul cannot return to his intelligent star.  His soul also cannot enter the body of healthy child. The only option left is for his soul to enter the body of a creature that is closely similar to that of a human, which is the monkey.  Many of the monkeys you see in the forest today, were once human beings who lived a gay life here on earth.

Since America has the highest population of caucasian lesbians, it is predicted that within five thousand years the caucasian males in America will become extinct, for every man has a fixed mother, and if chooses to become a lesbian her potential sons will cease to exist.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Mysteries of Gay Men (The Gay Virus)

On Sunday June 30th, there was a world wide gay parade in New York City, and thousands of the LGBTQ, flocked New York City, to participate in this annual parade.  The month of June is declared gay month only in America, even though I did not attend the parade, gay and lesbians can be see practically every where in their rainbow colors.  New York City sponsors the gay parade,  and on this day, gays and lesbians show that they are proud to be gay.

The trains on this day every year are crowded with gay men from around many countries, and looking at many of these gay men, if one were to see them on the street, a person will not suspect that they are gay.

Gay men are known to act queer and weird, but is there something that is the driving force that causes gay men to act queer in a way that seem odd to normal human beings.  In this short article, I will explain what really makes a man gay, and why so many of them act like female and some even speak like woman.  Is the female actions of gay men a mere imitation of women, or is something else behind it, which the gay men themselves do not know?

I will start from the basics of  a normal male child that was born male, lived and acted like any normal boy, but at some point if he were to engage in an unprotected sex with a man, his actions gradually transforms to become like that of  woman. What is it that really causes this transformation? I had a discussion with Cosmic Elohim Berashith(God of Spirits), who explained to me of the presence of a virus that cannot be detected by science at the present time, I call this virus the Gay Virus.

It was explained that when a man engages in unprotected sex with another man, a gay virus is formed instantly with the man who receives the sperm  of the other man.  The gay virus functions completely different from the HIV virus and cannot be detected. When the gay virus is born within that man, its first stage is to: INCAPICITATE THE REPRODUCTIVE SPERMS WITHIN THE MAN, TO MAKE THE PERSON IMPOTENT.  Which means, even though that man can get a full erection like a normal man, that person cannot impregnate a woman.  In the second stage of the virus, it gradually transforms the consciousness body within that man into that of the consciousness of a female monkey.  

Consciousness within a person regulates the five senses of the person, which are taste, touch, smell, hearing,  and sight. The consciousness of women are different from that of a man. Hence, a female can smell things that a man cannot smell.  Food in the mouth of a female taste different in their mouth to that of the same food in the mouth of men.   A woman feels the hardness and softness of objects differently from that of men.

Hence, as the gay virus gradually transforms the consciousness of the gay man into that of the consciousness of a female monkey, it alters the five senses of the gay man. Like they say "monkey see, monkey do".  The gay men that act and maintains the body postures of women are not doing that deliberately, rather it is the gay virus in their body that has altered their consciousness into that of a female monkey, that is imitating the actions of a woman. Now, if you look at gay men that are even muscular well built, you will notice that the that carry their thick chest like a woman with large breast. If  such a man before they became gay could lift an object that is 300 pounds, over time their strength weakens and could no longer do so.

The gay virus weakens and softens the strength of gay men, hence gay men that look tough with strong muscles are gradually made weak through the gay virus.  Real gay men have the body of men on the outside, but the consciousness of a female monkey within.

Now, if a gay man who acts feminine as a result of the presence of the gay virus within their body were to have unprotected sex with a woman, the gay virus is transmitted to that female, which will result in two possibilities.  The gay virus within a normal female, will either cause that female to become barren, and incapable of conceiving children, or if that woman were to be successfully impregnated by a normal man, the child will be born with a DOWN SYNDROME, (what we call a retard).  That child born with a down syndrome, if female will not be able to conceive children, and if male will not be able to impregnate women.

