Monday, October 29, 2018

Is a degree in Business Administration worth it?

There are many curriculums offered at the university level, and young generations are often confused as to what to major in.  There four levels of education offered in most countries so far.  Starting from Primary School, then Elementary School, Secondary School referred to as High School in America, then University Level. 

I am offering this guideline for the younger generations that travel far away from their homeland to other countries only to major in a degree, such as Business Administration. First of all, it must be understood that university level education is a business enterprise, that is business to make money and make profits.  They offer subjects and curriculums to the general public not because the subjects are useful to them, but some are simply organized to make money for the school.

A very popular degree offered by most universities is that of Business Administration, which falls into the broad category of Management. Here is my advice to all of you young generation on how to set the goals of your career.  Do not plan your life around what will make you the most money, but rather plan and study things that are connected to something that is tangible here on earth.  Especially, if that thing is connected to something that is a permanent part of nature.

Examples: Gold, copper, diamonds, silver, human beings, plants, oil, animals, wind, sun, fire, water rocks, sand, fruits, birds, and all the endless variety of flowers and organic life are all permanent things in this life. 

A woman that cooks rice and beans and sells them on the street market does not need degree in Business Administration to manage her business.  The worlds most brilliant inventors such as Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein did not attain a degree in Business Administration to manage their large products.  Rather they acquired skills in inventing tangible products, just like the woman that cooks Jolof rice in the market in Accra, in Ghana.

A degree in Engineering is worth it, a degree in Medicine is connected to human beings, and the doctor does not need a degree in Business Administration to manage his or her clinic. What I have so far pointed out is, a degree in Business Administration, particularly in management is a waste of time and money.  

From the highest level of the Cosmic Elohim, through their spirits and gods are all connected to something that is tangible here on earth. Likewise follow their example to study those things that are tangible parts of life, rather than intangibles such as life insurance, which more a less is a legal money scam.

An organization may employ you because you had a degree in Finance and make you a bank manager. But if for any reason you are terminated, you will realize that you have no skill. An insurance company may employ you because you had a degree in Business Administration, but when you are sacked, you will then realize that you have no skill in making anything that is tangible or useful to the public. 

Human beings have been living on earth for millions of years without life insurance, but now they are being sold the concept of life insurance, as if it will extend their lives or make them immortal.  Life insurance is like a lottery where often the majority loose their money and at best only a few  has the winning ticket.  Instead of buying a life insurance policy, rather put that money into a savings account for yourself, where you can retrieve that money anytime you need it.

Example, if you were 30 years old and buy a life insurance policy of one million for a 50 year term. As a human being, it is almost certain that you will not be able to pay the monthly charges for 50 years.  Even small bills like telephone bills, electric bills are not paid and their services are interrupted. So what makes a person think they can continuously pay a study insurance on their life for 50 years. Even if you pay for 30 years, and could not afford to pay the monthly on the 31st year, you loose all the money you have paid for the past 30 years.

Business Management is a natural common sense, like eating and drinking and the most illiterate person in Africa or in Mexico that cannot read or write is capable of buying and selling.


The god of diamonds (Vishnu of India)

They are three major gods in Hinduism who are Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  Brahma is referred to as the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer.  The symbolism are the cycles of life, that what is created has to be maintained, but eventually it will be destroyed by Shiva to be reborn again. 

 In spring the trees begin to grow, in summer they are fully grown and flourish, in the fall season their leaves fall off, and by winter they become bare trees. The cycle then begins all over again in the spring season.

The god known among the Indians as Vishnu, is today one of the richest men in the diamond industry. This man has  a permanent residence address on Forbes list of the world’s richest people.  A god will always be at the very top of his or her category. Some may be popular among human beings, others may be popular among the angels.  Example, the god created in Ghana, Accra, that I will nick name COSMOS(god of spirits) , without mentioning his real name is a creator of planets, spirits, and  angels.  He has created and owns three Earth like planets that contains everything that is presently on earth including all the buildings, cars, airplanes, and populated them with thousands of angels. Such a god is not known to human beings, but is the worlds richest person to the angels.

