Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Eyes as the Window of the Soul

Your eyes as the sense of sight has a major influence on your entire mind and body.  The body of a human being or living creature consists of three main parts which are : INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND PHYSICAL BODY).  The intelligence within a human being is similar to the memory core of a computer, that stores and process data within the computer, which we refer to as the CPU, or CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT.  The central processing unit of the human being, is THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND OF THE BODY.

Images that enter the eyes are automatically stored in the subconscious mind, which controls most of the body functions.  The eyes are hence the doorway into your subconscious mind, and things we look at whether consciously or unconsciously are stored as images in the subconscious mind, which in turn triggers our desires and emotions.

Advertisers often make  use of this weakness of the eyes, to promote their promotes causing us to buy things that we often do not want.  Your eyes are the windows into your soul, body and mind, so carefully guard what you look at, and avoid having your mind programmed by things you do not want.

The gay population throughout the world is multiplying by an alarming rate, and even though no man or woman is born gay, straight men and women are being transformed daily to become gay through their eyes.  Gay men and lesbians often  make use of subliminal suggestions, by often acting queer to straight men and women,, and send images of themselves into the eyes of boys and girls.  You will notice that gay men, make a lot of noise by often shouting ‘YOU”, to strangers causing many people to turn around to look at them.  Lesbians go to extremes to sit in front of girls, and open their legs wide, which is of form of sexual suggestions  Gay men also often sit or stand in front of straight men and stare at them,  These are subtle suggestions to your subconscious mind, and before you know it, that straight man or woman has become gay.

Guard your mind, turn your back to gay men if you are man,  and do not want to be transformed to become gay.  Many men and women who were straight as a pencil are being transformed to become gay, daily through the windows of their eyes, and before they fully realize what is going on, like a person that was hypnotized, they are living a full gay lifestyles.  Gay men relentlessly go after straight men, because they know that they will often succeed in transforming that straight man to become gay.  WHAT THE EYES DOES NOT SEE, THE BODY WILL NOT DESIRE.

The gay lifestyle among most men is a con game to take money from men,  and the fools among them belief it is love, and companionship.  Guard your eyes not to be hypnotized by gay men that will con you for your hard earned money.