Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kabbalah Spiritual Wand

Kabbalah is the Body and Soul of God. The Body of God is a substance in nature and the soul of God is intertwined with the mind of God which is intertwined with the names of God. When the body and soul come together it becomes a living thing. The Kabbalah wand is equivalent to the wand of Moses which he lifted up when crossing the red sea. Moses had a staff in his hand when he changed the rivers of Egypt into blood.

The Kabbalah wand is held in the hand while offering prayers to God and acts as a conduit of spiritual energy passing from the human being to God. For spiritual force of any kind to flow, there has to be a negative and a positive polarity established. Energy like battery flows from the negative polarity to the positive. The wand in the hand acts as a negative polarity that causes a flow of force to the person holding it.

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