So far I have uncovered five gods among human beings: Okomfo Anokye of Ghana, created by the GOD OF FIRE (YAHWEH).  COSMOS OF GHANA, created by the GOD OF SPIRITS.  RAMA OF INDIA, created by the GOD OF OIL (HUL). VISHNU OF INDIA, created by the GOD OF DIAMONDS (KAKABA). Albert Einstein of Germany, Created by the GOD OF WATER (ELOAH). The water I am referring to is rain, not the sea who is Elohim.  

Note the pattern so far: That Yahweh (God of fire) created Okomfo Anokye in the Eastern part of the world, Africa where it is hot and dry.  Cosmos (god of spirits), was also created in Ghana, in Africa, in the Eastern part of the world, for spirit is like wind.

Albert Einstein was created by the God of Water (Eloah), in the western part of the world, where it is wet and cold.  Rama and Vishnu were created in Asia, and connected to substances beneath the soil, such as oil and diamond.

COSMOS of Ghana is the most recent of the gods, hence his  existence started in the present life, so I do not mention his name.  Just as I do not mention the present names of any of the gods in their present identities.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

The formula of Angelic Seals and Kabbalah oil

On my Youtube site you will find drawings of several angelic seals and a Kabbalah oil.  As of October 7, 2012, I have no longer been drawing angelic seals or making the Kabbalah oil, for the public, since I have advanced to a much higher spiritual level and make little contact with human beings.  I keep getting requests for angelic seals and the oil, therefore I will give you the formula by which the seals are drawn and how the Kabbalah oil is made.

All the drawings of the angelic seals that I have drawn on Youtube, are the mirror images of the seal, hence the writings are in the opposite directions.  Example, if you watch the video of Barakata Cowrey divination, you will notice that the shells are in my left hand, but the shells are actually in my right hand.  Similarly, the writings on my angelic seals are opposite to what you see.

The Basic formula of the seals are the names of the NINE KABBALAH GODS (ELOHIM), written in the Hebrew Alphabets in the outer circle.  The names are: EHIEH(ALEPH HE YOD HE)(GOD OF INTELLIGENCE OF INTELLIGENCE, JEHOVAH(YOD HE VAU HE)(GOD OF ANIMALS), ELOHIM(ALEPH LAMED, HE, YOD MEM)(GOD OF THE SEA), ELOAH(ALEPH LAMED HE)(GOD OF WATER), YAHWEH(YOD HE VA)U HE)(GOD OF FIRE), ELION (ALEPH LAMED YOD NUN)(GOD OF WIND), YOD HE VAU HE (GOD OF MIND), YAH(YOD HE) (GOD OF CLOUDS), SHADDAI (SHIN DALETH, YOD), GOD OF DARKNESS.  These names written in Hebrew is what is written around the seal, but you can write them in whatever language you choose.

In the center of the seal is a Hexagram, two interlaced triangles.  In the center of the Hexagram is the name of a SPIRIT.  A seal called angelic seal of Michael has nothing to do with the angel Michael, that name is a place holder for the name of a spirit. Around the seal are words of the first Enochian Key. “I REIGN OVER YOU SAITH THE GOD OF JUSTICE, IN POWER EXALTED ABOVE THE FIRMAMENT OF WRATH.” I chose these words as my unique code that separates my seals from seals drawn by others. You may write your own unique phrase to identify your work.

The Kabbalah oil is formed by pouring salt into your palm, and calling names of the NINE KABBALAH GODS INTO THE SALT, INTO ANY OIL SUCH AS BABY OIL.  All my drawings and work on Youtube, is publicly free for everyone

my pen is my magic wand it performs miracles of its own later, when my mind reads what my pen has written my mind wonders, where my pen had such ideas. my pen is my magic wand with my pen, I write names divine then lo, and behold, miracles divine occur with my pen, I write names holy then lo, and behold diseases are cured the pen is mightier than the sword what is written by my pen, may last a thousand years what is spoken by my mouth, may last but a day my pen is my magic wand. my pen is my magic wand Yod, Aleph, He, my pen writes Yod, He, Vau, He, my pen writes Aleph, Lamed, He, Yod, Mem, my pen writes these names divine my pen writes these names holy my mouth speaks. my pen is my magic wand on white paper my pen draws a circle within the circle my pen draws another circle within the circle my pen draws a large cross to the east of the cross my pen writes, Aleph, Resh, Yod, Aleph, Lamed to the west of the cross my pen writes, Tau, Aleph, Resh, Samek, Yod, Shin to the south of the cross my pen writes, Shin, Resh, Aleph. Pe to the north of the cross my pen writes, Kaph, Resh, Vau, Beth within the double circle my pen writes "they pierced my hands, my sides, and my feet I may tell my bones" my pen is my magic wand. From the book "The Seven Hebrew Gods", by Ken Nunoo, Amazon Kindle


Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The god of oil (Rama of India)

I have recently made further inquires into the ancient god of India known as Rama.  It turns out that Rama is a god and not an angel as previously speculated. Rama was not born out of the womb of a woman, and has no biological ties to any human being.

