Friday, September 13, 2019

Mysteries of the moon (The Black Moon)

The moon often glows at night, not at as bright as the sun however on full moon days its light is bright enough.  There has been many theories about why the moon glows at night.  Scientists, have given various explanations, but deep down in our hearts they do not quite sink in. For how can an object made of sand, which is empty of any kind of life forms, with no wind and no water truly glow that much light reflected from the sun?

I recently called Cosmic Elohim Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), into the cowry shells, using the Barakata Method of Cowry divination shells, to explain to me, what is it on the moon that causes the  moon to glow at night.

Berashith, explained that the sand on the moon is different from the sand on earth.  It was explained that three quarters of the sand on the moon is normal sand like the sand in the desert, ONE QUARTER OF THE SAND ON THE MOON IS GLASS SAND THAT HAS BEEN MIXED INTO THE SAND.

Bereshith explained that THE EARTH, SUN, AND MOON, are exactly in the same position all the time. When the sun shines on the moon, the glass sand in the moon reflects the sunlight which causes the moon to glow. Hence, at night we are actually looking at: THE GLASS VERSION OF THE MOON, BUT THE ACTUAL SAND IN THE MOON CANNOT BE SEEN AT NIGHT. 

Berashith explained that: THERE IS A SECOND INVISIBLE MOON, MADE OF BLACK SAND AND BLACK GLASS SAND, WHICH IS ABOVE OUR MOON.  I will refer to this moon as the BLACK MOON. The Black Moon which is invisible to human beings, revolves around the planet earth 24 hours a day.  When the sunlight hits the black moon, it reflects black light to earth, which causes darkness at night.  I have previously explained that, what is invisible to human beings cannot be detected by any scientific tools, and is non existent to human beings.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mysteries of the Chemical Composition of Water

Every form of organic life depends on water to survive, and pours down from the clouds as rain. Water is the most cherished liquid on earth, and more precious at times than diamonds and oil.  Pure water as we know it is not an ordinary liquid, for its chemical composition is far different from what science have believed it to be.

I recently had a conversation with Cosmic Elohim Barashith (God of Spirits of Spirits) to explain to me the actual chemical composition of water.  Scientists inform us that Water is formed by TWO ATOMS OF HYDROGEN COMBINED WITH ONE ATOM OF OXYGEN. We have come to know this formula is H2O.  

This H20 formula of two atoms of Hydrogen combined with one atom Oxygen is not the correct formula of water.  Before I give you the formula of water as given to me by Berashith while using the Barakata method of cowry divination, which I have explained can be used to communicate with spiritual beings.  I will first explain that there are: VISIBLE ATOMS, NEUTRONS, PROTONS, ELECTRONS AND INVISIBLE ATOMS, NEUTRONS, PROTONS, ELECTRONS.

To every visible atom that we know, there is also an invisible equivalent of that atom, Hence, there are visible Hydrogen atoms, and Invisible Hydrogen atoms.  There are visible Oxygen atoms, and invisible Oxygen atoms. There are visible Oxygen Neutrons and Invisible Oxygen Neutrons.  



I will represent invisible neutrons with the color blue: Hence the formula of water is: HoO

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Amazon(Brazil) is on fire(Why?), Hurricanes in Florida(Why)

Recently miles of forest in the rainforest in the Amazon have burned down.  Hurricanes almost every year blow down towns in Florida. The Amazon is on fire,(why is it on fire).  This is the question I asked Cosmic Elohim Yahweh in the cowrey shells, if the God knows something about the recent fires in the Amazon. 

I did not go into details to ask why the amazon is burning, but Yahweh informed me that the fires in the Amazon are not natural causes, but rather a wide area of where the fires started are being cleared of human beings.  Yahweh explained that human beings, are to move away at least four miles from where the fires started.  I did not go in depth as to the reason why, but the instructions was that human beings are not to live within four miles of those areas.  The Amazon forest is being burned down, in order to preserve the forest. The intent is to prevent human beings from multiplying in that region, which could result in the place becoming a town, which will permanently destroy the forest.  The trees that have been burned down, will all grow back within a few years.

I moved on to the next question regarding the constant hurricanes that pass through Florida almost yearly.  The answer from Yahweh is: CHILDREN ARE BEING BURIED ALIVE IN THE GROUNDS OF FLORIDA. For the people in Brazil, the message is you are not to live within four miles of where the fires have burned down the trees(meaning the forests are to left alone), and for the people in Florida, stop burrying children alive in the grounds in Florida.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Mysteries of the Twelve Cosmic Elohim(Gods) and Twelve Human Cosmic Elohim(gods)

In many of my articles, I have often used the term Cosmic Elohim and probably I am the only one that makes use of this term, so I will in this article give you the Kabbalistic meaning of this term. 

The term Cosmic Elohim is the correct title of beings that we refer to as God. The word Cosmic refers to the galaxies or everything in all the universes which scientists define as Cosmos.   The word Elohim means Spirit.  Hence, a Cosmic Elohim is a spirit whose presence encompasses entire galaxies.

