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What are Idols (African Spirituality- Seven African gods)

If a person were to visit a native doctor almost anywhere in any country, you will notice that they have a shrine, and many wooden idols which have names that often sound like names of their dead ancestors.  Christianity believe in a human god as Jesus, so many condemn the collection of idols in the shrine of native doctors as lifeless creatures. But the irony is, some pastors of the Christian faith go to these native doctors to buy spiritual powers from them to run their churches.

In this short article I will explain the role of idols that the native doctors collect at their shrine.  This may come as a surprise to you, but the true first god that was created on earth as a human being was Okomfo Anokye, all the beings that were referred to as gods in various religions prior to that time were not gods.  When a native doctor in Ghana boasts of being the chief of the spirits pay close attention for he may be Yemaya, who was Okomfo Anokye.

The God Yahweh created a duplicate of his spirit Yahweh as the body of Okomfo Anokye, and as the spirit Akonode.  I have explained in a previous article titled “Mysteries Yahweh”, that it was Okomfo Anokye that took on the name Yemayah in Nigeria as the Orisha(god).  The immovable sword of Okomfo Anokye is a testimony of the true spiritual powers of this man.

I have also explained that a god is a creator of planets, angels, and spirits, and that anyone that is capable of creating any of these is a god.  In spirituality, as practiced today there are  four main types of beings that are all immortal involved. The god, angels, geni(genima), and spirit  Among these four the geni created by the god plays the most important part for the geni is like an  invisible human being.  The geni is created by the god through the spirit. 

In the ancient times in Africa there were no schools, and a native doctor such as okomfo Anokye could not read or write.  But the most common thing done by all is, parents remember the names of their children when they see them.  

THE COLLECTION OF IDOLS AT THE SHRINE OF A NATIVE DOCTOR ARE GENIS CREATED BY THE god, and have associated the name of the geni to a wooden idol.  Hence, the idols are like children to the god, and enables the native doctor to remember the names of the geni, the same way parents give names to their children.  A true geni can only be created by a god.,  However, the idols themselves are merely wood, but each of them is a living geni who is an angel.  It is the geni that causes money to appear. It is the spirit that cures people of their diseases. It is the gods and angels that represent the human native doctors.  

Therefore idols have no power, but the geni connected to the idol is immortal an invisible being created from a human being.  A geni is an invisible version of an angel. Angels are visible to human beings, but the geni is always invisible.

THE ENTIRE PACKAGE OF BEINGS ASSOCIATED WITH AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY ARE THE WORK OF SPIRIT YAHWEH.  The gods are all duplicates of YEMAYA, who is spirit Yahweh in the flesh.  The gods create the angels and geni through spirit Yahweh, So whether a person calls on Obatala, Ogun, Shango, Oshun, or Yemaya, it is the same as calling spirit Yahweh.  The names of the idols of the native doctors are names of their geni, who the equivalent of invisible human beings running errands across the planets.  The native doctors send their geni to various places to accomplish various tasks like invisible human beings.

One may ask, how can they recognize a native doctor as a god if they see one. A god is capable of making themselves invisible, then visible. When a god becomes invisible,  they transform themselves into a geni, and are able to perform the same functions of a geni.  A god may appear as a young man between his mid twenties to his mid thirties.  A god will appear as a healthy energetic young man, not an old man walking with a stick. The geni is always invisible and not capable of making themselves visible to human beings.  Hence, even if a geni has a million dollars in their hands, it is useless to them because they cannot interact with human beings.

The gods have created many geni in various countries they often travel to such as in India, Africa, and the Carribean Islands.  The geni often stays in areas where they were created, among people that speak their language. However, the geni can instantly be transported by the spirit to any place within seconds.  A native doctor that does not look healthy is neither a god nor an angel.

A god or an angel will not play the role of a pastor of a church, for gods and angels worship do not worship any being.  A god calls upon the spirit that has been created within himself, and through that spirit creates the angels and geni.  He then assigns his spirit to the angels and geni he has created to transport them from place to place.  A god commands and conjures his geni, for he is their creator.   The human native doctors worship their idol gods, but a native doctor that is a god or an angel, worships no one. For these reasons, a god or an angel will not play the role of a pastor of a church. A god will not worship another god.

