Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Do Dwarfs(Gnomes) as spirits exist? (African Spirituality)

It is the common belief among many spiritualists especially Africans, Indians and people of color that a creature that they call dwarfs exists as spirits that performs miracles for them.  Dwarfs in some spiritual circles in the west are also referred to as Gnomes, which have been associated as elemental spirits of earth.  I often hear of native doctors in Africa refer to their dwarfs, and they often claim that it is the dwarfs that bring them money, heal sicknesses etc.

I have often written in my articles that there is no such being as a holy ghost as the ghost of Jesus, and likewise for you the African native doctors, I will correct your spiritual vocabulary to let you know that there are NO SUCH BEINGS AS DWARFS OR GNOMES AS SPIRITUAL BEINGS.

Now if you the native doctors in Africa keep telling the public that your miracles are performed by dwarfs, you are indirectly insulting the source of the God that has given you the powers to be doing what you are doing.  The root of the work of native doctors in Africa started with Okomfo Anokye, but in case maybe Okomfo Anokye himself did not know, that the being that spoke to him the first time, that trained him invisibility, and how to cause fire to appear is not a dwarf that is spirit, but rather it is the GOD YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE), that spoke to him and trained him.  

In order to write this topic, I once again asked the God Yahweh if at any time whether he showed himself to Okomfo Anokye as a dwarf, and the answer was no.  For the God Yahweh is not capable of taking on the appearance and shape of a human being.

In this short article I will explain to you the powers behind the work that you do, that makes things invisible and visible and cures illnesses. Now ask yourself the question, that how can a creature that has the body of a human being known as a dwarf enter the body of a human being to cure an illnesses.  The logical answer is, it is not possible, therefore the forces you have that you use are not in the shape or likeness of a human being. In the same way an angel that has the shape of a human being cannot cure an illness.

There are two main powers involved in the work you do as native doctors that work with OKomfo Anokye. The main power is the GOD YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE), who is capable speaking with the voice of a human being, but the God Yahweh does not have the body of a human being, but only the voice of any human being he chooses to use. The second power are: ELEMENTAL ENERGIES OF FIRE, SUCH AS THE SPIRIT YAHWEH. The Elemental energies do not have the body and shape of a human being, and cannot speak to a human being for they are pure energies, similar to wind, and can only communicate by thought. 

It is the Elemental Energies that makes you, Okomfo Anokye invisible for energy is like wind that can enter the body with air.  The five words of power that you use in your conjurations are names of the Elemental Energies, which you sometimes correctly called the Genii.  THERE ARE NO DWARFS INVOLVED IN ANY SPIRITUAL WORK, AND AS A MATTER OF FACT THEIR KIND OF BEINGS DO NOT EXIST AS SPIRITS.  

There are angels that are very short about three feet in height known as the Enochian angels, but these angels do not get involve with anything human beings do, and hardly come to earth, for they live billions of miles away on invisible moons.

So you the native doctors give proper credit to the GOD YAHWEH (GOD OF FIRE), that gave the original Elemental energies to Okomfo Anokye, and stop giving credit to fictional dwarfs who do not exist.  Yahweh did not at anytime appear in a physical body like a dwarf and no African native doctor has ever seen a spirit that is a dwarf, for they don’t exist, .Just like the holy ghost of Jesus do not exist.


By anology, you do not give a banana to a monkey, for that monkey to give it to another creature, for the monkey will most certainly eat the banana, and not give it to the other creature.  Similarly, you do not give an angel money, for the angel to give it to a human being, for the angel having the body of a human being has the same needs of a human being, and will spend the money on themselves, rather than give it to a human being.

No being out there will give money or treasures to a dwarf who have two feet and the same needs of a human being, to give those treasures to a human being. That dwarf will spend that money on themselves, just like the monkey.

There are no such beings as Mermaids, that have half the body of a human being and the other half that of a fish.  There are no such beings as Sylphs that have the body of a human being and wings to fly.  Angels do not have wings to fly.  All these creatures of the elements where invented by human imaginations and they do not exist.

