Monday, July 28, 2014

Do human beings have a soul? (The powers of seven)

 From ancient times, it is commonly believed that a living creature has an entity within, that keeps them alive, which has been referred to as the soul. It is also believed that upon death, the soul goes to heaven or hell.  It is also believed in Christianity that the dead will rise again, and all human beings will be judged. The good may go to heaven and the evil to hell.

These ideological concepts actually started from ancient Egypt, when Osiris was said to have risen from the dead, when Isis supposedly put the torn pieces of his dead body together, he came alive again and entered the underworld.  A similar story is told in Christianity, that Jesus rose from the dead and went to heaven.  From these two classic examples, the Egyptians, who were the forerunners of most of our believe systems today planted the concept of life after death, and further expanded upon during the Christian era.

To get to the bottom line of this question, ask yourself: Whether ants, frogs, birds, lizards, dogs, butterflies, insects, the hen that we eat often, and fish in the sea. Do you think they have souls, since they live and die just like human beings.  Most people will say ants do not have souls, but a human being will not want to say do not have a soul.

Both the ants, fish, worms, human beings and living creatures have a life form called CONSCIOUSNESS, integrated into their bodies which allows them to see, hear, touch, taste, and feel.  It is consciousness that allows living creatures to experience life through their five senses.

What is the source of this consciousness, one may ask? The consciousness of a man has its origin in a SINGLE SPERM, among the many sperms a man ejaculates.  The consciousness of a woman has their origin in TWO SPERMS, among the many that are released into the womb of a woman every 21 days; that is those women that have not reached menopause.

Each time a man have intercourse with a woman, there is ONE SPERM, within the many that is ALIVE, and is the root  of consciousness that travels its way into the womb of a woman seeking  one of the female sperms that also has consciousness.  As previously mentioned, only two sperms within the female have consciousness, which are released into the female once every 21 days and stays alive for 5 days in the womb.  If those two female sperms are not fertilized within those 5 days by a male sperm with consciousness they die and come out in the female menstrual period as blood.

When a male sperm that has consciousness fuses with a female sperm that has consciousness, a fetus is formed, and it is this new united consciousness that then forms a new fetus in the womb of the woman.  In consciousness is also an intelligence, and these two together fused with a body become a living child that is born into the world as human being.  Hence the life source of a creature are from the sperms of their parents.

Hence a human being and living creatures do not have a soul as a separate body or entity that lives after death, but the living body is consciousness that is wearing a body. Upon death, both the consciousness within the body ceases to exist, the same way sperms die when they are exposed outside for a short while.

It is rather the angels that have a separate body within themselves that is immortal, which is the true angelic body of  the angel.  The person that was Osiris, was an Elohim in the body of a human being, hence he had an angelic type body within his body, which was already immortal.

A human being has three bodies integrated into one, : INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL BODY.  An angel has four bodies: INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, INNER BODY, OUTER BODY,  three are integrated as one, and the fourth which is the actual angelic body can exist separately.  Osiris, was the same person that was Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Elijah, Moses and many of the lives of the major prophets. In all those cases he had an inner angelic type body, which if the physical body where to die, can be covered again with another physical body by a spirit, hence it will appear the person resurrected from the dead.

Only a person with an angelic type body can appear to resurrect from the dead, because their inner body (fourth body) is always immortal, but a normal human being dies the same way that other living creatures die.  When a human being is created as an angel, they become immortal and continue to live as angels, even though the physical body dies.  So all those that have been created as angelic duplicates in heaven will continue to live forever, even though their earth counterparts may die in the flesh here on earth.  Their angelic counterparts do come back to earth, and walk around in the exact same bodies like their earth counterparts.  Only a person with an angelic type body can go to heaven; angels are created by a spirit of God from a living a human being, not dead human beings.  So one has to enter heaven as an angel before death, not after death.  Excerpt a man is born again by the spirit, (created as an angel), they cannot enter heaven.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Did Osiris or Moses die? (The Powers of Seven)

 In a previous article, I mentioned that the so called ascended masters do not individually exist, but rather they are the lives of one man, beginning from Osiris. Now I will explain to you how Osiris became Moses, through what I call the POWERS OF SEVEN.