Even though there is no spiritual power behind the church, they still play a good role by teaching ethics and moral values, whereas native doctors with the spiritual powers cure diseases and provide practical solutions actually help and improve the lives of people.

Christianity as a religion of the west is a man made invention, and their god is a man made invention just as the many gods invented by the Greeks. Socrates was willing to drink poison to stand by the fact that all the Greek gods are false gods.  The Christian god is another Greek invention, even though the character Jesus was associated with the Hebrews, for the books of the New Testament were originally written in Greek.

Philosophy, wisdom, moral teachings, were the ancient ways of educating the masses about what is right and wrong.  Budhism also falls into the category of Philosophy. But also be aware that there are no spiritual powers behind Christianity or Buddhism or any of the philosophies.,  They cannot offer any real solutions or improve your life, financially, or cure your diseases.

The Kabbalah that I write are not in any way connected to the teachings of Kabbalah organizations out there.  My Kabbalah is BARAKATA KABALLAH (THEY ARE MY INVENTIONS). My techniques are my own invention such as the BARAKATA METHOD OF COWRY DIVINATION

 I am the original inventor of that method of divination.  Through that method I disclosed that a person is capable of communicating with spirits, angels and all kinds of spiritual beings.  

Example, in an article titled "Causes of Night and day (Invisible moons). One may wonder how I knew there is an invisible moon out there.  I obtained that knowledge through SPIRIT EHIEH,  who is the spirit of Cosmic Elohim Ehieh, who spoke to Moses as I AM THAT I AM.  When I analyzed Okomfo Anokye, and the top five native doctors of Ghana  who I discovered to be YEMAYA, OGUN, OBATALA, SHANGO, OSHUN.   I obtained my answers from one of my personal many spirits,  whose partial name is: SPIRIT DESTINY.  A spirit of destiny is capable of knowing the life history of any person from birth to the present, and all their previous re-incarnations.  Spirit destiny is able to tell me whether a person was born as a Hunan being or was created into existence as god or an angel.

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These days you will see African native doctors advertising on television and on Youtube videos that they can produce instant money, often in millions to their clients. So the real question is, is it some form of scam these native doctors are pulling? The logical question that comes to mind is, how can these spiritualists promise their clients millions in exchange for a few thousand dollars.

In another article titled the “difference between a God and a god”, I stated that there are three main groups of native doctors out there, especially in Ghana and Nigeria.  For you will notice that the native doctors promising instant money are based in Ghana.   Among the three groups of native doctors out there:  The top five spiritualists that are in Ghana are gods. These five gods originated from the orisha(god): Namely: YEMAYA(MAGNETISM), OBATALA(CARBON), SHANGO(FIRE), OGUN(WIND), OSHUN(WATER).   

In another article titled Mysteries of Yahweh, I have explained that the god Yemaya, was the same man that was Okomfo Anokye of Ghana, and that Yemaya is the human form of the spirit Yahweh.  The second group of native doctors mostly in Ghana and Nigeria, are angels who were created by Yemaya. The third group who make up a large number of the native doctors are human beings.

I have explained that any person that can make their physical body invisible is not a human being, for that person is either a god or an angel. Only a god or an angel is capable of making themselves invisible.  Now this unique ability of invisibility of gods and angels is the answer to the source of everything they do.

When God created earth, air is free, rain is free, sunshine is free, all the fruits and food we need to eat are free,. Gold, diamonds, copper, iron and all the precious metals are free. God made everything free for all life including the gods and angels.

From what I have just explained, if you are human being that had the power to make yourself invisible, will you pay for anything on earth.  The correct answer of course no, for you will simply make yourself invisible and go and pick up whatever you need.  This answer explains how instant money works. If the native doctor you went to see is a god or an angel, the instant money they give you is real, but if the native doctor you consulted for instant money is a human being then most likely you will be scammed.