In spirituality, on all levels from the highest to the lowest, the spiritual beings involved that formed all of the universe and galaxies are elemental energies, that do not eat, drink, or sleep.  They can make themselves smaller than the electron inside an atom, and also make themselves larger than a galaxy.  They travel from one place to the other at the speed of thought.

The concept of dwarfs is a popular belief among Africans, in a Ghanaian language they are called "ADOPE", in the Ga language. They are described as very short, and their feet are reversed.  That is, their toes in are in the opposite directions, so when they are walking forward, their footsteps are pointing backwards.  This creature is described to be witty, crafty, with magical powers.  They are said to live in the deep forests. These attributes are all inventions, to make the native doctor appear to have beings with magical powers. 

The other creature commonly mentioned among native doctors is MAMI WATER (THE MERMAID), with a body of half a human and half a fish. These creatures are mythical inventions, but since they are well established in the minds of Africans, as beings with supernatural powers, it makes the native doctors more believable.  The correct expression to use in reference to the sea is :ELEMENTAL ENERGIES OF THE OCEAN. These are different from Elemental Energies of rain(generally classified as water). The Ocean comes under the God Elohim, whereas rain as water come under the God Eloah.

The only problem is, if you claim to use dwarfs and mermaids, you are also indirectly limiting the abilities of your spiritual powers. A being that has a body of some kind, eats, drinks and sleeps like any creature with a body. Therefore, such beings are not made use of in spiritual work.  The spiritual powers that formed the entire galaxy, from the atom to the stars are: ELEMENTAL ENERGIES. IT IS THESE ENERGIES THAT HAVE BEEN CONFUSED TO BE DWARFS AND MERMAIDS.

There are indeed elemental energies of the elements and everything that exists, and of every atom. There are elemental energies of clouds, fire, sand, atoms, plants, animals, rain, and everything that exists in nature. But none of them have any form or shape. No being, not even the GODS can see an elemental energy with their eyes. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Empire of Angels on Earth(Cosmos)

It has been said often that there are many angels among human beings, that live right here on earth. This statement is more correct than we think for there is literally an EMPIRE OF ANGELS,  that was created by the god Cosmos right here on earth.  The god Cosmos was one of the two gods that were created in Ghana, the other god created in Ghana was Okomfo Anokye.

The Empire of angels is along the coast of every continent here on earth.  Therefore, it stretches and connects all the six continents of AFRICA, NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA.

In the Empire of Angels, the Buckingham Palace that is in England is also in Africa, Asia, North and South America. In the Empire of Angels there 10 of the Palace of Versailles that is France also in Africa, and along the coast of North and South America, and also in Asia, Australia.  The Palace of Versailles created by the god Cosmos in the Empire of Angels were created with 10 colors of light.

In the Empire of Angels, the University of India, Oxford University, Harvard University, and many of the world’s top universities are in Africa, Asia, Australia, and all also in North and South America.

In the Empire of Angels the entire coasts of Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia is covered with green grass instead of sea sand. In the Empire of Angels all the largest shopping malls in America also in Africa, Asia, and North and South America, and Australia.

In the Empire of Angels all the worlds largest hotels and Casinos are all in Africa, Asia and North and South America.  In the Empire of Angels the worlds largest stores such as Macys in America are 10, in different colors in Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America. 

The cities of the Empire of Angels are inhabited by thousands of angels who are right here on earth daily. The Empire of Angels is a city of its own containing an unlimited supply of food, clothes and all the basic needs for the angels.  The Empire of Angels is the new earth within earth. The Empire of angels is invisible to human beings and is the home base of the invisible Saints who were created by the god Cosmos.  

Even though California was burned down in November 8, 2018, the god Cosmos had already created a duplicate of the entire earth on August 11, 2018, which contains all the buildings in California, and placed it billions of miles away from earth.  The Empire of Angels was created on Earth in 2015, by Cosmos.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Unexplained Mysteries (BaGaPa)

The blog on which I write unexplained mysteries is now registered as WWW.BAGAPA.COM.  On this blog you will find interesting articles that explains unexplained mysteries that has baffled scientists and mankind for years.  