There are seven plains of existence that occupy the same space, seven different type of matter within every physical matter that occupy the same space, seven different types of beings that can exist within every living being.  Hence there are seven different types of sand, within a single grain of sand, seven different types of oranges within a single orange, seven different universes within a single universe.

Even though there are seven types of beings or seven different types of matter within every physical matter, the six levels of matter within the seven, exist in a passive state and hence inactive.  In the same way within every living being, seven different types of beings can be created and exist simultaneously but only three beings are active within a human being.

Example, if you were to place an orange on a table,  a being from the sixth plain can pick up the exact same orange in their hand, and in their hand will appear the sixth plain version of the orange, while the orange which is a seventh plain object remains on the table. A being from the fifth plain, can then come and also pick up the exact same orange, and will be holding the fifth plain version of the exact same orange in their hand, while the physical orange still remains on the table. It is on these basis that offerings made to spiritual beings work. The fruits and food that are offered to them, if it is a genuine spiritual being, is often picked up by a being from their plain, while the original fruits remain on the table and can be consumed by a human being.

There are seven plains of existence in the same physical space, human beings and all physical matter exist on the seventh plain.  A human being consists of three types of beings : an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and a PHYSICAL BODY, all three of these are fused into one, and each of these exists on a different plain within the same physical space of the body.

Angels and persons with angelic type bodies have four different bodies in one body:  an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, INNER BODY, and OUTER BODY.  Angels have two distinct types of bodies which are an INNER BODY, and a PHYSICAL OUTER BODY.  The inner body of an angel is an invisible body of light, whereas the outer body looks like any normal human being.  The inner body of an angel dwells on the sixth plain, which is invisible to those that dwell on the seventh plain.  The beings on the fifth plain are invisible to the beings on the sixth plain, the beings on the fourth plain are invisible to the beings on the fifth plain. The beings on the third plain are invisible to the beings on the fourth plain, the beings on the second plain are invisible to the beings on the third plain, and the beings on the first plain are invisible to the beings on the second plain.

Hence an angel is able to walk around on earth in their sixth plain bodies, sit in the same room, and walk on the streets in their inner body, which dwells on the sixth plain and be invisible to human beings, then at some point they can cloak themselves with a human flesh body and become visible to human beings.  The bodies from the sixth plain to the first plain are all immortal bodies and cannot and do not die.

Hence an angel wearing a human body, if shot or killed point blank remains alive, because their inner bodies are immortal.

Having established this basis of inner bodies of angels, Osiris was beyond that of an angel for he was the ELOHIM BARAKATA, in  the body of a human being.  An ELOHIM in the form of a human being has seven active bodies, hence whereas an angel has four active bodies, a human being has three active bodies.  The ELOHIM BARAKATA is the only human type Elohim in existence, the rest of the Elohim are all spirits.

When Osiris was killed, and his physical body torn to pieces, keep in mind that he already had an immortal inner body, which cannot die.  Isis was said to have gathered the torn pieces of his physical body and put them together.  That was not the case; because Osiris was an Elohim with an immortal inner body, and a spirit  then covered his inner body with another body, then there he goes again brand new, like nothing has happened. Moses was also Osiris in an Elohim type body, and upon so called death, he switched bodies to become Elijah. 

Angels pull this body switching tricks all the time, hence an angel in one minute may have the body of a Chinese man, then a few minutes later you will see the same angel in the body of an Indian, or any body he chooses. Osiris lived similarly and switched from body to body under many different names in different countries.  Below, I will list some of the popularly known prophets and philosophers who were the lives of Osiris.