The gods and angels do not pay for anything they want, for everything on earth was given to all by God for free, like free air.  Hence the gods can afford to give you millions of dollars for a few thousand dollars.  For as you can see,  the gods obtained that one million dollars for free. So from their point of view they are giving you something that came to them through a spirit for free for a few dollars.

Businesses that manufacture products often give out free samples of their products on the street to people for free in other to advertise their products. These gods and angels are more content with curing your diseases and it is a challenge that gives them a satisfaction for what they do.  It is their skills that they demonstrated in Nigeria that earned them the title as Orishas(gods), known as the Seven African gods. They were created by a supreme being to provide for the needs of humanity, cure diseases, but these days money is an essential part of life.  

During the days of Okomfo Anokye, the curing of diseases was the main work, but now a days it is money that rule the earth.  These gods have therefore taken on the task to give you what already belong to all of nature.  Money is paper, which comes from trees, which were planted by mother nature. 

Note that the  instant money was not sitting there for the god to give to their clients.  The god had to conjure the money to appear through a spirit, therefore the money in reality came from a spirit that has no use for money.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mysteries of the God YAHWEH(YEMAYA)

In another article, I mentioned that the top five native doctors in Ghana today are gods.  I ranked those native doctors by their skills, not by who is the richest among them.  I recently, analyzed the spirit AKONODE,  that is associated with Okomfo Anokye, and discovered the mystery behind the immovable sword. 

I have often nicknamed Okomfo Anokye as the god of iron, but there is more to it than that.   I have explained in the article the difference between a God and god that, a God spelled with the capital “G”, is a COSMIC ELOHIM,  who created the universe, planets, angels, and spirits.  A god spelled with  a small letter “g”, is a duplicate of a Cosmic Elohim, that has created itself as a human being.

The Cosmic Elohim Yahweh, who is popularly known in the bible is a GOD OF FIRE, however the SPIRIT OF YAHWEH that moves on earth is a SPIRIT OF MAGNETISM.  Hence the GOD YAHWH IS A GOD OF FIRE, BUT SPIRIT YAHWEH THROUGH WHOM THE GOD YAHWEH CREATES IS A SPIRIT OF MAGNETISM.  Upon analyzing the type of spirit that Akonode is, it turned out to be Magnetism. 

Magnetism as we all know is a property of iron, but by looking at an iron bar, one does not know it contains magnetism until another iron comes near it.  I have explained that a god is created from a spirit. Here is the sequence of how Okcomfo Anokey came into existence.  


The mystery of Yahweh unfolds when Okomfo Anokye faked his death and travelled to Nigeria.  He changed his appearance to be known as Orisha (god)YEMAYA. Okomfo Anokye did not just change his image, but he recreated himself as YEMAYA, hence Yemaya is a duplicate of the spirit Akonode.

Yemaya then changed his image again into the appearance of another man, and created a duplicate of himself, external to him as OBATALA. Hence, Obatala is a duplicate of Yemaya, who is Okomfo Anokye.  Yemaya then changed his image again into that of another man, and created that person as SHANGO.  Hence Shango is also Yemaya by another name.  Yemaya then changed his image again into that of another man, and created that person as OGUN. He then again changed his image again into another man, and created himself as OSHUN. 

Hence the gods: OBATALA, SHANGO, OGUN, OSHUN which make up the gods of the  four elements of CARBON, FIRE, WIND, WATER, are all duplicates of YEMAYA(god of Magnetism).  Hence these five refer to themselves as the five brothers.  

The mystery of Yahweh and Yemaya further unfolds in their names.  Yahweh is spelled in Hebrew as YHV(W)H. The letter “V” is the same as the letter “W” in Hebrew. Yemaya can also be spelled as YAHMEYAH, which in Hebrew will be spelled as YHMYH.  Now here is the trick between the two names. If you flip the letter “W” upside down it becomes the letter “M”. or by turning the letter “M”, upside down it becomes the letter “W”.  Therefore if you replace the letter “M”, in YAHMEYAH with the letter “W”,  you get YAHWEYAH, WHICH IS THE NAME OF THE GOD AND SPIRIT YAHWEH. Draw your own conclusions from here.

