Monday, October 21, 2019

Mysteries of angels (who and what are they?)

We have heard many stories of angels in various spiritual texts.  Angels have been imagined to be in heaven singing praises to God.  Angels have been imagined to have wings and fly around like birds.  Pictorial illustrations of angels, is that of a person in the shape of a human being with wings.  In this article, I will shed some light as to  who and what angels truly are.

An angel is not anything human beings have imagined them to be, and they do not do any of those things they have been thought to do.  Angels do not have wings, as illustrated in books and movies.

An angel is an immortal version of a creature that is here on earth, that was created into existence by a spirit.  Therefore, an angelic human being is 100 percent identical to a human being, excerpt that they were not born out of the womb of a woman, but rather they are created into existence by a spirit and instantly appear on the ground as an infant that is one day old or a human being that is an adult.

A Cosmic Elohim (God) can choose to create any creature or human being as an angel, and cause that angelic being to instantly appear here on earth or on a heaven planet.  People that are created as angels on earth, often do not often know they are angels, especially when they are created as infants.

Even though an angel on the outside looks exactly identical in every way to that of a human being, their inner bodies(Mind, Consciousness, Intelligence) are completely different from that of the human being from which they are created.  Example, if Jane Chopra was the winner of a miss world title, and a Cosmic Elohim, chooses to immortalize her beauty and creates her as an angel.  Let us assume that Jane Chopra at the time she won the miss world title was 18 years old.  If she is transformed into an angel, it means an exact duplicate of Jane Chopra has been created on to a heaven planet that is 18 years old.

The inner bodies of angels are different from the human being from which they are created,. So even though the angelic Jane Chopra looks exactly identical to the human Jane Chopra, her inner bodies of MIND, CONSCIOUSNESS, INTELLIGENCE, are completely brand new and do not have any of the memories and experiences of the human version of Jane Chopra. The human Jane Chopra has been reborn as an angel.  The original Jane Chopra remains the same, but now there are two Jane Chopra in existence. The original Jane Chopra on earth and the angelic Jane Chopra on a heaven planet.

Now the angelic Jane Chopra is able to come to earth, and walk around like any normal human.  Angels however have: TWO MINDS, TWO CONSCIOUSNESS, TWO INTELLIGENCES). Therefore an angel is able to change the age and appearance of their bodies that human beings see.  Hence, even though Jane Chopra was created as an angel at the age of 18 years of age, she can instantly transform herself to look like a person of any age.  Hence, she can appear like 79 years old, or 12 years old, or any age she wants to look like including her original age of 18 years. 

Therefore, even though Jane Chopra was famous as a miss world title holder, her angelic counterpart of Jane Chopra can change her appearance to that of any age, and can blend in with human beings without being recognized.  

Angels are like actors and actress that play the role of many lives.  They therefore constantly change their appearance into human characters that a human being will not suspect.  An angel can appear like a beggar, a drunk  street bum, and old man or an old helpless woman walking with a stick. The same Jane Chopra that was created as an angel at the age of 18 years, could choose to walk on earth as an 80 years old woman with a stick. Once angelic version of Jane Chopra is created, when the human Jane Chopra dies, she will no longer re-incarnate on earth, and her soul will return to her intelligent star in the sky.

Angels are completely different from a god, who plays the role of a leader, genius, rich person, and healthy young men. For the god is a creator and leader, whereas the angel, plays the role of the most helpless people on earth.  A god will never appear to a human as an old man walking with a stick, but rather as a young man with extraordinary powers.  A god will appear as a young genius, with a far superior intellect over people of a similar age 

Example, the woman known in the bible as Hagar who was the servant of Abraham was an angel playing the role of an Egyptian servant. The boy Ishmael is not her biological child and Abraham was not the father of Ishmael. Rather Ishmael was an angel created to appear as an infant child to Hagar..

Angels walk among human by the thousands per day, but they are not recognized.,  They often play the most simplest of roles, do not aim to accumulate wealth or live a grand lifestyle,  They are the most humble of beings in existence, yet immortal. A god on the other hand, will not bow to anyone, a god will kick your ass like David did to Goliath.  A god is a being with power, and carries themselves as a super being.

A god has an independent spiritual power of his own..  The god Okomfor Anokye of Ghana, planted the immovable sword into the ground by the power of his own personal spirit, that only he can command.   A god performs miracles through his own personal spirits, that were put together to form the god, and  not by the power of the spirit of any God out there. 

