Monday, March 6, 2017

What is a? (Spiritual Vocabulary)

In this article I have defined a list of words that are commonly used in spiritual vocabulary,  that are incorrectly used.  In general we mistakenly associate the word spirt to anything that is not human. I have broken down the differences between them and assigned the right terminology.

SPIRIT:  A being that has a body of THOUGHT, TRAVELS AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT, AND COMMUNICATES BY THOUGHT ONLY.  It can take on the shape of anything, and transform its shape into that of the size of an electron, atom, object, any creature, or even a universe or galaxy.  THERE ARE SEVEN PLAINS: SPIRITS ARE BEINGS OF THE 2ND  and THIRD PLAINS.

INTELLIGENCE: An intelligence is a being that has the power to create SPIRITS, ANGELS, PLANETS.  INTELLIGENCES are beings of the first plain.  An Intelligence is a God,  they are the creators of all life, heaven and earth, creators of the spirits, angels, planets.   There are more than one hundred intelligences, corresponding to every atom, and every color of light. Example, INTELLIGENCE ELOHIM (GOD OF ALL THE CHEMICAL ELEMENTS OF THJE SEA), INTELLIGENCE YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE), INTELLIGENCE JEHOVAH (GOD OF SPIRITS). What we commonly refer to as GOD, IS AN INTELLIGENCE.  Only an intelligence can command a spirit created by the intelligence. It is the intelligence of a spirit that allows a spirit to respond to the requests of a person. Note that there is therefore INTELLIGENCE JEHOVAH THAT IS A GOD (CREATOR OF SPIRITS), AND SPIRIT JEHOVAH CREATED BY INTELLIGENCE JEHOVAH. There is  INTELLIGENCE YAHWEH, WHO CREATED SPIRIT YAHWEH.  THE INTELLIGENCES ARE BEINGS OF THE FIRST PLAIN.

GENIMA:  A GENIMA IS A SPIRIT THAT TAKES ON THE SHAPE OF A HUMAN BEING. WHEN A SPIRIT TAKES ON THE FORM OF A HUMAN BEING, IT TEMPORARILY BECOMES A GENIMA, WHICH IS INVISIBLE TO ALL BEINGS. A SPIRIT AS A GENIMA IS EQUIVALENT TO A HUMAN BEING THAT HAS A BODY OF AIR. Since air is invisible and intangible and invisible, neither saints, nor angels can see a Genima.  A spirit becomes a spirit Genima, to assume the shape of a human being.  But this status lasts only a few minutes, since the spirit changes itself to energy of another kind back to the 2nd and third plain. A Genima is a being of the 4th plain.

SAINTS: A Saint is a duplicate of an angel, that has been created into the 5th plain.  Saints communicate with one another by thought.  A saint is then almost like a spirit in a fixed human form. Saints are the only beings that can communicate by thought to a spirit, and also communicate by mouth the normal way to angels and human beings. The Saints are the link between a human being or angel to a spirit. Hence, an angel can only communicate with a spirit when that angel has seal on them that is charged with the energy of a saint. The device charged with the energy of saint, functions like a wireless cellphone, transmitting and receiving signals worldwide.  THE BODY OF A SAINT TRANSMITS AN INVISIBLE LIGHT THROUGHOUT SPACE.

Angels:  An angel is  a duplicate of a human being created by a spirit that lives in heaven. Angels are beings of the 6th plain and naturally invisible to human beings. Angels and Saints are not creators, only the INTELLIGENCES(ENOCHIAN GODS) create things through their spirits, to appear on the 4 th, 5th, 6th , 7th plain of earth.

DEMONS: A demon is a human soul that cannot re-incarnate back on earth for any number of reasons.  Usually, they are people sacrificed in rituals and whose blood was combined with the body part of an animal, such as a snake. THE SO CALLED HOLY GHOST OF THE CHURCH IS AN EXAMPLE OF A DEMON. Demons can only live inside the body of a human being or an animal, hence they constantly possesses people who have demon blood. Demons are passed from person to person like a blood virus, through the human sperm or blood of a person that has demon blood. The demon talks inside the person, disguised with all kinds of personalities as God, angel, or prophet or Jesus. Making the person belief they are hearing the voice and instructions of god.

GHOSTS:  There are no such beings as ghosts, for as I have explained all the seven plains are occupied, and souls do not have a plain of their own to move around.  The souls of a human being upon death within one minute automatically enters the body of child that is eleven years old, and that person could be anywhere on the planet thousands of miles away from where the person died. Once inside a human being they are not capable of coming out, re-incarnates as that person. Hence, ghosts of dead people do not exist.  There are no DEMONS THAT EXISTS AS SPIRITS, rather it is a human body, containing a demon that the drives the person.

ELOHIM: There is only one being that has the name ELOHIM (which is the God of all the chemical elements of the sea). But since every element of an atom is a God, such as the God of Oxygen or God of Nitrogen, which being within the chemical elements, they are classified as Elohim. But the word Elohim is the name of the Enochian God of the chemical elements of the sea.  There is no being of a human form that is an Elohim. ELOHIM IS THE ENOCHIAN NAME OF THE GOD OF THE SEA. ELOHIM IS ONE OF THE CREATORS, EL SHADDAI, even though we translate it as God Almighty is also one of the creators. Jehovah is also another one of the creators, but these are not within Elohim.  Elohim is sometimes defined as gods, because each of chemical element in the sea, such as magnesium, carbon, nitrogen, Salt, are individual God forces, which all sum up to the one Elohim.