AMONG THE TOP FIVE NATIVE DOCTORS IN GHANA. I SAID I RANKED THEM BY THEIR SPIRITUAL SKILLS.  A PERSON THAT CAN INSTANTLY BECOME  INVISIBLE(DISAPPEAR) AND REAPPEAR BEFORE YOUR EYES IS NOT HUMAN. Such a person is a spirit in the flesh, for only a gods and angels  can truly be invisible (disappear) and reappear,  for a god is a spirit in the flesh.

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What is the difference between a God and a god? (the seven African gods)

The word God and god are both pronounced the same, but one is spelled with a capital “G”, and the other is spelled with a small “god”.  Various religions throughout history have believed in the existence of human gods, such as the gods of ancient Greek, Christianity(Jesus), and those of modern day Africa (THE SEVEN AFRICAN gods).  The gods are believed to be sons of God.  In this short article I will dispel the myths of the gods and who they truly are.

The correct title of a GOD, spelled with a capital “G”, is COSMIC ELOHIM.  The Cosmic Elohim are those mentioned in torah as “BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM.  In this sentence Bereshith is a COSMIC ELOHIM, and BARA is also a COSMIC ELOHIM. There is a Cosmic Elohim (God) of every atom, color of light, every unique species, unique plant, and every unique form of life that exists.  Each unique substance, or element in nature was created by a separate God (Cosmic Elohim).

Hence, there is a Cosmic Elohim of Clouds, Cosmic Elohim of Water, Cosmic Elohim of Sand, Cosmic Elohim of Hydrogen, Cosmic Elohim of Oxygen, and a unique Cosmic Elohim of every element that exists. There is a Cosmic Elohim of green grass, Cosmic Elohim of wood, Cosmic Elohim of diamond, Cosmic Elohim of Gold, Cosmic Elohim of Iron, and the list goes on.  

The source of all physical matter are from the SPIRIT  BODY OF THE COSMIC ELOHIM OF THAT SUBTANCE. Hence, gold has its source from the Cosmic Elohim of God from the first plain, which manifests as physical gold on the 7thplain of earth.  All the elements, originate from the body of the spirits of the Cosmic.

For that reason, the universe and all of nature were created by many COSMIC ELOHIM, and not the work of one being.  A Cosmic Elohim (is a spirit energy without a physical body of any kind, and at the same time can be anything).

A Cosmic Elohim(God), can create planets, angels, spirits, and every form of life, and anything in nature. A god spelled with a small “g”, is A COSMIC ELOHIM THAT HAS CREATED A DUPLICTE OF ITSELF AS A HUMAN BEING. Hence, a god is not born out of the womb of a woman, for a god is created into existence directly by the Cosmic Elohim.  A god has no mother, has no father, and even though he may look like a human being, has nothing in common with any human being.

A god even though has the body of a human being can also create, planets, angels, and spirits, for a god is a human duplicate of the SPIRIT OF THE COSMIC ELOHIM. Hence the true name of a god, is also the name of a spirit, for the spirit of the god is within the god.

Angels are not gods, rather angels are created by either a Cosmic Elohim or a god. Angels are duplicates of a human being, whereas a god is a duplicate of the spirit of a Cosmic Elohim. There are truly certain human beings that are gods, but they are not those gods commonly known to human beings.

ALL THE COSMIC ELOHIM HAVE ENOCHIAN NAMES WHICH IS A DIALECT OF PRESENT DAY HEBREW. Example: THE SEVEN HEBREW GODS ARE ALL COSMIC ELOHIM:  EHIEH, JEHOVAH, ELOHIM, ELOAH, YAHWEH, YOD HE VAU HE, SHADDAI.  I have stated the common known seven, but there are hundreds of them.  All of these beings do not have human form and are pure spirits.

