Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Saint oil (The Saint)

The Saint oil also known as the Angelic Spiritual oil is a specially charged oil that is used in prayers, and charging objects such as angelic seals, crucifix, talismans.  This oil is the only one of its kind, it is the only oil that can be used to charge other oils.

By adding a few drops of the Saint oil to an object, as long as the oil remains on the object, it is charged with the energy of a saint ,and if held in the hand the person can communicate with Spirits and Angels.  Spirits dwell on the first three plains, and it is only a spirit that can perform a miracle in the life a person.

The spirits are the Elohim, the Creators, with the ability to heal.  This is the first time, throughout the history of mankind that the Saint oil been created. Anyone, of any religious denomination may use the Saint oil, by rubbing a few drops in their palm before prayers.  The Saint oil is the telephone line, that dials directly into the world of spirits and into heaven.

Angelic seals drawn or purchased in stores have no effect unless they are first charged with the energy of a Saint.  Before performing any ritual in a book, first rub some of the Saint oil in your palm. A crucifix worn around the neck has no effect unless it is charged with the energy of a saint.  Add a few drops of the Saint Oil to your crucifix daily, to give it life.

Pastors and those who pray often, may rub some of the Saint oil in their palm before saying their daily prayers. 

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