Rama at the present time is one of the richest oil tycoons on the planet.  Rama was originally created into existence by the GOD OF  OIL , COSMIC ELOHIM(HUL).  Which then automatically, gives Rama the ability to transform an entire wasteland into grounds that yield oil.  I will not disclose the present identity of Rama, and he could be of any race in any country.

The ancient Rama that was known to Indians, and worshipped in Hinduism did not die, rather he has changed his identity several times, and presently one of the richest men in the oil industry. The hint I have given you is:  RAMA IS CAPABLE OF CREATING UNLIMITED SUPPLY OF OIL OUT OF THE GROUND.  I have given credit to Rama for his remarkable accomplishments, in boosting up the lives of humanity.

Monday, October 22, 2018

The god of Science (Albert Einstein)

While I was researching men and women who were prophets in the past, but were angels that were not born out of the womb of women, I have just came across a most startling discovery.  The man that we popularly knew as Albert Einstein was not a human being, not an angel, but rather he is a god, created into existence by the God of Water (Eloah).

Albert Einstein was created into existence as an infant child, and placed on the doorsteps of the Einstein Family.  They took him in, raised him as their own child.  Albert Einstein has no blood connection to the Einstein Family, and none of any children he may have had are connected to him by blood. A god creates angels into existence, but does not bare children with a human being. 

After Albert Einstein faked his death in Germany in April 1955 he came to America, and again transformed himself into the body of an infant child and placed himself at the doorsteps of the American family in October 1955, that found him and raised him as their child. The present Albert Einstein, even though he bares the name of the family that took him in, has no blood connection to that family. His present children are also not his biological children.  I have given him the title "god of science", not because of his  brilliant inventions, but because he is truly a god among all the scientists that exist on earth.   

The God Eloah trained Albert Einstein in how to make himself invisible, transform his image to the likeness of any man at the age of 11 years old.  Albert Einstein hence knew of the existence of multiple dimensions of space, and was and is presently capable living in both the heaven side of earth which is invisible to human beings.  The present Albert Einstein has been on Forbes list of the richest people on earth for many years.  Glory to God that the most brilliant scientist on earth is a god, and not a mortal being.

My original source of this information was from the Cosmic Elohim of Mind (Yod He Vau He)" The God that divided the Red Sea, and caused all the miracles of Moses in Egypt.  who was confirming to me,  ancient prophets who were angels. I then curiously inquired about Albert Einstein, and was told he was not angel, not human, but a god, created into existence by the God of Water (Eloah). I then confirmed the story with Eloah through the Barakata Method of Cowrey Divination. The God then gave me full insight of how Albert Einstein was created into existence as a child and how he was trained in invisibility.

The German Albert Einstein who discovered the theory of relativity lives among us today as the richest scientist in the world.  I will not mention the name of that person, for one  of our brilliant and richest scientist, is the god Albert Einstein that has changed his image and personality.

I will give you clues who the person is without mentioning any names.  Albert Einstein of Germany was never born, he has no mother, no father, and not related to any human being on earth.  Albert Einstein was created into existence by the God of Water (Eloah) into a German family.  He faked his death on April 18, 1955.  He changed his identity and re-emerged in America the same year 1955. 

Without mentioning names, Albert Einstein is the most popular scientist in America today. Without disclosing his identity, he was born on October 1955 in America, six months after he faked his death in Germany in April 18, 1955. His wife is a human being, but his children are all angels created by Albert Einstein in the present time.  The Albert Einstein of today is one of the most brilliant scientific inventors of our present time. The Albert Einstein of today, has appeared on Forbes list among the richest people in the world.  Einstein was known for his theory of relativity, and the world's most popular formula in science: E = mc2

There are many extraordinary achievers both past and present who appear to be human beings by every standard. But they are immortal beings, who are either angels or gods.  So far I have discovered three gods.  Albert Einstein, Okomfo Anokye, and another that was also born in Ghana.  These three gods are human duplicates of a Cosmic Elohim, and have the power to create angels.