The gods however have only been existence for less than 600 years, and there are only seven of them created among human beings.,  The gods are the source of spirituality and native medicine practiced in Africa today. The true  gods are seven and they were all created into existence in Africa. FIVE OF THE SEVEN AFRICAN gods, are true gods, who were  originally created in Nigeria. I will name only one: OBATALA. The females included in the seven African gods (Elegua) is not a god, for the gods are all male.

None of the gods mentioned in the other races such as in India are gods, sorry to disappoint you, but rather they are prophets, There are no gods in the entire bible, and the being known as Jesus is not a god. Note that I said that a god is a creator of planets, angels, and spirits. Jesus was born out of the womb of woman: gods are not born. Jesus cannot create anything that is immortal.,. Gods and gods create things that are immortal (angels and spirits).

Example, Moses, Rama, Vishnu, Shiva are prophets but not gods, for they are had mothers, and they are died., However, Elijah was created as an angel from a human being.  Hence Elijah lived like a man, but at the same time an angel.  Elijah was taken to heaven because he was an angel.  What I have just explained means there are people that live like human beings, but were created into existence. The angels created from human beings are in thousands, but the gods created from spirits that have the body of a human being are only seven so far.

All the gods in existence today were originally created in Africa. Five of them were created in Nigeria, and two were created in Ghana.  There are no gods in Israel, India, China or any nation excerpt in Africa, (Ghana and Nigeria).  So the real question is who are these seven African gods, and where are they?  The five gods created originally in Nigeria which formed the group of Obatala of the Yoruba, faked their deaths and travelled to Ghana.

They changed the shape of their images, for a god can take on the image of any human being.  They appeared in Ghana as five fishermen that claimed to have originated from somewhere far, but got lost at sea and arrived in Accra ,Ghana, among the Ga tribe.  This story may ring a bell in the minds of some of older Ga people of Ghana,  These five brothers settled in a place in Accra, a town known today as Abola. The five original gods of Nigeria, were the five brothers of the Nunoo family that started the Nunoo family at Abola.  The houses they built still stands at Abola.

The sixth god was created in Ghana, commonly known as Okomfo Anokye(the immovable sword).  The man that was known as Okomfo Anokye did not have a mother or father,. Okomfo Anokye is a human duplicate of the COSMIC ELOHIM OF IRON (GOD OF IRON). The man and woman named in history as his father and mother were not his parents, however he was created into existence as a child into that family. I have said that the name of a god is also the name of a spirit.   THE SPIRIT OF OKOMFO ANOKYE IS CALLED AKONODE.  Akonode is popularly well known and worshipped in Ghana,  Now look at the letters that spell the word ANOKYE, and you will notice that it is almost an anagram of the same letters as AKONODE.  Akonode, are from the letters ANOKYE, (excerpt that the letter “Y”, in ANOKYE, IS REPLACED WITH THE LETTER “D”, IN AKONODE.  Anokye is the creator of the spirit Akonode. Gods, and gods create spirits, angels, and planets.  These six gods who did not die are among the top six native doctors in Ghana today. The seventh god was also created in Ghana. I will not elaborate on the seventh.

A MORTAL WOMAN CANNOT GIVE BIRTH TO AN IMMORTAL CHILD. A god is created by a COSMIC ELOHIM AS A CHILD TO A WOMAN. BUT DOES NOT COME OUT OF THE WOMB OF THE WOMAN.  A god hence, has no biological parents.  The child may be given a name of the assumed biological parents.  But as the child grows, he will change his name to another word., Whatever the god then calls themselves is also the name of a spirit.

A god is recognized by the skills of the god. A god is  creator of spirits, angelic bodies, and planets.  A person that can create any of these is a god.  Example, the sword of Okomfo Anokye has the  body of an angel( it is an angelic sword and immovable). The golden stool of Okomfo Anokye has the body of an angel(it is an angelic seat, hence appeared from the sky). The name AKONODE, ASSOCIATED WITH ANOKYE, IS A SPIRIT.

