Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Mysteries of the bible (Elohim)

The first line of the Torah reads: BERASHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HA SHAMAYIM V'ET HA ARETZ.  This first line of the Torah, is the main driving force of the entire old testament bible.  The word Elohim has been misunderstood by many, for the book of Genesis was written for Moses on clay tablets, hence the actual meaning of most of the words have not been understood by the Hebrews. 

I recently called the GOD BERASHITH (GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), whose name is mentioned as the first word in the Torah, to explain the meaning of the first words of the Torah. Berashith means((SPIRIT OF THE BEGINNING). BARA means (CREATED).  The word ELOHIM does not mean Gods or God rather it means (SPIRITS).  The word SHAMAYIM means (COSMOS).  The word ARETZ means (EARTH).

Hence, the first line of the Torah which is : BERASHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HASHAMAYIM V’ET HA’ARETZ, translates into: 
THE SPIRIT OF THE BEGINNING (BERASHITH) CREATED (BARA) THE SPIRITS (ELOHIM) THE COSMOS (SHAMAYIM) THE EARTH (ARETZ).  Hence wherever the word Elohim appears in bible it means SPIRITS, not God or Gods.  Hence the title COSMIC ELOHIM means COSMIC SPIRIT. Our present translation of the first line of the Torah as: IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH, is not the correct translation.

Another major event is the parting of the red sea, which is mentioned in the book of Exodus. BERASHITH, explained to me how the red sea was parted.   It was explained that the red sea was not actually parted by wind, and it was not parted in the literal sense where everyone that was present at the red sea could see the ocean opened. Rather, Berashith made a wide stretch of the sea water INVISIBLE to the eyes of the Israelites, but the red sea remained the same way to the army of the Pharaoh.

So at the crossing of the red sea, only the Israelites could see the dry land that appeared in the red sea, so while the Israelites were walking into the ocean, it appeared to Pharaoh's army that they were drowning themselves in the ocean.  Some of Pharaoh’s army followed the Israelites into the ocean, but they drowned because to them there was no dry land there.  The Pharaoh’s army did not see the red sea parted, so most of them stood back, and the few that followed the Israelites drowned, for the dry land was only visible to the Israelites.

Berashith, further explained that when Moses encountered the burning bush, the bush did not burn because the bush was not on fire, but rather it was the body of light of the COSMIC ELOHIM EHEIEH, who referred to itself as (I AM THAT I AM), that was covering the bush. The body of light of a Cosmic Elohim is like a ball of fire, but it does not generate heat like normal fire.  It was also Berashith that caused the pillar of fire and pillar of cloud to appear. Keep in mind that BERASHITH is the creator and God of all the spirits. 

Berashith as mentioned the first line of the Torah is the creator and source of the cosmos,  and all of nature.  A cosmos is the collection of galaxies and universes. 

Friday, February 1, 2019

Mysteries of the chemical composition of wind (Kabbalah of wind)

The air that we breathe is explained by scientists to contain about 78 percent Nitrogen and about 20 percent Oxygen.  This assessment of the chemical composition of air is partially correct, but it is far more complex than scientists have thought. Understanding, the Kabbalah of wind, which is the spiritual composition of wind, may enable scientists to understand the causes of cold wind temperatures that sometimes fall below zero, which in the past few days have been bombarding New Yorkers with freezing temperatures that has caused the deaths of some people.

Scientists think of the presence of the Nitrogen and Oxygen that is in the wind as gas atoms. This assumption is not correct, but rather all the Nitrogen and Oxygen that make up the air are ELECTRONS.  There are no PROTONS, nor ATOMS of Nitrogen or Oxygen in the air.  Atoms consists of a combined body of Electrons, protons and Neutrons. Therefore, atoms are many times heavier than electrons.

Hence human beings mainly breathe in Nitrogen and Oxygen Electrons, not Oxygen gases as explained by scientists. The exhaust that comes out of cars and from burning coal, which is seen as black smoke are Carbon dioxide atoms.  When the air is polluted with Carbon dioxide atoms, Carbon Electrons that are present in the air, bombard the Carbon Dioxide atoms, converting them into Carbon Electrons and Oxygen Electrons.  For this reason the air cannot permanently be polluted. 

Hence, the speculation of scientist of global warming, and that an explosion of  a nuclear bomb can permanently pollute the air is not correct. It is correct that the temporary abundance of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere in a few days will kill thousands of people in the continent where the bombs exploded , but carbon electrons will convert all of the carbon dioxide polluted air into carbon and oxygen electrons within a matter of hours and days into clean air.

There is a connection between the sun, clouds and air we breathe on earth.  The light from the sun always remain the same, however there seasonal clouds of winter clouds, spring clouds, autumn clouds, and summer clouds that causes the temperatures of the air in a country to change.  Scientists have assumed that  cold wind come from the cold arctic region of earth.  This assumption is not correct.  The cold temperatures are caused by cold winter clouds passing over the sun.  When sunlight passes through the cold winter clouds, it freezes the HELIUM ELECTRONS, that are reaching the earth.  The Helium electrons in turn covers the Nitrogen electrons in the air we breathe causing the wind to become cold.  Extremely, cold temperatures are caused by extremely cold winter clouds in the sky above that region of the earth. 

When temperatures reach below freezing point in New York City, look up at the clouds, for those clouds are extremely cold. You will notice in spring seasons during the day when there is sun in the sky, that you feel warm when there are no clouds over the sun, and suddenly feel cloud when a thick cloud passes across the sun. The reason is, that thick cloud is the cold spring clouds, and Helium electrons passing through the clouds reaching earth is causes the wind to suddenly feel cold.

I hope this article will enable scientists to better understand the nature of cold air, and design clothes that can withstand cold temperatures.  I will give you a hint on how to do that.  If the material is bombard with electrons such as LITHIUM, BORON, BERYLIUM, HELIUM, which are lighter in weight than Carbon, it can block the cold Nitrogen Electrons from penetrating your clothes.