Friday, January 25, 2019

Mysteries of Shooting Stars and Stars

When we look up at the sky at night, we see trillions of stars across the sky.  It has been said that there are more stars in the sky, than the amount of sand on earth.  From time to time, we see a star flying across the sky, and we have called them shooting stars. Stars are a mystery to science since no one has been able to travel into a star to look inside and examine them.

A few days ago, I called the GOD BERASHITH (GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), Into the cowrey shell, using the BARAKATA METHOD OF COWREY DIVINATION, to discuss the nature of the stars.  The GOD BERASHITH IS THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, so I thought this God will know about the source of the stars.

Berashith, explained to me that the stars in the sky are of three groups.  The first group of stars is what I will call: NATURAL STARS.  These group of stars consists of planets, and their sun, such as Venus which can be seen from earth.  These first group of natural stars are in the same fixed position all the time, they have solid physical bodies, do not fly across the sky like shooting stars.  These first group of natural stars are a few hundred and less than one thousand.

The second group of stars are in billions and from what Berashith explained to me, I will call them ORGANIC INTELLIGENT STARS. These Organic intelligent stars are not solid, rather they are made of pure light and any physical matter can pass through them. The Organic Intelligent Stars are the life source of every living organic creature on earth.  There is an organic Intelligent Star, for every life form on earth, whether it is a human being, ant, mouse, fish, cat, dog, monkey, horse, grasshopper, worm and no matter how small the creature is.

Every human being and organic life has their own star, and that star is the source of the life of that creature on earth. The organic intelligent stars are ALIVE, like any organic life on earth and can move from place to place.  The sum total of all the organic intelligent stars is the sum total of all organic life that presently exist on earth, plus all the organic life that will be born in the future.

Meaning, every human being that has been born on earth and every human being that will be born on earth has their own organic intelligent star already in the sky.  The organic intelligent star is a living body that can communicate, think, and move around.  You have often heard native doctors say that before they do something for you, they will consult your star.  The organic intelligent star of a human being is already programmed with the destiny of a person here on earth.  The role a person is born to play on earth, whether they will become a king, a queen, a doctor or a lawyer is already programmed into their organic intelligent star in the sky. Therefore, a native doctor is able to consult a person's organic intelligent star to determine their destiny.  The organic intelligent star of a person is like the book of life of the person or creature.

The concept of organic intelligent stars of living creatures are similar to satellites that transmit signals to televisions, radios, and cellular phones.  The televisions, radios, and cellphones are like human beings and organic life here on earth, receiving signals from their intelligent organic stars in the sky.  So it is the star of the person in the sky that is actually writing and unfolding the life story of the person here on earth.  The intelligent organic star is transmitting the signals and the human body is receiving the signals and living the images transmitted into them.

Even though the organic intelligent stars can move across the sky, they are not capable of reaching earth.  They travel across the sky, similar to a car on the road.

The third group of stars are: what I call: INTELLIGENT GOD STARS.  These group of stars are Intelligences that are connected to precious stones on earth, such as diamond, gold, sapphire, iron, copper, gold, etc. Every form of metal on earth also exist as an intelligent star. The stars in the sky are therefore the sum total of every form of life on earth, and everything that is found in nature on earth. Everything, on earth that exists in nature has an intelligent star that represents that thing.  Hence, there is an Intelligence of diamonds, gold, copper. The God intelligence of diamonds represent all the diamonds, the God intelligence of gold represent all the gold on earth. The organic intelligences represent each individual living creature that exists on earth, those that will be born in the future.  In the stars are the future generations of human beings to be born on earth.  

All the future kings, doctors, lawyers, that will be born thousands of years from now already have intelligent stars in the sky.

The shooting stars are often the Intelligent God stars.  These stars are in various colors such as blue, green, yellow, red etc, for they are connected to precious stones here on earth.  The Intelligent God stars unlike the organic stars are capable traveling close to the atmosphere here on earth.  It is these intelligent God stars, that are seen as shooting stars. As they approach earth, they gradually reduce their size, and the smallest size they assume is about half the size of the moon  

The intelligent God stars often land in the clouds and cover themselves with the clouds, but they do not come to the grounds on earth.  The intelligent stars are not solid, they are pure light, and some have confused them to be UFOS. They are intelligent bodies that can travel at the speed of light, for they have bodies of pure light.  Therefore, the vast majority of all the stars in the sky are all bodies of living beings, which are larger than planets. 

Organic life on earth are not the only life forms in the universe.  Intelligent stars are bodies of living beings that were in existence before our earth was formed.

The souls within living creatures originate from their intelligent stars in the sky.  If a human being were to be created as an angel in heaven, their human soul no longer re-incarnates on earth,  and returns to their intelligent star in the sky.

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