Thursday, March 31, 2016

Where exactly are the heaven planets?

Almost every adult have heard of heaven, the abode of the angels.  Does heaven truly exist? And if so, where exactly are these heaven planets?  My answer to this question may be a joy to scientist, but a disappoint to many religious believers.

On a heaven planet it is always daylight.  There is no morning, no afternoon, nor darkness. It is always as bright as the afternoon on earth.  On a heaven planet, there is no rain, no plants, no animals, and  nothing can grow in its soil.  On a heaven planet, there is no gravity that can sustain a normal human being, and there is no air that a normal human being can breathe, but with a space suit a normal human being can walk and breath on a heaven planet.

Have some of you guessed what a heaven planet is, from the above description?  Here is the surprise answer.  If you are indoors, step outside and look above you, for you have seen a heaven planet all your life.  The nearest HEAVEN PLANET IS OUR MOON. 

There is always daylight on the moon, it does not rain on the moon. Nothing can grow on the moon.   ALL THE MOON PLANETS OUT THERE IN SPACE ARE ALL HEAVEN PLANETS, WITH MANY OF THEM OCCUPIED BY ANGELS.

If scientists where to scan many of the moon planets billions of miles away, they will come across NINE MOON PLANETS COVERED WITH GREEN GRASS.  Those planets are the 1st heaven thru the ninth heaven.  On them they will find  living beings on them that are exactly identical to human beings, they are the Hebrew angels, you have often heard about.

About 93 million miles away from those nine moon planets covered with green grass, you will find a planet exactly the same size as our earth, with an ocean, plants, buildings which are the same as modern earth.  That planet is the 11th heaven that I, Ken Nunoo (BARAKATA) created on October 7th, 2012.  The nine moon planets covered with green grass, originally had a surface similar to our moon, I Ken Nunoo (BARAKATA), covered those nine heaven planets with green grass on September 2012.

The biblical heaven of the new testament is fictional.  If a heaven planets have a surface similar to the moon, how then do the angels eat and drink. Before September 2012, the angels travel to earth every day for food and return. Angels can be transported by a spirit to earth within three seconds, hence the angels used to sleep on blankets on the dry floor in heaven, until I covered their planets with green grass.

Once you find the 11th heaven, about 93 million miles away from it is a PINK PLANET OF LIGHT, which is also exactly identical to earth, but made of PINK LIGHT.  This planet is the 13TH HEAVEN THAT I, KEN NUNOO (BARAKATA) created in 2014.  In between the 11th heaven and the 13th is a moon like planet covered with green grass.  This planet is the 12th heaven that I created in 2013.  In the 12th heaven you will find horses made of  red light, blue light, pink light, green  light and all kinds of birds made of light. These are all my creations.  Yet I am a mortal man, not God.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What is the gender of a transgender?

A transgender is a person who has changed their reproductive organs to that of the opposite sex.  Meaning, a person born as a man, at some point changes the genitals to that of a vagina,  and vice versa.

So if a man changes their gender from male to female, does the person become a female?
The answer to this question is simple, but at the same time complex to many, so I will give you the simplified version, to the question.

 A man born as a man is always a man on so many levels and cannot simply change their gender and claim to be female.  A human being has three types of bodies fused into one: (Intelligence, consciousness  and Physical).  Each of these bodies within a human being remains the same,  therefore a man that changes their organs to that of a female, still has the INTELLIGENCE OF MAN, consciousness of a man, THE SKIN CELLS OF MAN, AND THE BLOOD CELLS OF A MAN. Hence trans-genders are of the same gender they were born with, regardless of what they  do to their organs, breast or physical body.

 A man may change their genitals, replace their kidneys with that of a female, change their breast to those of a female, but that man cannot change their intelligence, skin cells, and blood cells, hence he will always remain a man.   The explanations applies to females who also claim to be transgenders.  No creature, can change themselves into any other creature other than they way they were born. Once a lizard always a lizard, once a monkey, always a monkey, once a man, always a man, once a female, always a female.  Skin cells have gender, blood cells have gender, consciousness have gender( the scent of a perfume to a female is not the same as the scent of a perfume to a man). Intelligence(the immortal body of human being)  has gender  and cannot be altered.  Only an Elohim can alter the consciousness of a living being.