Thursday, September 20, 2018

The nine powers of Kabbalah(The Cosmic Elohim)

Kabbalah is based on the concept that there are many Gods that formed the universe, not one God as believed in Judaism.  In the five books of Moses, referred to as the Torah, there are at least nine Gods (Cosmic Elohim), who the Hebrews confused to be the God Yahweh, with different names.   I have stated that the correct title of a God that is spelled with a capital “G” is Cosmic Elohim.  

In Kabbalah there is a diagram of ten spheres, which we call the tree of life. The nine spheres of Kabbalah are the equivalent of he nine bodies  of a human bieng: ENERGY, CARBON, WIND, WATER, FIRE, SAND(ROCKS), MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS, SPIRIT. These nine bodies of a human being are all intertwined as one body of the creature(the tenth sphere).

 There are three names of three different Gods in Hebrew which the Jews have confused to be the one and the same person, because of their spelling. These three Gods were thought to be the one and the same. JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, Y0D HE VAU HE.  The God EHIEIH who spoke to Moses in the burning bush is also often confused to be Yahweh, because the God appeared as fire.  Note that JEHOVAH, YAHWEH, Y0D HE VAU HE, are all spelled the same way as YHVH, and EHIEH is spelled AHIH, which is ALEPH, HE, YOD, HE.  Whereas, JEHOVAH, is spelled (YHVH), YOD HE VAU HE, and Yahweh is spelled YOD HE VAU HE.  The spelling of the  names of these Gods are identical, hence confused the Jews, that they were one and the same God.

These are the correct titles and names of the nine Enochian Gods of nature:

EHIEH IS A GOD OF THE INTELLIGENCE OF INTELLIGENCES.  The expression Intelligence of Intelligences was misinterpreted as I AM THAT I AM.  The word I AM is INTELLIGENCE.  Ehieh is the one that spoke to Moses in the burning bush. Also the one that wrote the ten commandments by fire on the clay tablet for Moses.

JEHOVAH IS A GOD ANIMALS, (the lion). The spirit of all animals is JEHOVAH

ELOHIM IS A GOD OF THE SEAS(Oceans)  ON EARTH.  Note that the word Elohim is a name of the Cosmic Elohim of the seas.  The word Cosmic Elohim is a title, meaning God.

ELOAH IS A GOD OF RAIN.  Eloah is the source of all the water on earth.

 YAHWEH IS A GOD OF FIRE.  It was Yahweh that formed the pillar fire at the crossing of the Red Sea. It is Yahweh that gave the name Anokye to Okomfo Anokye. It is Yahweh that originally created the four geni of the elements that he connected to Anokye, to enable him to make objects and himself invisible and visible, which many of the native doctors of Ghana and Africa use today.

ELION IS A GOD OF WIND. All the wind that blows on earth was formed by Elion.

YOD HE VAU HE IS A GOD OF MIND.  This God is the mastermind behind all the miracles that Moses performed in Egypt, and at crossing of the red sea.  It was YOD HE VAU HE, that changed the staff of Moses into a serpent. It was Yod He VAU, that changed the waters of Egypt into blood, through spirits he created into the staff of Moses.  It was Yod He Vau He, that caused Hail to come from the clouds in Egypt. It was Yod He Vau He, that caused the frogs and locusts to appear on the land of Egypt. It was Yod He Vau He, thsaat caused severe wind to blow, to split the red sea,  YOD HE VAU HE, HAS BEEN CONFUSED TO BE YAHWEH, or JEHOVAH, because of the spelling of the name.  It was Yod He Vau He, that taught Okomfo Anokye, how to form a sword that when planted into the ground, cannot be removed, using the spirits given to him by Yahweh. In this case Yod He Vau He, did not perform the miracle for Okomfo Anoye, but taught him how to do it.]]

It was YOD HE VAU HE, that caused Manna(dough), to come from the clouds daily for 40 years that the Israelites ate as food, after they crossed the sea, and were wondering around in the wilderness.