Gay men hence become biologically gay, which makes their blood completely different from that of normal men. Gay men do not just carry an HIV virus, but rather the Gay virus which cannot be scientifically detected is what controls their actions for them to act queer.  Once a person becomes gay, they cannot biologically be reversed into normal men. The gay virus within their body will cause that person to desire to have intercourse with men.  It is similar to someone that has been addicted to a drug.

So all of you young straight men out there, understand that gay sex is not something to experiment with, for once the gay virus enters your body, you will become impotent, and act queer whether you like it or not.

I have written this article not to bash the gay men or lifestyle, but rather to educate the public that there is hidden virus within gay men that cannot be detected by science, that make men impotent and women barren.

The use of condoms have no effect on the gay virus.  Hence, if a gay man, that has the gay virus were to engage in sex with either a man or woman, even if he puts on five condoms, he will still transmit the gay virus into their body. The concept is similar to an x-ray light that can pass through physical matter.

Therefore you young ladies out there that socialize with gay men, assuming that they have no effect on you.  You are dead wrong, for sex with a gay man, will either make you barren, or even if you were to conceive a child through a normal man, that child will be born with a Down syndrome (retarded).

The gay virus unlike the HIV does not cause death,  but alters the consciousness of an individual to that of the consciousness of a monkey of the opposite sex.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mysteries of dreams (Alternate Dimensions)

When a person goes to sleep at night, they often dream. Some dreams are pleasant, but others could be a nightmare.  Many claim their dreams do come true, many simply reject dreams as mere mental fantasies in the mind of the person.  Do dreams have a reality, are they connected to our daily lives? What are dreams all about, and why do people dream at all?

Here is the mystery behind dreams as explained to me by COSMIC ELOHIM BERASHITH (GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS).  It was explained that a human being has within them a body which I will call the DREAM BODY.  This dream body is identical to the physical body and is capable of coming out of the body of a person when they sleep.

The dream world is an actual alternate dimension of our physical world, and everything in our physical world also has a dream body.  When a person is dreaming, your dream body is living in the dream world, just the same as your physical body lives in our physical world when awake.  HENCE EVERY EVENT THAT OCCURS IN A PERSON’S DREAM, ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN THE DREAM WORLD IN REAL TIME.  Meaning, if you dream of sitting on a bench having a conversation with a friend, that friend is also dreaming of having a conversation with you, and both of you are actually sitting on that bench in your dream bodies.

In your dreams, all the people you see in your dreams are also people that are also dreaming, and their bodies are all real, just as when you are awake.  Human beings cannot see dream bodies, and dream bodies cannot see human beings when they are moving around in the dream world.  Animals such as dogs can see dream bodies, and sometimes your dog may be barking at the dream body of a person around.

Every dream event is a real event that is actually taking place in the dream world.  Example if you dreamt that you went to a store and purchased some items, and  brought them into your house.  Those items you purchased are actually physically in your house in the dream dimension of space, but they are invisible to you when you are awake.

Dream bodies are real bodies, and some native doctors can even see people walking around in their dream body. Meaning, if you are dreaming and walk past a native doctor often in Africa, that native doctor can see you just as real as any human being, and often they will not know it is a dream body.

Human beings therefore live in two dimensions simultaneously, which is when they are awake and when they sleep.  Dream events however have no  connection to our physical world and all events that take place in the dream world remain a part of the dream world.  If a man and a woman kiss in their dreams, they have actually kissed, just as if they kissed when they are awake. Every event that occurs in the dream world, actually took place in real time.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Mysteries of the Hen and Egg

There is a popular puzzle on earth, whether the chicken or the egg came first.  Since it is the hen that lays eggs, the puzzle is, if the egg was first formed, where did that egg come from? And if the hen existed before the egg, where did that hen come from without an egg.

I recently called the GOD BERASHITH (GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), using the BARAKATA METHOD OF COWREY DIVINATION, to ask questions about how the hen lays eggs, and whether the hen or the egg first.

Berashith explained that neither the hen or the egg of the hen came first, but rather both of them came from an external source that is neither the egg or the hen.  There is a neutral third mystery substance which is both the source of the hen and the egg.  This mystery substance is CORN.  When I say Corn, I mean the common grains of corn that grows in abundance in farms, which is commonly used in Ghana to make Kenkey.  