Through the Barakata method of Cowrey divination that I invented, I am able to communicate with all kinds of spirits  including the nine Kabbalah Gods: EHIEH, JEHOVAH, ELOHIM, YAHWEH, ELION, YOD HE VAU HE, YAH, SHADDAI.

Example, I became aware of invisible dragons burning down California / America, through my conversation with the GOD OF FIRE (YAHWEH).  Note that in communicating with a spirit, the spirit, does not tell a person the correct answer, but rather it simply answers Yes or No to your questions.

Example, I asked Yahweh whether He knew about fires that are recently burning in California. He replied Yes. I asked if the fires were natural or where caused by something else. . Yahweh replied they were not natural, but caused by something else.  I asked Yahweh if there was a reason why the fires started in California.  Yahweh responded Yes. Here I had to guess the reason why the fires started.  The thought of Sodom and Gomorrah came into my mind and asked Yahweh if California is being burned down, for the same reason that Sodom and Gomorrah was burned down,. The reply was Yes, which is the very high population of gay men in California.  These were the first day of my conversation with Yahweh.

The next day after listening to the news on the  fires on Youtube, the pattern of random fires caught my attention, when it was stated that the fire jumped the freeway.  So I went back to Yahweh and asked if it is invisible dragons that are burning down California. Yahweh replied Yes.  I then asked how the dragons eat and how long they will last in California.

I was informed the dragons are Herbivores and will last approximately 60 days. This what it means. I have in depth knowledge of invisibility, so when Yahweh confirmed that they were invisible dragons I just knew how they came into existence.  Yahweh then confirmed that the names of the dragons are Sodom and Gomorrah.

The dragons Sodom and Gomorrah do not actually exist. Meaning they did not fly into California from somewhere, neither have they been roaming around somewhere.  Rather Yahweh called them into existence on November 8, 2018 in California, and they instantly appeared from nowhere in seconds. Likewise, after 60 days they will disintegrate into nothing. IT WAS YAHWEH THAT ALSO BURNED DOWN SODOM AND GOMORRAH THROUGH INVISIBLE DRAGONS. THESE INVISIBLE DRAGONS DO NOT ATTACK HUMAN BEINGS OR ANIMALS. BUT SET FIRE TO TREES, BUILDINGS, AND CARS.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Rain of fire in California/ America

Since Nov 8, 2018, California in America, has been bombarded with what seems to be a rain of fire.  Over 200 square miles of land burned down, thousands of homes destroyed.  This fire is more like fire bombs, that are dropped down on homes, trees , and cars.

Note the pattern so far, that it is large combustible items that easily catch are the targets of this rain of fire.  Historically, the first time such fires occurred were in the days of Sodom of Gomorrah, which were burned down for its high gay population.

These fires that are burning down California is not intended to kill human beings or living creatures, but mostly intended to burn down buildings, cars, and trees. If you are walking on the road in these area in California, none of the fire will descend upon a person, but if you are inside a car or building, it can kill you.  So you citizens of California, when you see such fires erupt in your towns run down the streets, do not drive around in cars, or hide inside buildings in that area.

California is being burned down by the GOD OF FIRE (YAHWEH), who was the same God that burned down Sodom and Gomorrah.  The cities of California will be burned for approximately 60 days from November 8, 2018 through Jan 8, 2019.

The root cause as I have previously mentioned is the high gay population in California,  which was also the main reason why Sodom and Gomorrah were burned down.  Mother nature who represents all of life on earth, cannot sit back and watch mothers give birth to healthy young males, for them to grow up to be transformed into walking diseases by gay men.

To eliminate a disease the root cause of the disease has to be uprooted rather than simply provide a medicine for the disease.  The surgeon general has placed a warning on cigarettes, that smoking cigarettes cause cancer. Yet human beings knowing this fully well smoke cigarettes by the ton. Gay men know that their lifestyles cause HIV, but no matter how many times they are told to use protection, many practice unprotected sex, resulting in the spread of the HIV virus.  Human beings are warned not to use drugs, yet thousands die from drug overdose each year.