YAH IS A GOD OF CLOUDS WHO CAUSED THE PILLAR OF CLOUDS TO APPEAR AT THE CROSSING OF THE RED SEA, AS MENTIONED IN THE BOOK OF EXODUS. Note that Yah is also confused as Yahweh, because fo the spelling of the first word in the name. 


 These nine powers are true Gods that exist behind all of nature, There are many others at the level of Cosmic Elohim, but these nine powers play a significant role in the lives of human beings. 

It is not wise to worship a being, who has the body of a man, eats as a man, urinates as a man, for such a person regardless of what title or miracles he or she performs is not God.  Pick any of the nine powers above and give that God  your prayers.

Christianity is a sweet gospel, an impressive story, but do not bet your life on it. For at the end of your life, when you come to cross the river into your next life, one of the nine Kabbalah Gods will sink your ship and your entire crew. They will neutralize your powers and you will become helpless.  The Elohim do not allow false gods to be elevated to their standard to compete with them. Whatever powers Jesus had, he was stripped of it, captured and crucified. He even asked on the cross why he has been abandoned.  The disciples of Jesus all died miserable deaths, and they were not resurrected. The story was written to appear he resurrected.  


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Mysteries of the miracles of Moses in Egypt

About three thousand years ago, the Jews were slaves in Egypt for about 400 years.  They toiled night and day, to build the cities of Egypt. In their many years as slaves, they prayed for a messiah that will one day rescue them out of their misery.  Their prayers were answered, when a Jewish woman gave birth to a male child, and placed him in a basket in a river, where the daughter of the Pharaoh discovered him, and took the child to the palace where he was raised.

As Moses grew up, he discovered that he was Hebrew, son of  Amram and Jochebed, and Aron was his brother and Miriam his sister.  Moses then decided to aide the Hebrews, he was discovered and exiled out of Egypt. He wondered into the wilderness, ended near Mount Sinai.

One day near mount Sinai, an unseen voice called out to him from a burning bush who introduced itself as EHIEH ASHER EHIEH (I AM WHAT I AM).  This statement even though it was thought of as just a phrase, is the actual name of the GOD EHIEH.  The Hebrews have since thought that this expression were mere words, but the God actually told its name to Moses.

The entire stories of the events that took place in Egypt is well known in the book of Exodus, hence I will jump to the core, and explain the powers who were behind the miracles performed by Moses in Egypt.  In the Torah the Hebrews have always thought there is only one God, not realizing that the different names of God in the old testament bible are actually different Gods. There are at least NINE HEBREW GODS in the old testament, not one as the Jews have thought.  These nine Gods form the basis of the Kabbalah tree of life.

Moses at some point was told by a God to pick up a staff from the ground, and it is this staff that was changed into a serpent in the presence of Pharoah Rameses II.  The God mastermind that was actually behind all the miracles performed in Egypt was a God who the Jews have confused to be Yahweh because of the spelling of its name.  

THE GOD THAT CHANGED THE STAFF OF MOSES INTO A SERPENT IS THE GOD OF MIND (YOD HE VAU HE).  Notice that the God Yahweh is a God of fire, that caused the pillar of fire to appear at the crossing of the red sea. The name Yahweh and (YOD HE VAU HE),  were confused by the Hebrews as the one being, since their names are spelled the same way. Yahweh is spelled Yod He Vau He, but pronounced as Yahweh.  Whereas, YOD HE VAU HE is pronounced as YOD HE VAU HE.  YOD HE VAU HE IS A GOD OF MIND, WHEREAS YAHWEH IS A GOD OF FIRE.

All the miracles performed by Moses in Egypt were all actually performed by YOD HE VAU HE(GOD OF MIND), who created a spirit of serpent into the staff of Moses.  It was YOD HE VAU HE, that created a spirit of hail into the staff of Moses, that when Moses pointed it to the clouds, hail came from the clouds.  It was YOD HE VAU HE, that created a spirit of blood into the staff of Moses, that when Moses touched the river Nile with the staff it changed into blood.