Berashith explained that an adult male hen and adult female hens were first formed.  But a female hen does not form eggs in its body, no matter how many times a male hen injects sperm into its belly.  The ingredient that causes a female hen to lay eggs, are if that female hen swallows whole grains of corn.  A  female hen does not need  or rely on a male hen to form eggs, rather they rely solely on swallowing whole grains of corn.

Example, if a female hen swallows six whole grains of corn, that hen will lay six eggs after thirty days. However, those eggs laid by the hen from swallowing the grains of corn, without having prior had intimacy with a male hen, will not hatch into a baby chicken. 

If a male hen injects its sperm into a female hen, and that hen swallows whole grains of hen within seven days, then those eggs laid by the hen, will hatch into baby chickens. Example, if a male hen injects itself into the female hen, and that hen within seven day swallows eight whole grains of corn, then the hen will lay eight eggs, thirty days later, which will all hatch into baby chickens.

You may have noticed that the majority of eggs that we commonly eat, do not hatch into eggs. Those eggs were the result of the hen, just swallowing whole grains of hen, without a male hen having first injected its sperm into the body of the hen.  The female hen, does not generate a sperm to form its eggs, rather it is the grains of corn it swallows that are transformed into eggs.

Berashith explained that the hen is able to form eggs in its uterus from grains of corn, because the first original hen, where spiritually formed by transforming grains of corn into hen.  However, if the hen crashes the grains of corn, with its beak before swallowing the corn, that corn will not form into eggs in the hen.  The hen has to willingly swallow the whole grain of hen, without crashing it, before it can form into eggs, within the hen.



Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mysteries of the Dinosaurs, Pigeons, and Sparrows

Thousands of years ago, there were very large birds on earth, whose sizes where larger than the elephants of today.   These gigantic birds were called dinosaurs by our present day scientists. Somehow all the dinosaurs within a short period of time vanished off the face of the earth.  Scientists have speculated how they seemed to have disappeared within a short span of time. Some said, perhaps a huge meteorite fell on earth and killed all of them.  But this line of reason does not hold, since such a meteorite could not have killed all the dinosaurs at the same time.

I recently called the GOD BERASHITH( GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), into the cowrey shells, using the Barakata Method of cowrey divination, to ask questions about what caused the dinosaurs to disappear.   The answers I obtained from Berashith were mind boggling, for the dinosaurs as we knew them are living among us daily, but we do know it. 

There are certain birds on earth, who do not lay eggs, yet they are around in thousands.  The answer to the disappearance of the dinosaurs, is the answer to the origin of these birds.  These three main birds that do not lay eggs are: EAGLES, PIGEONS, SPARROWS. These birds were never around thousands of years ago, yet as soon as the dinosaurs disappeared from earth, they were all over the place in thousands.

Here is the irony of the giant dinosaur. These little sparrows, that we see around in thousands, are the component senses of the dinosaurs that has been broken down into small birds. Berashith, explained that, it is the giant dinosaurs, that has been redesigned as a group of sparrows. Berashith, redesigned the senses and components of each dinosaur as a group of TWELVE BIRDS per dinosaur.  

We have an expression that birds of the same feathers flock together.  The reason is, each twelve group of birds are the single body of one dinosaur.   Within a group of twelve pigeons flying together, ten of them have the same color, two of them have different color feathers.   Within the group of ten, five of them are the five senses of the dinosaur.  Now observing the pigeons, you will notice that when one of them flies away, several fly and follow that one around.  The first pigeon that takes off, are the ears of the dinosaur.  The two pigeons within a group of twelve that have different colors are the eyes of the dinosaur.

Therefore, the birds that fly together are actually one single dinosaur, and as a single body are always together.  When the twelve birds are eating, they are indirectly feeding the belly of one dinosaur. Similarly, the dinosaurs were redesigned as eagles, and sparrows in groups of twelve.  Every twelve eagles are the equivalent of one dinosaur, and every twelve sparrows are the equivalent of one dinosaur.

