Sunday, November 29, 2015

Is there a relationship between climate change and population growth?

Climate change is a global warming effect, due mostly to carbon dioxide emission from cars, and the burning of coal.  But there is a closer relationship between the growth of population and climate change, for human beings breath in Oxygen and exhale Carbon dioxide. So logically, as the population of earth grows, more cars are needed for transportation, more coal is burnt to warm their homes and trains, more carbon dioxide exhales from their breathe replaces the oxygen.

Nature already had all these balanced between human beings and the trees  that breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. So the answer to fixing the climate change is to plant more trees, and more parks covered with grass.  As we build cities, cars, and trains, all these take away the natural resources of trees that balance the exchange between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

So once again, synthetic advancement is moving against the natural order of creation, resulting in side effects of global warming.  There is a balance between animals, human beings, plants, and the air and one cannot far exceed the other.  The animals depends on the plants for food, while human beings consume some of the animals such s goat and cattle, but at the same time the forest is being converted into cities, to replace the plants with metals and cement.  The solution in fixing global warming, is to preserve the forests, convert portions of the cities into parks., and build fewer gas emission cars.  Every home or building must have a minimum number of trees near them, to cleanse the atmosphere of that vicinity.

Take away nature, and you put a chokehold on your existence.