Mark Anthony, the close friend of Julius Caesar was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman.

Note that all  the three gods I have discovered so far, were created in a country whose first letter begins with the letter "G". Ghana, and Germany.

Ancient prophets who were angels

We have known of some ancient prophets that had spiritual powers.  These prophets lived their lives among human beings like ordinary men, but they were not born out of the womb of women.  I have often said that a human being born out of the womb of a woman cannot command a spirit to perform a miracle.  Hence, all the pastors of the church that claim to perform miracles are fake, for they are all human beings that were born out of the womb of women.

What had confused many men and women are the prophets of the bible who seemed to be able to perform miracles, hence normal human beings thought they can also do the same.


1.    METHUSELAH: Methuselah was known as the oldest living person. But that was not the end of it. He was actually an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.
2.    ENOCH: Enoch was said to be the father of Methesulah.  This assumption is not correct, for both Enoch and Methuselah were angels not born out of the womb of women and never died.
3.    ISAIAH: was a popular prophet of the old testament bible.  Isaiah was an angel, who was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.
4.    ELIJAH. The prophet Elijah was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.  We all know of the story of Elijah taken to heaven on a chariot of horses.
5.    RAMA OF INDIA. Rama of India, was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die. Among the Indian prophets, Rama was the only one that was an angel.
6.    Okomfo Anokye of Ghana.  Okomfo Anokye is not an angel, rather he is a god that planted the immovable sword into the ground, which still remains the grand in Kumasi, in Ghana. The duplicates of Okomfo Anokye are: YEMEYA (ORIGINAL OKOMFO ANOKYE), OSHUN, SHANGO, OBATALA, OGUN.  Okomfo Anokye has so far created four duplicates of himself.  All of them presently, are native doctors in Ghana.

This is the few men that were popularly known among human beings that were thought to be human beings, but they were angels and gods that were not born out of the womb of women.

The five bodies of Okomfo Anokye work as a team, for a god is a spirit in the flesh.  The miracles performed by native doctors in Ghana, such as conjuring money and objects to appear is the mastermind work of the five bodies of Okomfo Anokye.   The five bodies of Okomfo Anokye work as a team, and whenever one of them is conjuring something to appear, one of the five makes himself invisible and plays the role of the invisible Genii, that causes the money and objects to appear. Their teamwork expands to many other native doctors that are human beings,  and they assist them with their miracles. The source of all the genuine miracles of the conjuration of money to appear, is the five bodies of Okomfo Anokye, who perform those miracles when they make themselves invisible. 

Melchizedek: Popularly known as the King of Salem, was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.

ISAAC:  Isaac is one of the most controversial child in the Bible, who Abraham was told to sacrifice on the altar.  The true story is, Isaac was an angel, that was created into existence. Isaac was not born out of the womb of a woman.

Noah:  Noah is popularly known for his role of building an ark during the flood.  Noah was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman.  The children of Noah were all angels. They were all created into existence, and did not die.

Gautama Buddha: Gautama Buddha is popularly known as the founder of Buddhism.  Buddha was an  angel, who was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die.

Merlin the Magician:  During the days of King Arthur, Merlin was said to have planted a sword in the ground that only Arthur was able to pull out of the ground.  Merlin was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die.

Maitreya: This prophet was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die.

King Arthur: King Arthur was known to have pulled out the sword that Merlin the Magician planted into the rock. Both King Arthur and Merlin were angels, who were not born out of the womb of women.

Jeremiah: Was a prophet of the Old Testament and author of many of its books. Jeremiah was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.

Baruch:  Baruch the scribe to Jeremiah, was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman.

Galileo: Galileo was a scientist and known as the father of science.  Galileo was an angel who was not born out of the womb of a woman and did not die.  He walks around today right here on earth with full knowledge of all his science.

Isaac Newton: Isaac Newton was a mathematician and a scientist. Isaac Newton was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die. He walks among us today.

