Friday, January 25, 2019

Mysteries of Shooting Stars and Stars

When we look up at the sky at night, we see trillions of stars across the sky.  It has been said that there are more stars in the sky, than the amount of sand on earth.  From time to time, we see a star flying across the sky, and we have called them shooting stars. Stars are a mystery to science since no one has been able to travel into a star to look inside and examine them.

A few days ago, I called the GOD BERASHITH (GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS), Into the cowrey shell, using the BARAKATA METHOD OF COWREY DIVINATION, to discuss the nature of the stars.  The GOD BERASHITH IS THE SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, so I thought this God will know about the source of the stars.

Berashith, explained to me that the stars in the sky are of three groups.  The first group of stars is what I will call: NATURAL STARS.  These group of stars consists of planets, and their sun, such as Venus which can be seen from earth.  These first group of natural stars are in the same fixed position all the time, they have solid physical bodies, do not fly across the sky like shooting stars.  These first group of natural stars are a few hundred and less than one thousand.

The second group of stars are in billions and from what Berashith explained to me, I will call them ORGANIC INTELLIGENT STARS. These Organic intelligent stars are not solid, rather they are made of pure light and any physical matter can pass through them. The Organic Intelligent Stars are the life source of every living organic creature on earth.  There is an organic Intelligent Star, for every life form on earth, whether it is a human being, ant, mouse, fish, cat, dog, monkey, horse, grasshopper, worm and no matter how small the creature is.

Every human being and organic life has their own star, and that star is the source of the life of that creature on earth. The organic intelligent stars are ALIVE, like any organic life on earth and can move from place to place.  The sum total of all the organic intelligent stars is the sum total of all organic life that presently exist on earth, plus all the organic life that will be born in the future.

Meaning, every human being that has been born on earth and every human being that will be born on earth has their own organic intelligent star already in the sky.  The organic intelligent star is a living body that can communicate, think, and move around.  You have often heard native doctors say that before they do something for you, they will consult your star.  The organic intelligent star of a human being is already programmed with the destiny of a person here on earth.  The role a person is born to play on earth, whether they will become a king, a queen, a doctor or a lawyer is already programmed into their organic intelligent star in the sky. Therefore, a native doctor is able to consult a person's organic intelligent star to determine their destiny.  The organic intelligent star of a person is like the book of life of the person or creature.

The concept of organic intelligent stars of living creatures are similar to satellites that transmit signals to televisions, radios, and cellular phones.  The televisions, radios, and cellphones are like human beings and organic life here on earth, receiving signals from their intelligent organic stars in the sky.  So it is the star of the person in the sky that is actually writing and unfolding the life story of the person here on earth.  The intelligent organic star is transmitting the signals and the human body is receiving the signals and living the images transmitted into them.

Even though the organic intelligent stars can move across the sky, they are not capable of reaching earth.  They travel across the sky, similar to a car on the road.

The third group of stars are: what I call: INTELLIGENT GOD STARS.  These group of stars are Intelligences that are connected to precious stones on earth, such as diamond, gold, sapphire, iron, copper, gold, etc. Every form of metal on earth also exist as an intelligent star. The stars in the sky are therefore the sum total of every form of life on earth, and everything that is found in nature on earth. Everything, on earth that exists in nature has an intelligent star that represents that thing.  Hence, there is an Intelligence of diamonds, gold, copper. The God intelligence of diamonds represent all the diamonds, the God intelligence of gold represent all the gold on earth. The organic intelligences represent each individual living creature that exists on earth, those that will be born in the future.  In the stars are the future generations of human beings to be born on earth.  

All the future kings, doctors, lawyers, that will be born thousands of years from now already have intelligent stars in the sky.

The shooting stars are often the Intelligent God stars.  These stars are in various colors such as blue, green, yellow, red etc, for they are connected to precious stones here on earth.  The Intelligent God stars unlike the organic stars are capable traveling close to the atmosphere here on earth.  It is these intelligent God stars, that are seen as shooting stars. As they approach earth, they gradually reduce their size, and the smallest size they assume is about half the size of the moon  

The intelligent God stars often land in the clouds and cover themselves with the clouds, but they do not come to the grounds on earth.  The intelligent stars are not solid, they are pure light, and some have confused them to be UFOS. They are intelligent bodies that can travel at the speed of light, for they have bodies of pure light.  Therefore, the vast majority of all the stars in the sky are all bodies of living beings, which are larger than planets. 

Organic life on earth are not the only life forms in the universe.  Intelligent stars are bodies of living beings that were in existence before our earth was formed.

The souls within living creatures originate from their intelligent stars in the sky.  If a human being were to be created as an angel in heaven, their human soul no longer re-incarnates on earth,  and returns to their intelligent star in the sky.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Can the world come to an end?