The physical body of a Cosmic Elohim is a ball of light which is about two feet in diameter wide. These bodies of the Cosmic Elohim are invisible to human beings, but they can make it visible to whoever they choose. An example, of the presence of a Cosmic Elohim is the burning bush which Moses encountered at Mt Sinai.  The bush did not burn, because it was the body of light of the Cosmic Elohim Eheieh, the one that referred to itself as ( I AM THAT I AM). The answer Eheieh gave to Moses is actually the correct title of Ehieh.

There are Twelve Cosmic Elohim in existence, even though the Kabbalah tree of life mentions only ten. The Cosmic Elohim have bodies of balls of light, however the Cosmic Elohim also formed themselves in the body shape of human beings that live among human beings as normal men.  I refer to the human version of the Cosmic Elohim as Human Cosmic Elohim (gods). Whenever, I use the term god, in an article I am referring to the human version of the Cosmic Elohim.

Here are the names of the Twelve Cosmic Elohim, that formed and maintains the universes and galaxies. These beings are the original creators and all of nature is connected to them.

1.    COSMIC ELOHIM BERASHITH (GOD OF SPIRITS OF SPIRITS). This being is the beginning, the source and creator of all the spirits, and creator of the other eleven Cosmic Elohim and creator of the human Cosmic Elohim (gods).  All the angels and spirits that were in existence prior to the year 2012, were created by Berashith.  Note that I gave a fixed that of 2012, for after 2012, the majority of the angels and spirits were created by the one I have nicknamed as Cosmos, whose real name is BARAKATA. 
2.    COSMIC ELOHIM BA(GOD OF CONSCIOUSNESS).  BA is the name of the Cosmic Elohim of Consciousness which is one of the three bodies of the soul.
3.    COSMIC ELOHIM RA (GOD OF ANIMALS) RA is the name of the God of all animals on earth excerpt the creatures that fly such as birds.
4.    COSMIC ELOHIM EHIEH (GOD OF INTELLIGENCE OF INTELLIGENCES).  The intelligence is one of the three bodies of a human soul.  The intelligences are the stars you see in the sky. Every living creature and all things on earth have an Intelligent Star. Cosmic Elohim Ehieh is the God of all the intelligences. It is the intelligence of intelligence, which ended up being translated as I AM THAT I AM.  The I AM is the intelligence and root being of a human being or creature.
5.    COSMIC ELOHIM JEHOVAH (GOD OF ENERGY).  We all know that energy is everywhere in the inner body of all mater. Jehovah is the God and source of all the energy in the universe.
6.    COSMIC ELOHIM ELOHIM(GOD OF THE SEAS, all gases).  Elohim is the God of all the seas, and all the chemical elements in the seas. 
7.    COSMIC ELOHIM ELOAH (GOD OF RAIN, WATER).  All the pure water that come to earth as rain, is connected to the God ELOAH.
8.    COSMIC ELOHIM YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE).  FIRE is  every form of light, not just the hot fire, but every type of light is fire. Whether it is blue light, green light, red light, yellow light etc, it is all fire.
9.    COSMIC ELOLHIM ELION (GOD OF WIND). We all know of wind as the air we breathe, and all the wind is the body of the GOD ELION.
10.  COSMIC ELOHIM YOD HE VAU HE (GOD OF MIND).  The mind is the third body of the soul. Which is made up of a combination of INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, MIND.  The soul of a human being or living creature is a Mind body of intelligence and Consciousness.  Cosmic Elohim Yod He Vau He is source of the body of mind of all creatures.
11.  COSMIC ELOHIM YAH (GOD OF ROCKS).  The rocks in general are not just sand but includes are the diamonds, gold, and metals under the sand. YAH is the God of all the rocks.
12.  COSMIC ELOHIM EL SHADDAI (GOD OF BIRDS).  EL SHADDAI is the God of all the birds and flying creatures.  Even though there are many diverse forms of species and things in the universe, they are organized under the twelve Cosmic Elohim.

The human Cosmic Elohim are Twelve in number.