Throughout the human race there are five people that have lived and known not to have died. They were : (SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA, MITHRA, ELIJAH, PYTHAGORAS). These five men were all the lives of Osiris when he materialized on earth in a full Elohim type of body, for that reason he ascended into a heaven in what appeared to be a human body.

Once again I state that the ascended masters do not exist, because they were all the lives of one man, that of Osiris. It was from the life of Rama  Chandra that the story of the life of Jesus was written.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Do Ascended Masters exist?

The purpose of these articles is to untangle the cobwebs of humanity, that has lead to many false spiritual organizations that exist purposefully to make money.  The concept of ascended masters is from the idea that many of the religious founders of organizations ascended to heaven upon death, and that many can also achieve the same goal through certain practices.

Many of the so called ascended masters include such men as: Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Solomon, Jesus, Maitreya, Buddha, to name a few.   To begin with, the bases of ascended masters resulted from a chain of references made of ancient religious men in the doctrines of Jesus about Abraham in heaven.  

The concept of life after death begun long ago in Egypt from the days of Osiris, who was said to have been resurrected from the dead, by Isis who put the torn pieces of his body together.  Egyptian pharaohs who wanted to be recognized as gods,  had their bodies mummified with the believe that they will live in another world after death, and even servants were entombed in their graves to serve them in the hereafter.

The life after death notion hence started among the Egyptians, and adopted by the Jews who were slaves in Egypt for 400 years.  It became the general comforting idea that one’s ancestors upon death, will live in heaven.  Abraham as father of the Jews was popularly referred to be in heaven, just as Osiris was established to be the first god among the Egyptians. Osiris was declared to be the son of Ra, and was and is still worshipped in some sects in Egypt and elsewhere.

The idea of life after death was further extended in various religions and become the cornerstone of many spiritual teachings.  It is the main driving force of Christianity today, and the hope of many that upon death they will enter heaven. The basis of these believes are about 1 percent correct and 99 percent false.

Why is it one percent correct? The one percent correct answer goes back to Osiris and extends all the way through all those so called ascended masters, because almost all those people are the lives of one man that comes and goes from heaven to earth and not many different people. 

The men that are being referred to as ascended masters are all the lives of one man, beginning from Osiris. OSIRIS was the same person as: SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA, GAUTAMA BUDDHA, ABRAHAM, JOSEPH, MOSES,  ELIJAH, DAVID, SOLOMON, SOCRATES, ARISTOTLE, PYTHAGORAS, MAITREYA, and many others. Hence neither  Abraham, nor Moses, nor Solomon, nor Buddha are in heaven, because they were all the lives of one man, known as ELOHIM BARAKATA, who goes between heaven and earth and from his lives almost all the religions of earth were formed.  Sorry to disappoint you Christians, but there is no Jesus in heaven, neither is there a Buaddha in heaven. Many of these prophets that you have known are all the lives of one man, that goes between heaven and earth. When he is on earth, he is not in heaven, and when in heaven, he is not on earth. Both Ezekiel, Elijah, Abraham, Moses and the rest were all the same person, using different bodies.  These religious wars that many nations have been fighting end up with a zero prize, it has all been for nothing.

One may ask, how is it possible for Osiris to come back as Abraham? I will answer this question in another article and explain the tricks of how that is done. Just to give you a clue,  I mentioned that Osiris was ELOHIM BARAKATA, that lived on earth like a human being. Note what I have emphasized, that the being who was presumably killed as Osiris was an ELOHIM, in the body of a human being. An ELOHIM, is an immortal being that can assume the form of any human being.  This is just the gist of it, I will further explain this concept of how Osiris became Abraham, Joseph, Solomon and others in another article.

All those so called dictations from ascended masters such as Saint Germain, Maitreya, Jesus, Mary and many others are false dictations originating from the mind of the person speaking.  From the books of some of these organizations that proclaim the existence of ascended masters, it is mentioned that Saint Germain is the re-incarnation of Abraham.  If this is a fact, then it is also true that if Saint Germain exists then Abraham no longer exists, because Saint Germain is the re-incarnation of Abraham, hence he is Abraham of today.

