Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How traditional native doctors fool the pastors of the church

I have watched  several video programs of a pastor supposedly casting out demons from traditional native doctors.   One native doctor confessed to the church that he had all kinds spiritual powers.  He had the knowledge of various herbs to cure his patients, and had the power to perform all kinds of miracles.  This man attended an evangelical service, and was trapped by the so called holy ghost of the church, and was delivered from the demons of his practice.

I have seen several such programs, of native doctors who claimed they have been redeemed by the church, and have given their lives to Jesus. 

Ministers of the church, I will inform you that you are being played by the spirits of these native doctors, to use your methods of confessions to the public to rather promote the powers of their native doctors.  First of all are not almost all those churches that claim to have holy ghost power, are they not run by people of color?  How many Caucasian churches, such as a catholic church have witnessed the presence of a holy ghost?

There is a reason for all these.  The so called Holy ghost of the church is the same spirit that most of these pastors acquired from a native doctor.  Hence, directly or indirectly the spirit of the holy ghost is the same spirit of the native doctor.   The spirit uses some of these native doctors to pretend to accept Jesus, and repent with a confession.

Here is how they fool the church.  At some point the native doctors stands in front of the audience, and often they are video taped while he or she gives a confession of how they practice their medicine.  In here, they are indirectly rather advertising to the church audience and everyone listing to them, about their spiritual powers.  When you listen carefully, common sense should tell you that these native doctors are rather advertising their profession, and I am sure at some point they go back to their practice having gained many new clients from the church members, and from their free advertisements,  through their fake confessions to the church media.  In one confession a native doctor said he saw angels at the gates of the church and also near the pastor.  Right away, I knew that the man's confession is fake. 

Some pastors are indirectly selling holy water, to enrich their pockets, some gained their powers through native doctors, all preaching in the name of Jesus as the medium. Observe some of these native doctors such as Okomfo Anokye of Ghana, who planted the immovable sword in the ground.  If native doctors especially in Ghana, who can command billions of all kinds of money to appear, cure all kinds of diseases comes to your church that he has accepted Jesus, shouldn’t you suspect there is a catch and he or she is tricking the church?

Do you think that someone like Okomfo Anokye, will succumb to a church, and give up his powers? Okomfo Anokye is fully aware that his God is real, and the sword in the ground is proof enough. Many of these native doctors are almost surely similar with powers.  Who in their right mind will give up their powers for nothing in return?  The confessions of native doctors to the church are intended to fool the pastors,  to gain free advertisements.   One native doctor brought all kinds of books, and gave out their names.  What he has done is to teach the general pubic what books to read to enrich their spiritual knowledge and skills.

Does a God judge human beings after death?

Some of the most common backbone of our major religions is the belief that human beings are judged by God after death, similar to a judge that sits on a throne in our courts that makes decisions over the fate of human beings.  It is the common belief that, those that are found guilty by God will go to hell, and those that are free of guilt will go to heaven.

Human error in this line of thinking is mostly rooted on a concept of a : Lucifer in charge of a hell that is burning with eternal fire, that will forever roast the soul of a human being, and a Paradise of heaven of peace forever.

I will get straight to the point to cover all these false concepts that are rooted in most religions.  I will point out major false doctrines by labeling them as false statements by numbers.


1.     THERE IS NO HELL, NO LUCIFER, NO DEVIL, NO SATAN.  This character is a man made invention.  Human beings are the source of their own evil works.


3.     So if the above two statements are true, are people punished for their evil deeds in some way?  THE ANSWER TO THAT IS YES.  THE FORCE OF NATURE THAT PUNISHES THAT PERSON ARE DISEASES THAT CAUSE ETERNAL PAIN AND ANGUISH.  The hell of the Gods is much worse than  the hell of the devil.

The Creators (Gods) have created all life on the same formula of life, death, and re-incarnation.  Any creature that dies re-incarnates within two minutes in the body of another living creature. In the case of human beings, the person’s immortal soul will automatically enter the body of a child that is eleven years old.  This same principle applies to all creatures including the ants, cats, dogs, elephants, horses and every living creature,. They all almost instantly re-incarnate the moment they die.