How Bereshith transformed the giant dinosaur into small birds as eagles, sparrows and pigeons is beyond human understanding and beyond scientific terms.  The mystery of the sparrows and pigeons that do not lay eggs, is due to the fact that, they are not born, but were created into existence. They do not die natural deaths of old age.  Pigeons, sparrows and eagles can live for thousands of years, unless something physically kills it.  But they do not die of  old age like birds such as the hen. A bird such as a sparrow or a pigeon that is constantly flying around, if it were to lay eggs will not remember where it laid those eggs.

The dinosaurs became extinct, because when a creature or human being is recreated by a spirit with an angelic type body, the soul of that creature upon death returns to its star in the sky and ceases to re-incarnate.  Example, if Jane Chopra was created as an angel in the year 2011. Upon the death of Jane Chopra in this life, her soul will return to her star in the sky,  and she will no longer re-incarnate on earth. Therefore, her kind will become extinct on earth, but her body as an angel, will be the one walking on earth as an immortal being.  Similarly the dinosaurs became extinct when they were replaced by the sparrows, pigeons, and eagles.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mysteries of the bible (Elohim)

The first line of the Torah reads: BERASHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HA SHAMAYIM V'ET HA ARETZ.  This first line of the Torah, is the main driving force of the entire old testament bible.  The word Elohim has been misunderstood by many, for the book of Genesis was written for Moses on clay tablets, hence the actual meaning of most of the words have not been understood by the Hebrews. 

I recently called the GOD BERASHITH (GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), whose name is mentioned as the first word in the Torah, to explain the meaning of the first words of the Torah. Berashith means((SPIRIT OF THE BEGINNING). BARA means (CREATED).  The word ELOHIM does not mean Gods or God rather it means (SPIRITS).  The word SHAMAYIM means (COSMOS).  The word ARETZ means (EARTH).

Hence, the first line of the Torah which is : BERASHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HASHAMAYIM V’ET HA’ARETZ, translates into: 
THE SPIRIT OF THE BEGINNING (BERASHITH) CREATED (BARA) THE SPIRITS (ELOHIM) THE COSMOS (SHAMAYIM) THE EARTH (ARETZ).  Hence wherever the word Elohim appears in bible it means SPIRITS, not God or Gods.  Hence the title COSMIC ELOHIM means COSMIC SPIRIT. Our present translation of the first line of the Torah as: IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH, is not the correct translation.

Another major event is the parting of the red sea, which is mentioned in the book of Exodus. BERASHITH, explained to me how the red sea was parted.   It was explained that the red sea was not actually parted by wind, and it was not parted in the literal sense where everyone that was present at the red sea could see the ocean opened. Rather, Berashith made a wide stretch of the sea water INVISIBLE to the eyes of the Israelites, but the red sea remained the same way to the army of the Pharaoh.

So at the crossing of the red sea, only the Israelites could see the dry land that appeared in the red sea, so while the Israelites were walking into the ocean, it appeared to Pharaoh's army that they were drowning themselves in the ocean.  Some of Pharaoh’s army followed the Israelites into the ocean, but they drowned because to them there was no dry land there.  The Pharaoh’s army did not see the red sea parted, so most of them stood back, and the few that followed the Israelites drowned, for the dry land was only visible to the Israelites.

Berashith, further explained that when Moses encountered the burning bush, the bush did not burn because the bush was not on fire, but rather it was the body of light of the COSMIC ELOHIM EHEIEH, who referred to itself as (I AM THAT I AM), that was covering the bush. The body of light of a Cosmic Elohim is like a ball of fire, but it does not generate heat like normal fire.  It was also Berashith that caused the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud to appear. Keep in mind that BERASHITH is the creator and God of all the spirits. 

Berashith as mentioned the first line of the Torah is the creator and source of the cosmos,  and all of nature.  A cosmos is the collection of galaxies and universes.