Joseph:  Joseph was a popular figure in the Old Testament bible, who went to Egypt and whose other brothers tried to kill.  Here is the surprise twist.  Joseph was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman. He did not die in Egypt, changed his image and body and walks among us today, right here on earth.

Jacob: Was a popular figure in the Old Testament bible. Known to have dreamt of a ladder that extends from heaven to earth.  Jacob was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die. The ancient biblical figures that were angels, faked their deaths, and changed their images into different personalities.

David:  David as a young boy was known to have slain Goliath, the giant with a sling shot. David became king, and was known to have written many of the psalms of the Bible. David was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman, and did not die.

ISHMAEL: Ishmael was in the Old Testament a son of Abraham and half brother to Isaac. The mother of Ishmael was known as Hagar. Ishmael was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman. Both Isaac and Ishmael were angels, and neither Serah nor Hagar were their mothers.  Both Isaac and Ishmael walk among us today, with full knowledge of all the events that took place in their time.

Hagar: the presumed mother of Ishmael was an angel, that was not born out of the womb of a woman. She therefore did not give birth to Ishmael.

Leonardo Da Vinci; Leonarda Da Vinci was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman.

Michael Angelo: Michael Angelo was an angel that was not born out of the womb of a woman.

Even though a human being cannot directly command a spirit, they are able to achieve spiritual results through the assistance of a god, only if that god agrees to work with them, for only a god or Cosmic Elohim can command a spirit.  

I will be updating this list of prophets who were angels from time to time as I verify their identity.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Relationship between Schizophrenics and Suicide

Schizophrenia by my definition is a person that hears voices in their head.  Scientists include delusions, and inability to think properly into this class.  A schizophrenia in plain English is a form of insanity, covered with a smooth medical terminology.  Now and then someone goes about shooting several people for no apparent reason, and when caught they will often plead insanity that a voice in their head told them to do so.

Many blame this voice in their head that compels them to do evil things as the devil. So what is this voice that people often hear clearly in their head, that often argues  with them, compelling a person a person to commit suicide, or kill others? Scientists are having a hard time understanding the root cause of this form of mental illness.  In this brief article, I will shed some light on this mystery of the brain.

When a person lives a normal life, and dies through some form of illness such as cancer, heart attack, stroke or for some any other reason apart from a self inflicted suicide. The soul of the person automatically re-incarnates (enters the body of a child that is 11 years old). Nature has a balanced relationship between the birth of a child and the death of a human being on earth.  Each time a child is born, someone has exactly 11 more years to live, and about the same time a child turns 11 years old, another human that is dying of a sickness, dies automatically.  For the body of the child that turns eleven years old, will be inherited by the person who was matched by a SPIRIT OF DESTINY to inherit the body of child.

I have questioned the Elohim several times on this subject to determine how a match is made between a person that is dying, to that of the child whose body they inherited.  The answer I have received is, the BODY OF MIND (containing the history of the life of the person), is transferred into the body of the child at some time, before the child turns eleven. This process is the natural order, unless it is interrupted by a person that died by suicide.

If a person dies by suicide, there was not enough time to prepare the soul of the person to inherit a new body of a child.  Often the child whose body they will inherit has not even been born.  Example, if a person could naturally live up to 80 years, but assume that this person committed suicide at the age of 40 years.  The child whose body they would have inherited has not yet been born, for that child would have been born when the person turns 69 years old.  So that by the time the child turns eleven years, the person will be 80 years and die.

So all those persons that commit suicide do not re-incarnate, hence their souls automatically enters the body of their nearest relative. Example, if a woman had two children and commits suicide, her soul will automatically enter the body of her daughter.  Her soul within the body of her daughter will turn her into a Schizophrenic, and she will start hearing voices in her head.  The voice she starts hearing in her head is that of her mother that died by suicide.

When the external soul is within the body of her daughter, in order to compel her to obey her instructions, she will often disguise herself as person of authority and often claim to be God, talking to her. The daughter not knowing any better will assume that God or Jesus is talking to her to do this and that.

Christians are especially vulnerable of Schizophrenics who often use their mental illness to penetrate the church and often even become pastors.  Some of these pastors that hear voices in their head, often sincerely believe it is God or Jesus talking to them, directing them. 