Various groups have speculated the possibility of the world coming to an end.  There are countries that have amassed nuclear bombs, and all it takes is one nuclear bomb whether detonated by accident or deliberately will most likely reduce an entire country into ashes.   America has missiles pointing to Russia, while Russia has missiles pointing to America.  Germany has missile pointing every direction, while the Chines have nuclear warhead pointing north south east and west.

These countries armed with weapons of mass destructions have been declared super powers, for any one of these nations, can literally obliterate all life off the planet.  From this point of view, the dooms day clock has continually been ticking towards midnight, and it presently stands at two minutes before midnight.  Meaning if the doomsday clock reaches midnight, all life on earth will cease to exist caused by a major catastrophe such as a the launching of a nuclear bomb.

Climate scientists also have their doomsday theories, that global warming if unchecked can destroy our climate to the extent that it can cause frozen ice in the arctic to melt, causing a rise of the sea, that could damage most of all life on earth. 

From these two point of views alone, it is speculated by many that mankind is heading towards an end of the world scenario.  Christians, are hoping that the world will end, and Jesus will then return and resurrect all the Christians from the dead, into heaven. 

All these sounds plausible, but can the world truly end, by some means.  I will first tackle the fear of the dooms day clock, which is related to nuclear weapons.  I will assure you from a spiritual point of view, that the earth that we live in is indestructible, however many of the living beings on earth could die from a nuclear bomb.  But there is nothing made by human beings that can destroy the planet itself. 

I will explain to you why. Human beings which make up the majority of the population of about eight billion are mortal. However, there are thousands of living beings on earth, that have bodies like beings that are immortal. These angels among human beings cannot be killed, even if America, Russia, and China all launch their nuclear weapons at the same time.

Now when it comes to the physical planet itself, it is immortal and cannot permanently be destroyed by weapons invented mankind.  There are no chemicals on earth, that can permanently destroy the wind, nothing can permanently change the salt in the sea, nothing on earth can damage the sun, no weapons invented by mankind can damage the clouds. The ocean, wind, clouds, sand, rocks are immortal, and cannot permanently be destroyed.  There is no amount of pollution that can change the quality of the sea. For as you know, all the human waste goes into the ocean, yet the ocean remains the same.

Human beings overcrowd themselves in cities and leave a vast majority of forests and villages unpopulated.  There are about 8 million people in New York alone whose size is smaller than the entire country of Ghana.  Human inventions can only cause damage to human beings, but cannot destroy all of nature. Our planet, ocean, wind, and sun are bodies of immortal beings and cannot be destroyed.  Mankind may destroy their buildings and cars, but not nature.  

No matter the number of cars that are on the street, it cannot change anything in the composition of the clouds, for the clouds are the body of an immortal being. There is nothing on earth that human beings can possibly invent that can prevent the sun from shining. Mankind can only kill mankind, but not our planet or the immortal beings that inhabit the planet.  


In case you have not noticed, that the continents are separated by oceans.  The wind that blows in Africa is not the same wind that blows in Europe.  The wind that blows in Europe is not the same wind that blows in Asia.  In the worst case scenario, if America were to launch all their nuclear weapons into Russia, and Russia were to simultaneously launch all their nuclear weapons into America.  These weapons will kill thousands of people in Russia and America, but they will have no effect on the people of Africa, Asia,  Australia, or South America.  For the simple reason that the wind that travels over the oceans separates the continents.

The maximum number of days the air in America and Russia can be polluted cannot last more seven days. By the tenth day, people from Africa, Asia,  Australia, and South America will then travel to Russia and America and take over their land. They will thank the Russians and Americans for having left them their property to inherit.

Imagine that the recent fires in California in America, were in places which are the storage facilities of nuclear weapons.  These weapons they have amassed are a fire hazard to the people in America and Russia, and could end up destroying their own people and their land.

For those immigrants that are anxious to enter America, have you also thought of the fact that the most so called civilized nations are the deadliest places to be.  That you will more likely die in America, than if you were living in Venezuela or somewhere in Africa.

Monday, January 14, 2019

The values of organized religion (Christianity, Judaism, Islam)

Christianity, Judaism, Islam are among some of the largest organized religions on earth.  Buddhism is in Asia, mostly the northern part of the world;  Christianity has it source in the west, Europe and America. Judaism and Islam in the middle east.  These organized religions are like large families,  and it is highly recommended for a person to be a part of some kind of a spiritual family.

This life on earth is like a war zone, and without proper friends or above all a spiritual group of some kind around you, a person can easily be eaten by human vultures. Regardless, of whether the God you believe in is a true God or a false God, the organized group as a whole has many advantages as long as it is a spiritual group. 