Going forward from this angle of re-incarnation, starting from Osiris, Shiva, Rama,  Mithra, Abraham, Buddha and the rest, you will notice that no two of these people lived in two different countries at the same time, but rather they appeared or were born at several years intervals.  The reason is, they were all the lives of one man, who can only exist in one place at a time. So once again, I emphasize that the ascended masters do not exist, because all those men were all the lives of one man (ELOHIM BARAKATA).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who parted the Red Sea (Moses or Yahweh)

In the previous article titled “Is Yahweh, God the Father”, I explained that Yahweh is one of many spirits and is primarily a spirit of Israel, the present Hebrews. The parting of the Red Sea was a classic example of spiritual powers at work. No doubt humanity, had a taste of the existence of an external force at play. But if Yahweh is not God the father, then who actually parted the Red Sea?

Did Moses part the Red sea through some other unknown spiritual power or did the God of Israel known as Yahweh part the red sea for the Israelites to walk through?  I am purposefully writing this article to alert the present Israelites of the actual level of spiritual power they have at hand. There is war and has been many wars between Israel and nations in the region of the middle east. So by understanding and knowing what your(Israel) weapons are, and their limitations you(Israel) as a nation will be better prepared.

Israel as a nation today does not have the same spiritual backup as they did during times of Moses.  If Yahweh was the source of the spiritual powers of Israel in parting the red sea, then it would have rescued them long ago from their enemies in the middle east, but this is not the case.

I will surprise you to let you know that it was Moses that parted the Red Sea and not Yahweh. One may ask, how is that possible? The Moses that you saw as a man, appeared in every way as a man, but he was not.   Moses was the incarnation of the same man that lived as: OSIRIS, SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA (RAMA), MITHRA, and later on as Elijah, Solomon and many others,  and it was the powers within himself as a human god,  that parted the red sea.  Moses was ELOHIM BARAKATA, in the flesh, who was also Osiris, Shiva, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and many others.

I will explain to you the common power within Moses that goes back to Osiris, and how he parted the Red Sea.  A true Elohim is a spirit God that can create, hence all the Elohim are spirits, but there is one of them that exists in the form of a human being, that integrates all the Elohim spirits at the physical level, and that person is ELOHIM BARAKATA.

In my previous article, I stated that the true God the father is BERESHITH, whose letters are: BETH, RESH, SHIN, TAU.  In the ancient language before Hebrew, Beth is BA, Resh is RA, Shin is KA, Tau is Ta.  BA, RA, KA, and TA and all Elohim Spirits integrated as one, in a human form as ELOHIMM BARAKATA. Going forward you will see how Moses was able to perform those miracles and part the red sea. 

Moses parted the red sea through the ELOHIM SPIRIT RA, within himself.  Yahweh does not exist within Moses, but Ra existed within Moses, since Moses was actually an Incarnation of Elohim BARAKATA. Going back to the day of Osiris you are aware that the Egyptians worshipped the God RA,  In the days of Rama Chandra, his miracle of summoning the seven rivers to appear was also done by the ELOHIM SPIRIT RA, within himself  because here again he was an incarnation of ELOHIM BARAKATA. Hence when the Indian Hindus call upon Rama, it is actually the spirit Ra, that answers. The spirit Ra has power over all the waters, for BERESHITH created rain through the spirit Ra.

There was truly indeed a time when many miracles were performed among the Israelites, those occurred because in all those occasions, BARAKATA was incarnated as a prophet among them.  BARAKATA, was Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah, Ezekiel, and all these persons were the incarnations of one man.  

He incarnated among the Indians as : SHIVA, RAMA, elsewhere as Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and others hence here again it is the power of the spirit Ra, performing the miracles from within Barakata. It was always the presence of Barakata among a people that gave spiritual powers to that nation.  So Israel must be aware that it was a key figure among them that gave them their spiritual power, but at the present time they are on their own.