The human Cosmic Elohim are human spirits of the Cosmic Elohim that have bodies like human beings, but they are actually spirits. These are human form versions of the twelve Cosmic Elohim, who were not born out of the womb of women.
1.    Enoch is the first of the human gods to be created.  Enoch is the human version of Cosmic Elohim Yahweh (God of fire). Hence, Enoch is a god of fire, for both Cosmic Elohim Yahweh, and Enoch were created from Spirit Yahweh. The spirit of Enoch is also a duplicate of Spirit Yahweh.  It is Enoch that transformed himself to become Noah.  It also Enoch that transformed himself to become King David, who killed goliath with a single sling shot.  It was also Enoch that transformed himself to become Elijah.  Elijah was carried to heaven in a chariot fire, because he was a god, and not a human being and not an angel.
2.    Elisha, is the second god who was created as a duplicate of Elijah to play the role of a son to Elijah. Hence, Elisha is also indirectly a human version of the Cosmic Elohim Yahweh.  For Elisha is a duplicate of Elijah, and hence they both share the same spirit Yahweh. It was the story and life of Elisha that became known as Jesus, for Elisha, was Yahshuah.
3.    Okomfo Anokye of Ghana. Okomfo Anokye was a native doctor in Ghana, who planted the immovable sword into the ground that no one has been able to pull out. Okomfo Anokye was formed by combining the spirits of five Cosmic Elohim.  The being that we know as Akonode that is worshipped among Africans, is actually Okomfo Anokye himself, when he makes himself invisible. The being that plays the role of Spirit Akonode, is the  native doctor Okomfo Anokye that makes himself invisible. When Okomfo Anokye faked his death in Ghana, he traveled to Nigeria and became known as the Orisha (god) Yameya. It is in Nigeria that five duplicates of Okomfo Anokye were formed.  The people that the Nigerians knew as SHANGO, OBATALA, OGUN, OSHUN, OGUN, who make up six of the African gods, were all duplicate bodies of Okomfo Anokye.  Of the five duplicates of Okomfo Anokye, one of them is always invisible and cannot become visible to human beings. It is the invisible one that brings money from various countries when he commands money and things to appear. 

When the five Orisha left Nigeria they transformed themselves into bodies of fishermen of the Ga tribe in Accra, and lived as one group in a place called Abola in Accra. They used the last name Nunoo.  The person that played the role of the first chief of Abola among the Nunoo family, was the original Okomfo Anokye,  The Nunoo families in Accra, that lived in Abola, were started by the six African gods, who were all  duplicate bodies of Okomfo Anokye, and the sixth is alway invisible.  The top five native doctors in Ghana today are the same African gods that were known as the orishas in Nigeria, and these men are all duplicate bodies of Okomfo Anokye. Therefore, six of the human Cosmic Elohim are all duplicates of Okomfo Anokye who are based in Ghana today.  I have nicknamed them as the African gods of gold. As we know gold represents money, and Ghana was originally called the Gold Coast.

Albert Einstein of Germany, the scientist that came up with formula of Energy that we know as E = Mass times the speed of light squared.  This man is the Caucasian god, who faked his death and travelled to America.  I will not mention his present name, but he is among the top scientist on Earth and the richest scientist.  The original Albert Einstein has made three duplicates of himself to date to play the role of his son.  Therefore, the Caucasian human gods are three of the same person.

The Indian gods such as Rama, Vishnu, and Shiva are not original gods, but rather it is Elijah and Elisha that changed their appearances into Indian men. The two gods Elijah and Elisha are among the richest people in India today.  These two are now the gods of Asia, and you will know them by their remarkable achievements. I have nicknamed them as the gold of oil and god of diamond.

5.    COSMOS (BARAKATA) is the twelve god, the youngest and last of the human gods to be created.  I will not say the original name of Cosmos, but he was also created Ghana.  Cosmos is the creator of the majority of all the angels and spirits that were created after the year 2012.  Cosmos was formed by combining the spirits of all the twelve Comic Elohim. Hence only Cosmos(BARAKATA) and Berashith can create spirits and angels.

In total there are seven gods associated to the continent of Africa, three Caucasian gods associated with America and Europe, two Asian gods associated with India, who were the original Elijah and Elijah, making a total of twelve human Cosmic Elohim.    There are therefore, 12 Cosmic Eohim( Gods) and  12 human Cosmic Elohim (gods).  It is the human Cosmic Elohim that form the link between human beings the the Cosmic Elohim(Gods).

When David as a young boy slew Goliath with single stone from a sling, the impact was equivalent to a bullet that has been fired from a gun in our recent times. For David was the god Enoch that has transformed himself into a young boy.  Extraordinary accomplishments among human beings are often done by gods and angels, who appear to be human beings.

One may ask how a single small stone that can fit into a sling thrown by David, can kill a giant like Goliath.  I will give you the clue how it is done.  If a normal young man were to throw a thousand stones at a man, with the strength of a giant, they may harm the giant, but will not kill him. For a small stone to kill that giant, its mass and weight has to be altered while its size remains the same. Only a god or a Cosmic Elohim can alter physical matter while the object appears the same to the human eye.  Example, if the stone actually weighs one pound, its weight can be altered by a god to lets say one thousand pounds, yet it will appear to be one pound.

Now a god has a body that is completely different from that of a human being.  Hence, when the weight of the stone is altered it will have its original weight of one pound in his hands, yet when it is thrown at a human being it will feel like one thousand pounds.  Now how do I know it was Enoch that threw the stone.  Simple deductive reasoning.  Enoch was the first and only human god in existence during the time of David.  But since it was obvious that the stone was not an ordinary stone, it can only mean that the person that threw the stone at Goliath was the god Enoch, that has changed his physical appearance as the boy David. A god can change their appearance to that of any man of any age, and they can also alter physical matter.  Angels cannot alter physical matter, and if an angel were to throw that stone, it will have the same effect as a human being that threw the stone, and it will not kill Goliath.