Whether Jesus is a god or not a god, whether Mohammed is a prophet or not a prophet, all these organized religions have the core belief of preserving life, and avoiding those things in life that lead to diseases and death.  The fundamental drives of religions are  good enough for Christianity or Judaism, or Islam to exist.  

Let us take classic examples: Every religion is against homosexual lifestyles, and as you know there are thousands of gay men and women out there, that are making every effort to transform normal men and women into gay men and lesbians.  These type of predators have a hard time penetrating the barriers of any religion,  for no religion on earth condones a gay lifestyle. So Christians among Christian friends, that stand firm by their teachings or Muslims that hold on tight to their prayers cannot easily be transformed to become gay.  

Muslims are against the drinking of alcohol, and many religions are against the smoking of cigarettes and use of drugs. Here again,  organized religion do indeed saves the lives of many. So the Christian can truly say Jesus Saves, but not with the idea of entering heaven after death, but it is a shield against the human mosquitoes that will be at  your door step with every intent to turn you and your children into a drug addict or a homosexual.  Either of these leads to a short life here on earth. 

I encourage pastors or leaders of various religions not to focus so much on miracles, or claim to have supernatural powers, rather preach your ethics to a generation of people, for them to shy away from drugs and homosexual lifestyles.  Drugs and homosexual lifestyle are now the two largest influences of people of color, and it is turning them into walking zombies. Nature is pro life, and if you become the source of death of many, mother nature will destroy your entire country.

Puerto Rico as a small island in the past year was hit by two major hurricanes back to back.  Hurricanes year after year tears down the state of Florida in America.  The State of California was recently burnt down with the fury of fire.  When mother nature starts tearing your cities apart, it is a warning that the people in that land are doing something that is causing the death of many. 

If you remember the days of Noah in the bible, when God flooded the earth with water.  The reason was, mankind was shedding the blood of many. They were killing one another, and mother nature intervened to eliminate those kind of  human beings off the planet. Remember the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, when homosexual lifestyles was the reason why Mother Nature burnt down their cities.

Drugs and homosexual lifestyles are in todays time the cause of the death of many. So if your country become overpopulated with any one of these, the forces of nature will come after your homes and property and tear them down. Mother nature values human life, just as a shepherd cares for their sheep. If an animal comes to kill their sheep, the shepherd will do whatever it is possible to protect their sheep. Human beings are the sheep of mother nature, and if your country becomes the source of death, mother nature will send you a death notice. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mysteries of the bible (Enoch, Noah, David)

Enoch is mentioned in the book of Genesis, as a man that walked with God, and at the age of 365 years disappeared and was taken to heaven.  Enoch was said to have fathered Methuselah who lived for 969 years, and supposedly died. Noah who formed the ark that survived the flood, was said to have lived up to 950 years.

Somehow some of these ancient men lived for hundreds of years, and some to almost a thousand years. How could these ancient men achieve these long lives, when present human beings could barely live up to 100 years?

Did Enoch, Methuselah, or Noah possess some mysterious power that allowed them to live such long lives? I recently called the God Yahweh (God of fire), into the cowrey shells to find out the mysteries about Enoch, Noah, and David.  

Now to begin with, you will notice right away as explained in the book of Genesis that there is a connection between Enoch, Methuselah and Noah.  Methuselah who lived for 969 years is the son of Enoch, and Noah is the also the great grandson of Enoch.  Enoch was said to have been taken to heaven alive in his body. 

Here is the mystery behind the long years of some of the men in the bible. In some of my articles, I have been drawing your attention to the fact that there are three types of people on earth that all look like human beings, but two groups within the human race are not human beings.  They came into existence through the so called virgin births. They were not born out of the womb of woman, created into existence by a spirit.

Yahweh revealed to me that Enoch was not a human being, he was not an angel, he was not born out of the womb of a woman, had no mother and had no father.  Enoch, Yahweh revealed is a god, and was the first human god created on earth.  Enoch was created into existence, by a Cosmic Elohim, by a spirit, hence he had no beginning and did not die. So the 365 years of Enoch is merely a number for Enoch is alive among human beings today as a god.

Methuselah who was supposedly the son of Enoch, was also not a human being, for he was created into existence as a angel, to represent a child of Enoch. Hence, both Enoch and Methuselah were immortal beings and did not die, but changed their appearance.

The Noah who built the ark, was Enoch who has changed his identity into Noah. It was the same Enoch that disappeared, reappeared as Noah, who llved for 950 years.  For when Enoch was taken to heaven, he returned to earth and assumed the body and life of Noah.  Therefore, Noah that was in the bible was a god, for he was the Enoch.

Yahweh explained that all the children of Noah were all angels created into existence by a spirit to play the role of his children, but none of them were born and  none of them died.

Fast forward thousands of years later, a boy known as David emerges and slew the giant Goliath in a one on one battle.  This boy David wrote many of the psalms in the bible, and also became King David. Yahweh explained, that it was Enoch again here that changed his identity to become David, hence King David, was the same god Enoch.