Angels however do not have their own individual spirits and cannot perform the miracles a god. A god is not afraid of any being visible or invisible in existence and worships no one. A god does whatever their spirits are capable of doing, without asking the permission from anyone. If the worse comes to the worse, they can always transform themselves into wind and disappear.

 It was the god Enoch the spoke to Abraham from the wind, and told him to sacrifice his son Isaac.  It was not the God Almighty that human beings imagined, or the God that parted the red see that made that request of Abraham.

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Mysteries of Elisha (Jesus)

There are two major sections of the bible, which is the old testament and the New Testament gospels.  There are several books in the New Testament, and the major ones are Mathew, Mark, Luke and john, which tells of the story of Jesus.  The story of Jesus has been one of the most fascinating stories, yet there is no proof that a man by the name Jesus ever lived.

There are three ways of analyzing the story of Jesus, which is, the story about his life is either totally true, completely false, or half true and half false. The story of Jesus has evolved into the largest religion on earth known as Christianity, which is the main religion of some of the countries of Europe and America.

I will cast aside everything I have written in the past about Jesus, for having had several conversations with Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), I have become aware that apart from what we know as God and angels, there is a third type of beings in existence, who have hardly been known, and these are the 12 human Cosmic Elohim, which I refer to as gods.

The existence of the 12 human gods, changes my perspective of Jesus and how human beings have categorized such a man.  I stated that there are three possibilities concerning the life of Jesus.  Now let us assume that the story of Jesus is somewhere in the middle ground, of half true and half false, who could such a person be?

If the story of Jesus is about 30 to 50 percent true, then the man in question has to be a god, for the descriptions given in the bible and his miracles fits into the standard and capabilities of a god.  A Virgin birth, means the person is without a father, or the person was not even born out of the womb of a woman.  This criterion fits both angels and gods.  Therefore, this part of the story could point to either an angel or a god, for gods and angels are not born out of the womb of women, but they are created into existence by a spirit.

In the book of Luke Chapter 4: 30, it was stated that Jesus passing through a crowd, disappeared.  Meaning, he vanished in the middle of a crowd.  This line points to the fact that the person with the ability to disappear before the eyes of many people is a god. Only gods can make themselves invisible and reappear nearby. Angels do not become invisible, but rather they are transported to another place and become visible in that location. To elaborate, a god can be invisible like wind, and speak to human beings from the wind.  Angels cannot be invisible and speak to a human being at the same time.  Example, the voice of God that spoke to Abraham, was the god Enoch who made himself invisible like wind, and speaks to Abraham from the wind.. It was a god that spoke to  Abraham from the wind, and not a Cosmic Elohim (God).  The ability of a god to make themselves invisible like wind and speak to a human beings has been demonstrated by some of the Native doctors in Ghana, in their videos on Youtube.

It was said that Jesus walked on water.  This ability is also that of a god, not an angel.  A god can sit on air, walk on water, and can make themselves invisible,  Angels cannot do any of these.  A god can cure illnesses instantly or within days, angels cannot cure a disease.

Now so far the descriptions of Jesus fits that of a god.  If that being the case, he has to be one  of the 12 human cosmic Elohim, I have mentioned in another article.  There is only one answer and only one person as a god among the 12 human gods that can fit into the profile of Jesus.. The only person that could possibly be Jesus is Elisha, the so called son of Elijah.  You will remember that Elijah appeared in the transfiguration.  But how do I know it was Elisha whose story told in the book of John.  

The clue is deductive reasoning.  If a person such as Jesus existed as a god, there were only two gods in existence on the planet during the days of Jesus. That was the god Enoch who also become the god Elijah and the god Elisha the so called son of Elijah.  During the days of Jesus, Elijah was we recalled was carried to heaven on a chariot of fire of horses.  Hence, the only human god on the planet in that region of earth in the Middle East, among the Jews was Elisha. Therefore, the only person that could have played the role of Jesus was the god Elisha.  The gods were created one at a time and on different continents over long intervals of time.  Elisha was the only human god on the entire planet earth during the era of Jesus. But the part of the story that he died and resurrected is not true. A god or an angel cannot die, for they were not born in the first place, but they fake their deaths to change their appearances and move on with their life elsewhere.  The so called death of Jesus in the story, makes him appear to be a human being.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Should Transgenders be allowed in Miss Universe Competition?