I had dialogue with the God YOD HE VAU HE on September 15th, 16th, 17th, through the Barakata Method of Cowry divination ,who explained to me how he created the spirits into the staff of Moses that he used to perform all the miracles.  It was YOD HE VAU HE, that created a spirit of frogs and locusts  into the staff of Moses, that caused the frogs and locusts, to appear on the land of Egypt.  At the crossing of the red sea, it was YOD HE VAU HE, that created a SPIRIT OF WIND, into the staff of Moses, the caused severe wind to blow, to split the red sea, for the Israelites to walk through.  At the crossing of the red sea it was the GOD YAH (GOD OF CLOUDS), that formed the pillar of clouds to appear by day, and it was the GOD YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE), that formed a pillar of fire to appear by night and stood between the army of the Pharoah and the Israelites.  

IT WAS THE GOD EHIEH THAT WROTE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS BY FIRE ON A CLAY TABLET FOR MOSES.  Fast forward into the time of Okomfo Anokye, it was THE GOD YOD HE VAU HE, that taught Okomfo Anokye how to form a sword that cannot be removed from the ground, however the spirits that were within the sword were created by the God Yahweh.  

I have written this article to clarify that, there were four GODS, that participated in the events of Exodus: EHIEH, YOD HE VAU HE, YAHWEH,YAH. Note that the name JEHOVAH, is another God, that is also spelled YOD HE VAU HE.  JEHOVAH, YOD HE VAU HE, and YAHWEH are three different Gods, whose names are spelled the same way but pronounced differently. The Hebrews have confused them as one God Yahweh. ELOHIM IS A GOD OF THE SEA, BUT (YOD HE VAU HE) SPLIT the Red Sea.

Moses as a man did not command the spirits in his staff, rather it was the COSMIC ELOHIM (YOD HE VAU HE(GOD OF MIND), that created and commanded the spirits in the staff of Moses to perform all the miracles that took place in Egypt and at the crossing of the Red Sea.


Thursday, September 13, 2018

Mysteries of Yahweh in African Spirituality (God of Fire)

The name Yahweh is popularly known in the old testament bible as the God of Fire, that appeared as a pillar of fire at the crossing of the red sea. Yahweh is often referred to as God the father and is thought of as the one and only God.  On September 11th, and 12th, I had a conversation with Yahweh, using the Barakata method of divination.  I specifically questioned and obtained answers regarding the use of certain words of power that are spoken by African native doctors during their conjurations.

Having watched and listened to the videos of some of these native doctors, especially those that seem to have the power to conjure money to appear.  I analyzed some of the words they used to determine if any of those words are spirits.  I became aware that the first few words spoken by some of these native doctors are names of Enochian spirits, so I was curious to determine the source of those words.

In another article, I have stated that the Five African gods known as: Yemaya, Ogun, Obatala, Shango, and Oshun are among the top native doctors in Ghana, and I have noticed that they say almost exactly the same words in their conjurations.  I have also stated that Yemaya is the original Okomfo Anokye of Ghana, that has changed his image and Identity.

I therefore knew that those words of power were originally thought to Okomfo Anokye (Yemeya)  in some way, but the real question is how?

The God Yahweh explained that, he was the first to give the name Anokye to the boy when he was 12 years old.  Yahweh called the boy by the name Anokye, and he asked “WHO IS IT?”, in the Asante language. Yahweh then replied: Anokye (SUNSUMAN).  The word sunsuman means spirit or soul.  (A person that is not human).  Yahweh then told Anokye to remove his sandals. Yahweh then told Anokye to pick up a long stick that is on the ground and hold it in his hands.  Yahweh then caused the stick to disappear from the hands of Anokye and reappear on the ground.

Anokye then asked Yahweh, how he did that.  Yahweh then told him to point to the stick and he told him two words of power.  I will not mention those words.  Yahweh then told him to pick up a clay pot containing water in his hands,  The pot also disappeared from the hands of Anokye and reappeared on the ground, Anokye then asked him how he did that. Yahweh then told him one word of power. Yahweh then told Anokye to collect sand from the ground into his hands.  The sand also disappeared from his hands, and reappeared on the ground. He asked Yahweh how he did that, and Yahweh told him two words of power.  Yahweh then set a piece of clothe on the ground on fire.  He then told Anokye, one word of power. 