So even based on re-incarnation, no one goes to hell or even to heaven no matter how religious the person is, for all creatures automatically re-incarnate.  There are a few people who go to heaven, but they did not die.  There are a few people who were either born of virgin birth, or transformed into angels in their youth.  When a person's body is transformed into that of an angel, they remain human like everyone else, excerpt that they acquire an angelic blood type that makes then immune to diseases. At some point they often fake their deaths, and are then transported to heaven by a spirit to live among the angels. When they reach heaven, they are able to CHANGE THE AGE AND IMAGE OF THEIR BODY, AND RETURN TO EARTH AS A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSON. Many of the native doctors in Africa, did not die, rather they faked their deaths, and many at the present have angelic type bodies.

Within this same re-incarnation is the punishment, pains and sufferings that a person carried over from their previous life into the next.  There is an entity within every creature, which I have called: A DEFENSIVE VIRUS, which surely destroy your body,  when a person does the wrong thing, leading to the death of the person or animal.

Example.  TWO MEN WHO ARE FREE OF THE HIV VIRUS WILLL AUTOMATICALLY ACQUIRE HIV WHEN THEY ENGAGE IN ANAL SEX WITH A MAN.  One may ask how this is possible?  THE HUMAN SPERM IS A BLOOD CELL, and when a male sperm comes into contact with the feces of another man in the anal area, it releases a defensive virus, which I call the GAY VIRUS.  The sperm dissolves into blood, mixed the virus which then travels into the blood stream,  The Gay virus then gradually transforms the blood of the person into that of the blood of a monkey within two years.  When the blood of that man, changes into that of monkey blood type, the HIV virus is born in that blood.  Hence, scientists have noticed a connection of the HIV virus with that of the monkey, thinking it originated from the monkeys.  This is not correct, rather it originates from gay men, and it is the gay virus that changes their human blood into a type similar to that of monkeys.  Hence, at any point in time that the gay man dies, their immortal intelligence(souls), will automatically enter the body of a living monkey.

In this above example, the punishment is much worse than the hell, the religions speak of.  The sins against the body or to the body of another living creature will often cause you more pain in your next life, and make life a living hell in your own body.  THESE DEFENSIVE VIRUS ARE IN ALL CREATURE AND EVEN IN PLANTS.

Almost all the incurable and mysteries illnesses that people think were inherited are caused by defensive viruses, that the person has re-incarnated with.  Another example, if you die from lung cancer from smoking in this life, in your next life you will automatically have Leukemia.  The entity that causes you pain and suffering are defensive viruses created by nature into the body of every living creature, they are hidden and indestructible.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Will the population of Earth grow beyond 9 billion?

The present world population is about 7.5 billion.  The population growth rate as of 2017 was 1.11 % a decrease from 1.13% in 2016.  Even at a growth rate of 1% the total population is still increasing. So is it possible for the population to grow beyond 8 billion into 9 billion?

Even though the present population seems to be extremely large,  its growth rate has reached its peak at the magic number of seven billion.  The number seven is the highest level nature can reach in any category, and beyond that number it automatically reverses itself to the beginning. 

The universe was not only created in seven days, but this number is the highest level of plains that can exist.  The human population will not, and cannot grow beyond 8 billion into 9 billion due to the number of men that are becoming gay every day.  One may wonder, how gay men play a major factor in the growth of the population of a country.  

I will explain to you how gay men are the main force behind the decline in population in growth. The entire male population on earth decreases daily each time one man becomes gay and eventually dies.  The population of earth will most likely remain a steady range at 7.5 to 8 billion, but not beyond this number.  The reason why the population is declining is, GAY MEN DO NOT RE-INCARNATE AFTER DEATH, HENCE THE NUMBER OF MALE CHILDREN THAT ARE BEING BORN IS DECLINING YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Let us assume that there are 10 million gay men as of 2017.  Let us assume that the average lifespan of this gay population is 50 years. That means by 2067 the total population of earth will decrease by 50 million men and would increase by approximately 50 million women.  Therefore, the population may seem to average the same, but the number of men on the planet are decreasing daily, as more and more men become gay.

It is even possible that America, which has the largest gay population on earth, will at some point have less than one million men, in their entire country some time in the future earth.  There will come a time , when the ratio of women to men will be about 300 to 1.  Women, can sit back and relax for eventually, women will inherit the earth. All thanks to the souls of gay men, that do not re-incarnate.