Fast forward time hundreds of years later, Elijah emerges, who was later taken into heaven on a chariot of horses of fire. Yahweh explained, that here again it was Enoch,  who has changed his identity into Elijah, hence Elijah was the same god Enoch.  At this stage the Elohim made a duplicate of Elijah as Elisha.  Whose life story become known as the life of Jesus who was taken to heaven.  

At this stage the gods are now two in number, Elijah and Elisha, as explained but the same original god Enoch became Elijah, and a duplicate of Elijah was formed as Elisha.

Fast forward time, hundreds of years later, Elijah returned to earth and assumed the role of the Indian god Vishnu.  So indirectly, Vishnu is actually the original god Enoch.  Elisha who went to heaven as the character Jesus, returned to earth and assumed the role of the Indian god Rama.  Both Rama and Vishnu are among the richest people in India today, but I will not disclose their present identities.


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Mysteries of creation (GOD OF GODS)

I recently called Spirit Ehieh into the cowrey shells, to ask questions about creation. In that conversation, I obtained a detailed account as to who is behind all of creation. This vast universe, galaxies and cosmos are a mystery to all.  We have all wondered who are the Gods or God that masterminded this wonderful universe and cosmos that we live IN.  Here is the knowledge I obtained from Ehieh.

There is a BEING, that human beings hardly know about, whose name is hardly mentioned.  Yet this being is the SOURCE OF ALL LIFE, AND EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS.  THIS BEING IS THE GOD OF THE GODS, AND WHOSE TITLE IS GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRIITS.

In the beginning, before cosmos, planets and stars existed, the GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS, EXISTED AS A SINGLE SPIRIT. The name of this being is the first word in the Torah as BERESHITH, which has been translated as “the beginning”, source.  BERESHITH IS THE GOD OF THE SPIRITS OF SPIRITS, GOD OF ALL THE GODS.

In the beginning the GOD BERESHITH FORMED A DUPLICATE OF ITSELF AS ENERGY AS AN ENTIRE BODY OF THE GALAXIES. BERESHITH THEN FORMED A DUPLICATE OF THAT ENTIRE ENERGY AS HYDROGEN.  BERESITH THEN FORMED AN ENTIRE DUPLICATE OF THAT HYDROGEN AS HELIUM  The rest of the elements is what became known as the periodic table of elements.  Each element that was formed was also the body of a Cosmic Elohim (a God of that element). 

Note that at this stage the God Yahweh has not yet been created, for Yahweh was created much later after all the elements have been formed.

Here are the stages in the formation of our universe.

Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'aretz.
In the beginning God created heaven and earth

1.    In the empty void of the galaxies and cosmos Bereshith formed the stars and suns.  Our sun was formed from Helium as the body of the God Yahweh.  
2.    Bereshith then formed the Clouds of our atmosphere as the body of the God Yah.
3.    Bereshith then formed a body of wind into the cloud as the body of God Elion. Note that at this stage there is no earth.  The wind was formed into an empty space held together by the clouds. Similar to air inside a balloon.
4.    Bereshith then formed a body of ocean into the wind as the body of the God Elohim, God of the sea.  Hence, the body of water was covered by the wind, which was also covered by the clouds.
5.    Bereshith then created all kinds of fish into the ocean, wales, sharks, and the endless variety of fish in the sea.
6.    Bereshith then created two solid bodies of sand, one is the earth that was placed into the body of water, the other was the moon. The physical bodies were created about 300 years after all the fish were created.
7.    Bereshith then created rain to come out of the clouds as the body of the God Eloah, God of rain.  The rain fertilized the soil of earth, while the moon without water remained dry.
8.    Bereshith then created diamonds, gold, iron, copper and all kinds of metals into the soil, of earth. At this stage there were no plants or animals on the land.
9.    Bereshith then created  a variety of all kinds of plants, vegetation, flowers, grass and trees on the land of earth
10.  Bereshith then created worms into the soil, and all kinds of creatures that crawls.
11.  Bereshith then ceated animals, cats, tigers, lions, horses, monkeys, dogs, goat, donkeys, and all kinds of animals that we know to exist today.
12.  After the animals have been on land for about 150 years, Bereshith then created the first human beings.  You know the rest of history,  The details of how human beings were formed will be covered in another topic.

THE GOD OF GODS IS BERESHITH. THE MASTERMIND BEHIND ALL OF EXISTENCE IS BERESHITH. THE GOD OF THE SPIRIT OF SPIRITS IS BERESHITH.  Many have thought that Yaweh is God the father.  You have all been wrong. The God of Yahweh is BERESHITH. Everything in heaven and earth are being formed by BERESHITH BARAKATA (THE CREATORS)