Saturday, December 26, 2015

What is an Elohim?

In the first line of the Torah , which is Genesis 1:1 It is stated: BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HASHAMAYIM VE’ET HA’ARETS.  This translates to: IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

In this first line of the Torah is the basis of all that exists, and everything else outside of this are man made inventions.  Everything that is true and real about our God is in the first line, and all other references to God, by other names are man made inventions that has resulted in false religions.

I will explain to you the hidden depth of this simple first seven words of Genesis and break it down.  When the words were given to Moses, they were not words that had a translation but rather communicated one word at a time.  The first words of the Torah are actually written as:

BERESHITH + BARA + ELOHIM + HASHAMYIM + ARETS.  These words are the keywords in that entire sentence; the remaining two such as ET, VE’ET are merely conjunctions meaning “AND”.  These five words are the titles of the types of beings that exists.  BERESHITH are the INTELLIGENCES.  BARA are the SPIRITS.  ELOHIM are the SPIRIT CREATORS ON EARTH.  HASHAMYIM are in heaven and equivalent to the ANGELS.  ARETS is equivalent to Earth, and human beings. 

The text literally refers to beings of the various plains: BERESHITH(intelligences), BARA (SPIRITS), ELOHIM (SPIRIT CREATORS), SHAMAYIM (ANGELS), ARETS (HUMAN BEINGS).  To understand the flow: BERESHITH CREATED BARA(SPIRITS), BARA(SPIRITS) CREATED THE ELOHIM(SPIRIT CREATORS). THE ELOHIM(SPIRIT CREATORS) CREATED ANGELS AND HUMAN BEINGS.  The original name of the angels were SHAMAYIM, the Beings of LIGHT, or BRIGHT ONES. The first original angels were created on earth, and those are still here on earth and have been for billions of years. The angels that are in heaven were created thousands of years later after the first. If the name of a being is not in the first line of the Torah, that being  does not have the power to create human beings or angels.  It is the ELOHIM that created all living beings and and creatures that are on earth today. The ELOHIM are SPIRITS and do not have physical bodies like those of a human being.

These are also the stages by which something comes into existence, starting from the first plain of  Intelligences to the seventh plain of human beings.  The origin of all things is at the level of intelligence, which is the SEED MASTER

How does all this apply to modern religion such as Christianity?  To answer your question it can then easily be deduced that all the modern religions are man made inventions.  Here is a logical flow of how to deduce they are man made.    When Moses parted the Red Sea, did Moses call on the name of Jesus or was there such a name as Jesus? When Moses performed all the miracles in Egypt did such a name as Jesus exist? 

When Elijah called on fire to come out of the sky, did he call on the name of Jesus or did such a name such as Jesus even exist? Any religion that is based on the concept of the worship of angels, or Saints, or gods that are in form of human beings is a false religion.  Any being that has the body of a man, that claims to have created earth and human beings is false, regardless of what title the person gave himself.

BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM (The Trinity of Lights) corresponds to the NEUTRON, PROTON, ELECTRON) of the atom.   They correspond to the INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and BODY OF ALL LIVING CREATURES).   We give praises and glory to man made fictional characters as god, why not rather praise the ELOHIM, for the wonderful life and nature we have.

For those that have been writing movie scripts of the powers of good over evil, you have the right intentions but you are giving credit to the wrong powers.  Today, there are people in Ghana, West Africa that can perform more amazing miracles than that credited to Jesus, yet these people do not claim to be gods.  Socrates was willing to drink poison, to stand by the fact that the Greek gods are all false gods.   Likewise, I  say to you that that doctrines of today's religions, no matter how sweet and passionate their stories and sources may sound, are inventions of human beings.  Not a single person from any religion on earth has made their way to heaven.