Hence mother natures cures a disease by uprooting its cause from its nest.  California at the present time is the Sodom and Gomorrah that is literally manufacturing HIV that has killed millions of people across the planet.

The burning down of California is a warning to all, that there is a force that is mightier than all the weapons of earth, that can even cause the nuclear weapons  of your own country to explode on your own grounds. 

The creatures burning down California are invisible dragons nicknamed Sodom and Gomorrah.  To clearly get the picture: Imagine that when Daenerys Targaryen in the Game of Thrones, climbs on top of dragon Dracarys, both her and the dragon become invisible. 

The invisible dragons that are burning down California, do not actually exist as real dragons that can be seen somewhere.  They are created into existence by the God Yahweh to appear in the city of California on Nov 8, 2018 when the burning started.   They were created and unleashed to fly around for 60 days.  During, those 60 days they will automatically burn down homes, trees, and cars.    These dragons were designed from the Sauropods dinosaur, which are herbivores, that only eat plants.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Invisible dragons in California/ America (Sodom and Gomorrah)

For the past few days cities in California in America are being burned down to the ground, and many are asking questions why Mother Nature could unleash such catastrophic disaster on California.  Some are speculating that the fires were caused by faulty electrical wires and blaming PG&E of California.   Some have realized that there are forests around the  world, but why are wildfire always California.

How is how you put the answers together.  Wildfires were first noted thousands of years ago in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as mentioned in the bible.  The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were highly populated by gay men,  and that city was burned down as a result.

At the present time, California has the largest population of gay men on the planet, therefore when you put the pieces together, you will find that present day California is the equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah as mentioned in the bible.   When the population of gay men becomes excessively high, mother nature cannot sit back and watch healthy young male babies grow up to become walking diseases.  Mother nature has no choice other than to eliminate the home nest of the gay men that are killing its children with HIV.  At the present time, that home nest is California.

Now one analyze how the fire burns homes in California, it will be noticed that it is random homes that selectively burn.  Normal fires would have consumed the houses that are close to one another, but this fire starts and burns homes that are far apart.



Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mysteries of fire (Invisible dragons)

In the past few days, over 170 ,000 acres of land in  the state of California in America, has been burned down by fire.  This intensity of the fire has been beyond that of thousands of fire fighters that has been trying to extinguish its flames, but can barely succeed.

I looked into the nature of this mysterious fire burning down California that seemed to be unstoppable, by questioning the God of fire (Yahweh) as to the source and reason of the fire.   California has seen many fires in the past, but force of this fire is beyond anything anyone has ever seen.

The fire that burned down thousands of homes in California recently, were not ordinary fire, but rather they were: TWO INVISIBLE DRAGONS KNICK NAMED SODOM AND GOMORRAH.  A dragon is a creature that is about the size of a dinosaur that breathes out fire.  The dragons Sodom and Gomorrah were originally created by the God Yahweh to burn down the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as mentioned in the bible. 

When the population of gay men in a city becomes excessively high that is resulting in the deaths of many men, the dragons Sodom and Gomorrah are unleashed on that city, to burn down the city.  The dragons Sodom and Gomorrah always start fire in the Southern part of that city, traveling towards the north.  For as we know, the sun is at its highest point in the south.

The dragons Sodom and Gomorrah only burn down cities that highly populated by gay men, that are in warm climates such as California, Africa, or warm areas of Asia.  Mother nature does everything it can to protect humanity, and if a creature whether human or animal becomes a major source of death to many, mother nature makes every effort to eliminate that creature.

Mother nature at the present sees gay men as a the source of a disease (HIV), that kills many innocent human beings.  Therefore, gay men since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah has become an enemy of mother nature.  

Firefighters are having difficulty extinguishing the flames, because the fire is not an ordinary fire, but rather it is a large invisible bird that is breathing out fire to burn down the cities.  It is similar to an invisible form of DRACARYS in the Game of Thrones, burning down a city.  


Sunday, November 11, 2018

What is the real cause of wildfires in California/ America (Sodom and Gomorrah)

The state of California has been known to experience wildfires for many years, but the recent wildfire in 2018 has been most destructive.  The recent fire has destroyed over 170,000 acres and many homes burned down.

