Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mysteries of dreams (Alternate Dimensions)

When a person goes to sleep at night, they often dream. Some dreams are pleasant, but others could be a nightmare.  Many claim their dreams do come true, many simply reject dreams as mere mental fantasies in the mind of the person.  Do dreams have a reality, are they connected to our daily lives? What are dreams all about, and why do people dream at all?

Here is the mystery behind dreams as explained to me by COSMIC ELOHIM BERASHITH (GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS).  It was explained that a human being has within them a body which I will call the DREAM BODY.  This dream body is identical to the physical body and is capable of coming out of the body of a person when they sleep.

The dream world is an actual alternate dimension of our physical world, and everything in our physical world also has a dream body.  When a person is dreaming, your dream body is living in the dream world, just the same as your physical body lives in our physical world when awake.  HENCE EVERY EVENT THAT OCCURS IN A PERSON’S DREAM, ARE ACTUALLY HAPPENING IN THE DREAM WORLD IN REAL TIME.  Meaning, if you dream of sitting on a bench having a conversation with a friend, that friend is also dreaming of having a conversation with you, and both of you are actually sitting on that bench in your dream bodies.

In your dreams, all the people you see in your dreams are also people that are also dreaming, and their bodies are all real, just as when you are awake.  Human beings cannot see dream bodies, and dream bodies cannot see human beings when they are moving around in the dream world.  Animals such as dogs can see dream bodies, and sometimes your dog may be barking at the dream body of a person around.

Every dream event is a real event that is actually taking place in the dream world.  Example if you dreamt that you went to a store and purchased some items, and  brought them into your house.  Those items you purchased are actually physically in your house in the dream dimension of space, but they are invisible to you when you are awake.

Dream bodies are real bodies, and some native doctors can even see people walking around in their dream body. Meaning, if you are dreaming and walk past a native doctor often in Africa, that native doctor can see you just as real as any human being, and often they will not know it is a dream body.

Human beings therefore live in two dimensions simultaneously, which is when they are awake and when they sleep.  Dream events however have no  connection to our physical world and all events that take place in the dream world remain a part of the dream world.  If a man and a woman kiss in their dreams, they have actually kissed, just as if they kissed when they are awake. Every event that occurs in the dream world, actually took place in real time.