I have purposefully written this article to alert Israel that, they do not at present have a: Moses, nor an Elijah, nor the wisdom of Solomon, nor a David to knock down Goliath for them.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is Yahweh, God the father

Is the being commonly known as Yahweh truly God the father from whom creation begun?  There are many spiritual books, such as the Torah, Koran, Bagadavita, etc each of these referring to God by a certain name.  The most popularly known book is the bible which is mainly a Jewish book.  The bible is a book of the Jews, its contents and stories applies to the Jews, and the God within the Torah is a God of the Jews, not God Almighty, neither is that God commonly known as Yahweh the source of all creation.  In plain English, neither Yahweh, Jehovah, Jesus, Rama, or any God known to mankind at the present time is God the father.

To explain how to answer this question, I will first point out that the being that is referred to as God is a spirit and not a man, hence it automatically eliminates all the human gods that we think of as god or gods, including Jesus, or any human gods we know of.

A spirit is like an invisible living light, that cannot be seen, has no voice, has no ears, has no mouth, yet it exists. Specifically, a God is a creator, then the true God is a SPIRIT THAT CAN CREATE, and I refer to such a spirit as an Elohim Spirit. Yahweh is a spirit, Jehovah is a spirit,  Ra is a spirit, "Yod He Vau He" is  also a spirit and there are many other spirits around. These spirits collectively are referred to as the Elohim (gods, spirits).

Having set the background that there are many spirits, who then is the source of all these spirits.  The spirit that created the spirit Yahweh, Jehovah, and the many spirits will then be the HEAD OF ALL THE SPIRITS.  The answer is in the first line of the Torah.

TORAH 1:1 (GENESIS 1:1) : Bereisheet bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz).  In these words which have been mistranslated in many ways contains the name of the true creator. I will rephrase this paragraph in another translation. Beginning [BERESHITH], created [BARA], spirits(gods)[ELOHIM], the heaven[hashamayim], and the earth[ve-et ha’ aretz ).  What this sentence truly says is: [BERESHITH], created the spirits(gods), heaven, and earth.

Creation as a whole did not occur in a single instant, but rather through progressive stages. At various stages BERESHITH, creates a spirit whose main function is to either create certain things or manage them. In the name Bereshith itself is spelled: BETH, RESH, SHIN, TAU.  In these letters are their ancient form of : BA RA KA TA.  In an ancient language Beth is BA, Resh is RA, Shin is KA, and Tau is TA. 

Bereshith created these four original spirits before creation begun, Hence these four knowN as BARAKATA is within BERESHITH, before Yahweh and Jehovah were created.  The names of these four original spirits of Bereshith when put together becomes the word BARAKATA.  Its is these four sprits created by Bereshith that created all the plants, animals and mankind. When human beings were created, the Hebrews where the first of our human like form and it was at this time that Yahweh was created and put in charge of the Hebrews.  Hence, Yahweh up to this day is the God of the Jews including practically all the Caucasian race.

The Spirit Ra, who was also the source of rain, who still manages the rain today was put in charge of the Indians, it is this Spirit that became known as Rama, through  Rama Chandra. Unknown to the Indians when they call upon Rama, it is actually the Spirit Ra that answers. The Spirit Ba, who created all the plants and animals was originally in charge of the Africans, but latter Ba, created Spirit Arielis as the Africans grew to maintain that area.

After human beings have been on earth for thousands of years angels were created out of the Hebrews that were on earth at that time, and the spirit Jehovah was created and put in charge of them.


It all begun from one spirit known as BERESHITH, who created additional spirits progressively, who then created plants, animals and mankind.  Yahweh is not God the father, all creation even up today is done by BERESHITH and BARAKATA.  It was Elohim Barakta that came into the world as OSIRIS, MITHRA, SHIVA, ELIJAH, MOSES, RAMA CHANDRA, PYTHAGORAS, SOLOMON and many others. It was from the story of his life as Rama Chandra, that the story of of the life of Jesus was mythically written.