The recent wildfire caught my attention, so I asked the GOD OF FIRE (YAHWEH), through the Barakata method of Cowrey divination if there is a special reason why these fires occur in California.  I have observed that almost half of California is a desert, so my first question was: “DO THESE WILDFIRES THAT OCCUR IN CALIFORNIA A NATURAL PHENOMENA, LIKE HURRICANES, OR IS THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA BEING TRANSFORMED INTO A DESERT?"

The answer was, the wildfires in California are not a natural or accidental occurrence, for the ENTIRE STATE OF CALIFORNIA IS BEING TRANSFORMED INTO A DESERT.  So my next question was to determine the real reason why the state of California is being transformed into a desert.

Here is the real cause of the wildfires in California or in any country on earth.  Those wildfires are not ordinary fires that can easily be contained, for this wildfires are a living force that is capable of moving from place to place, similar to a twister.  It is not the wind that causes those wildfires to spread, but rather there is a force of nature in those fires, that moves the fire from place to place, similar to the pillar of fire that occurred at crossing of the red sea, that moves forward and behind the Hebrews at the crossing of the red sea.

Now the real reason why they erupt goes back to old biblical story of Sodom and Gomarrah which were burned down as a result of gay men in that city.  The God of fire(Yahwe), explained to me that the wildfires in California are the result of the increasing number of gay men in California. AS THE NUMBER OF GAY MEN IN A CITY OR COUNTRY GROWS, WILDFIRES START IN THAT CITY TO BURN DOWN THE LAND.

GAY MEN HAVE BEEN AN ENEMY OF MOTHER NATURE FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, GOING BACK TO THE ANCIENT CITY OF SODOM AND GOMORRAH.  Mother nature makes every effort to kill every gay man off the planet.  According, the center of disease and control, about 70 percent of all the HIV cases that were diagnosed in America in the year 2016, were gay men.  This number is so high, meaning out of every 10 people that were diagnosed with HIV, seven of them were gay men.  Gay men are obviously that cause and source of the HIV virus.  Scientists in Amerca know this, and for that reason their hospitals do not accept blood donations from gay men.

Gay men contract HIV virus because mother nature is making every effort to eliminate them off the planet.  I was aware that the souls of gay men upon death are transformed into the bodies of a monkey, but I did not know that they are also the reason why wild fires erupt in many countries.

Gay men must be aware that mother nature has marked them as their enemy, and be extra careful around animals, thunder storms with lightning, or sitting under a tree whose branches can break, or driving around on a rainy.  When the forces of nature are against you, the person is prone to accidents, and your own pet animal will most likely even bite you to death.. The persons own immune system attacks the person to kill them. It also means, if there are may gay men in a car, that car will mot likely have an accident that kills everyone in the car.

Let this article also be an advise to many, that if gay men live under your roof, your house will most likely burn down., IF GAY MEN MULTIPLY IN YOUR CITIES, WILDFIRES WILL BURN YOUR HOMES DOWN. Many of the desert areas on earth were once populated by gay men, whose land were burned down like Sodom and Gomorrah.  

The Gobi desert,  Sahara desert, Syrian desert. Arabian desert and all the deserts on earth were once forests that were burned down, to become deserts. This force of fire that burns cities into deserts was first unleashed on Sodom and Gomorrah as their gay population multiplied. This same force of Sodom and Gomorrah that has turned many forests into deserts is what has been burning down California for many years and has turned most of that land into a desert.

This force of fire is triggered by an increase of gay men in a region. I have nicknamed this force of fire as Sodom and Gomorrah, which particularly burns down buildings and areas that are occupied by gay men. For those of you that live in California, I will alert you to move behind the boundaries of a river, for Sodom will not cross a river.

Mother nature has been at war with gay men since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and wherever they accumulate in large numbers will experience major disasters.  The deserts that are across the planet are the work of Sodom in its attempt to squash gay men off the planet.

Keep in mind that Mother Nature is at full war with gay men, since the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.  So when gay men are in your car, or  reside in your cities, some form of disaster will most likely occur.