Yahweh then told Anokye to hold a cowry shell in his hands and say the five words of power, and Anokye became invisible.  He then told him three words of power to say, and he became visible again.  What Yahweh did is similar to the way Moses was trained with his staff, excerpt that Anokye was trained to recognize his own nature and abilities.. He was taught the unique abilities of a god to be able to make objects and himself invisible.
Invisibility is a unique power and inherent nature of a god.  Invisibility is the basis by which the genuine native doctors perform all their miracles.  Diseases are cured by making the virus of that disease that is within the body of the person invisible. When something becomes invisible to a human being, it is the equivalent of air, which that person exhales out their body, causing the virus to leave the body, and miraculously the person is cured.  

Watch the videos of some these native doctors of Ghana carefully, for I once stated that only a god can sit on air.  I know that Yemaya(Okomfo Anokye) at some point will read this article, and he is the only one as Okomfo Anokye that knows the conversation that took place between himself and Yahweh. He will then know that I have truly spoken to Yahweh.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Major differences between Caucasian and Negro bodies

It is the presumed theory that all human beings are created equal.  But even though we are equal as human beings, the physical bodies of Caucasians are completely different from that of an African negro in many ways.  

The African negro is not dark in complexion by accident or as a result of the sun, rather the source of the materials used in forming the negro body was built with the intent to survive in nature’s natural environment of the forest.   

It is presumed that human beings were created from sand, as the saying goes: from dust you were created and dust you return.  The first main major difference between a Caucasian and a Negro is the source of their skin. THE NEGRO SKIN WAS FORMED FROM THE COLOR OF SAND.  WHEREAS THE CAUCASIAN SKIN WAS FORMED FROM THE COLOR OF ORANGE (FRUIT).

When I state that the negro skin is formed from the color of sand, means not only is the complexion of the negro like sand, but it also has inherent within it all the properties and attributes of sand, that causes the negro to desire to eat food that grows from the soil, such as cassava, potatoes, yams, etc.


The negro body was built to withstand the insects, mosquitoes, and the many germs that are in the soil and the forest.  When a Caucasian is bitten by a mosquito their skin turns into red bumps, whereas a negro bitten by a mosquito hardly gets any skin effects.  The orange tree itself is a plant that has its roots in the soil, hence negroes can easily live off anything that grows beneath and above the ground.

Whereas negroes enjoy spicy meals, hot pepper soup, etc, Caucasian bodies cannot handle such meals.  Some Caucasian bodies easily break into skin rashes for eating spicy food.  It snows in western lands in order to kill most of the mosquitoes that the Caucasian skin cannot adapt to.  Cold climate areas are not suitable for negroes, and hot climate areas are not suitable for Caucasians.  

During the summer seasons, the high temperatures often cause skin burns among Caucasians, some even die from heat exhaustion.  The Caucasian skins easily develop skin cancer, in environments that negroes naturally survive in.  A negro can live by Caucasian standards, but Caucasians can barely survive in an African village.

Having laid down the basic differences in the skin between Caucasians and Negroes, it is wise for Africans and Negro nations to make more use of their land as farms, rather than build cities like the Caucasians.  The Caucasians need cities to protect their bodies, whereas negroes can make use of the natural environment of nature.  Indirectly, negroes can adapt in warm climates without buildings, and without electricity, or telephones, or cars, like it has been in most places of Africa. Therefore, negroes must not push themselves to attempt to build mansions, or own expensive cars, that are not necessary for their environment.

Everything that human beings need to survive on earth are all present in nature’s environment, whether it is food, or medicine.  It is up to the negroes to explore how to live without the synthetic inventions of the Caucasians.  The entire property of an angel, is the one bag they carry around, yet they live for millions of years without paying rent, or a penny in their pockets.