A transgender is a person who was born of one gender, but changes their gender to the opposite gender.  If the person was born male, at some point they undergo cosmetic surgery to look like a woman, or if they were born female they change their identity to that of a man.  Recently, a country was represented by a transgender in the miss universe competition  Which means a person that was born male, having lived many years of his life as a man, went through cosmetic surgery, and was admitted into the miss universe competition.

One more time, I will explain to you that there are no such persons as transgenders. If a person is born male, you are always male, even if the person changes all their organs to that of a female. And if a person is born female, that person is always a female, regardless of what the person does to herself. A mango remains a mongo no matter what is done to the mongo, and an apple remains an apple regardless of how it is painted.

A human being is not just a physical body like a machines, that we replace with parts.  The physical body of a human being we see outside is not the actual person, but rather the internal bodies of the person is the true identity of the person.  A human being has an: INNER BODY OF MIND, INNER BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS,  INNER BODY OF INTELLIGENCE, INNER BODY OF ENERGY. Therefore, a person born male, does not just have a penis to make them male, but rather they have the MIND OF A MAN, THE INTELLIGENCE OF A MAN, THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF A MALE (which regulates their taste, smell, touch, feeling), they have the Energy of a man, which regulates the strength of the body.

Imagine that a person born male, changes their gender to a female and is admitted into the women’s soccer team.  Imagine that the fastest athlete as a man, changes his identity as a transgender female, and is admitted to compete with women in the Olympic games.  To admit a transgender into the miss universe competition, is backward thinking and a disgrace to the miss universe organization to even allow that country to be in the competition. 

A person with the mind of a man, intelligence of a man, strength of a man, without the womb of a woman, merely cuts of his penis, and you say is a woman, to compete with other women.  A man that has lived their lives for many years as a man, changes their organs and you give a female identity card to such a person to go everywhere women go, including the ladies room.


Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The incurable Saliva Virus

Scientist define a virus as a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of a living host.  The host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an alarming rate.  The most deadly virus we know of so far is the HIV virus, which kills millions of people per year.

Through conversations with Cosmic Elohim Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), I have been alerted of a virus among gay men which I will call the SALIVA VIRUS, and can be transmitted from a gay man to any normal man through the saliva from a kiss.  This virus Berashith explained, cannot be detected by scientific instruments, and cannot be seen.

A man infected by the Saliva Virus of a gay man, transforms to become gay and will have an uncontrollable desire to have sex with men.  It alters the consciousness of the man to act like a female, changes their voice, and can also make a man impotent.

Scientists know that gay men have the highest rate of HIV, according to the statistics from the Center of disease control in 2016. It was stated that almost 70 percent of all the HIV cases in America in the year 2016 were gay men.  Which means almost seven out of every ten gay men in the year 2016 have HIV.  We know that HIV is associated with anal sex among men.

Gay men, Berashith explained are the source of the Saliva Virus, which can easily be transmitted to any man through the saliva of a kiss or through oral sex, which is common among gay men.  Meaning, if a normal man were to kiss a normal man, there is no virus transmitted.  But if a gay man were to perform an oral sex on any man, or kiss a man, the saliva virus is transmitted through the penis of the normal man. Resulting in the normal man, becoming gay.

During the annual gay parade in New York City, you will see gay men of all kinds of races, and men that are gay who you will not even suspected could possibly be gay.  You will see gay Chinese men, gay Indian men, gay African men, gay Hispanic men, and one will wonder how did all these men become gay.

One may use Cocaine and quit, one may use marijuana and quit, a person may be a chain smoker and quit, a person may have cancer and may even be cured. But one sex or oral sex with a gay man, and a man becomes permanently gay. 

I particularly write this article to alert actors who perform various scenes, which could include kissing a real gay man.  Beware, that one kiss from a gay man, and it can transform any normal man to become gay for life, through the Saliva Virus.

For you the native doctors in Africa, beware that gay men have the EYES OF A VIRUS.  A dog has the eyes of a dog, a pigeon has the eyes of a pigeon, a goat has the eyes of a goat. Human beings have the eyes of human beings.  GAY MEN HAVE THE EYES OF A VIRUS. Read between the lines of what I have told you.