If a god has a pet monkey and tells you that its name is Abua, that name is a spirit. If a god has a crocodile as a pet, and says its name is Atua, that name is a spirit. If a god carrying the tail of a horse in his hands, and tells you that its name is Bahundi, that name is a spirit.  If a god is wearing a hat, and tells you that its name is Hazimah, that name is a spirit. A god has many spirits, and forms objects that have angelic bodies.

Examples, the name OBATALA IS A SPIRIT, OGUN IS A SPIRIT, SHANGO IS A SPIRIT .  FIVE OF THE SEVEN AFRICAN gods are names of spirits. The name Budha, Jesus(Yeshua), Moses, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, are not spirits.  A god is not born, and they do not die. Their births are faked as a childand often they fake their deaths. A god can change his image into that of any man. Five of the most advanced native doctors that were known as the Seven African gods in Nigeria,  are the top six native doctors in Ghana today; the sixth is Okomfo Anokye.

The top five native doctors in Ghana today, are gods of the elements: Among them, the top three most popular ones: is the god of wind, god of fire, and god of carbon. These all have the title of Chief. The gods that have been created together form the bodies of a living being. In another article, I explained that a living being has six bodies united as one, and three inner bodies united as one that form the soul.  The top six native doctors in Ghana today, are gods that form the body of  a living being.

OF THE TOP THREE NATIVE DOCTORS IN GHANA, THE ONE THAT I AM REFERRING TO AS: the god of wind, is the same person that was known as the god OGUN, in Nigeria.  The one that I am referring to as the god of fire, is the same person that was known as the god SHANGO, in Nigeria. The one that I am referring to as the god of Carbon, is the same person that was known as the god OBATALA, in Nigeria.  If a god tells you that he inherited his shrine, and skills from his grandfather, that god is and was his grandfather that has changed his appearance into another man.

Among the top five spiritualists in Ghana, one of them is the "god of iron:, the one that Ghanaians knew as Okomfo Anokye.  The role of Okomfo Anokye changes the number of the Seven African gods, because he was recognized in two countries.  After Okomfo Anokye faked his death, he changed his appearance and travelled to Nigeria.  He became known as the god YEMAYA. The one that the Nigerians knew as the Orisha Yemaya, is the same man that was Okomfo Anokye of Ghana. Even though the Orisha Yemaya was recognized in Nigeria, he was actually originally created in Ghana.  The word Orisha in Yoruba means god.

Among the top five native doctors in Ghana, is the god of water. The god of water is the same person that was known as the Orisha (god) OSHUN.

Apart from the top six native doctors that are Orishas (gods), many of the other native doctors in Ghana, are angels created by the six African gods.  Some were created by SHANGO, OGUN, YEMAYA, OSHUN, OBATALA, OYA.  Their Geni were also created by the African gods. Each angel they have created also has a Geni created from the angel. A Geni, is a Genima that is created from an angel.  The angels are created from human beings, and the Geni is created from the angel.  The Geni is invisible to human beings but not to the angel. It is the Geni that causes money and objects to appear and disappear.   The gods are created from Spirits by a Cosmic Elohim.  Therefore there three groups of the native doctors. The six African gods, angels, and normal human beings. The normal human beings that are native doctor often do tricks to imitate the other two groups.  They often ask for extreme sacrifices when they cannot do a job.

ALL THE NATIVE DOCTORS IN GHANA AND NIGERIA, THAT ARE ANGELS WERE CREATED BY THE ORISHA(god) YEMAYA.   The Orishas(gods), OBATALA, SHANGO, OSHUN, OGUN WERE ALL CREATED BY YEMEYA IN NIGERIA.  The female Orisha known as ELEGUA, IS AN ANGEL CREATED BY YEMAYA IN NIGERIA.  IT IS YEMAYA THAT FORMED THE SEVEN AFRICAN gods. Among the seven African gods, five of them are gods presently in Ghana as Native Doctors. The sixth god is not in Ghana, and was not created by Yemayah, but have lived-in the same household with Yemaya in Ghana.

I have written this article to honor the work of these gods of Africa. For they have helped thousands of people, cured many diseases, and deserve to be honored. For if they told you their own story, no one will believe them.