If a person dies by suicide, and enters the body of another person, its aim is to convince that person and others connected to that person to commit suicide.  It is easy to disguise Schizophrenia under Christianity, because of their belief that the ghost of Jesus, talks to them.  When a Schizophrenic is lecturing people about the bible, we often think that person is a man, of God, and when they claim to hear the voice of God, many believe them and end up following their instructions.

I will once again inform Christians of Evangelical churches, that there is  no such being as a holy ghost that talks to anyone.  Those persons that genuinely claim to hear a voice of God in their head are Schizophrenics (possessed by their relatives that died by suicide).  Do not follow any guidelines that they offer, for it will lead to your self destruction. 

Each time a person commits suicide, another normal human becomes a schizophrenic. So you can imagine the number of schizophrenics out there; they are in millions.  An insane person preaching the bible will hardly be recognized to be insane. If such a person is given clean clothes, that insane person can easily become the pastor of a church.

The belief of Christians that the ghost of Jesus speaks to them, is the weak door through which anything, whether good or evil can climb into their lives.  Through this door,  an insane person can easily work their way to the level of an evangelical pastor, and while standing on the pulpit of the church talking to himself, will claim he or she is talking to God. He or she is then able to swindle an entire congregation of their money, while putting their lives at risk. 


Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Do Pastors hear the voice of a God (Spirituality)

A church is one of the best social organizations that exists today.  It is a place where many get together to meet friends and relatives, to share a common belief.  People that often go to church sincerely have every intention of worshipping God, with the hope of finding solutions to various negative aspects of their lives. Some hope for miraculous healing from diseases, such as cancer, leukemia, diabetes, many other sicknesses. Some hope that their prayers, will lead their souls to heaven after death. 

The members of the congregation have no choice other than to place their faith and hopes in the pastor that leads the church. Having watched some of the videos of some churches, some of these pastors that claim to hear the voice and instructions from God, are causing more harm than good to their members.  They have been performing extreme fake miracles, giving bizarre tasks for their members to perform, claiming they are the instructions of God. 

There is a pastor that tells his congregation to swallow snakes.  There is another that tells his congregation to drink gasoline. There is another that tells a woman to carry a bag of cement on her back.  A pastor of church had his entire congregation drunk poison and they all died of mass suicide, claiming that their souls will go to heaven. The level that some of these pastors have taken, with the attempt to proof that they have spiritual powers to perform miracles, is at the level of insanity.  

I will write this brief article to advise those Christians, especially in Africa who are being fooled by these pastors who are basically in business to swindle you of your money in the name of God.

I will give you the following guidelines, and stick to it and you will be safe.  It does not mean you stop attending church. Do not give up your Sunday gathering with your friends, but at the same time know how you handle yourself in church to be safe from your pastors.


Any person that is born out of the womb of a woman, is not an angel, and is not a god and cannot communicate with a spirit of any kind.  Do not be confused by the fact that a God, spoke to Moses, to deliver the Israelites out of Egypt.  Moses was not a pastor, did not belong to any religion and is the one and only being among human beings that has been specially designed to play the role of a prophet between human beings and a God. 

If you see a native doctor, such as Okomfo Anokye perform a miracle, it is assumed the person is a human being, and therefore any human being by some means, acquire spiritual powers. People with genuine spiritual powers, even though they appear to be human beings, were not born out of the womb of women, and are not human beings. Therefore, if you know for a fact that a person is a human being,  if they tell you that God told them this and that, and that you should do this and that, DO NOT FOLLOW THEIR INSTRUCTIONS.

Some of the prophets that were in the old testament were not human beings, born out of the womb of women. Examples, Elijah was an angel that lived like a normal human being.  He was not born out of the womb of a woman. Isaiah was also an angel that lived like a man, that was not born out of the womb of a woman.  ALL THE PASTORS OF A CHURCH ARE HUMAN BEINGS WITH NO SPIRITUAL POWERS. FOR NO ANGEL WILL PLAY THE ROLE OF A PASTOR OF A CHURCH.


Thursday, October 11, 2018

Are your parents your biological mother and father?(THE CLUES)

Thousands of children are born daily worldwide, and it is often assumed that the woman that supposedly gave birth to the child is the biological mother,  and the man she says is the father is the child’s biological father. Even though couples may be married, often the man is not the biological father of his children.  In this short article, I will give you hints and  clues without a scientific DNA test to determine whether your parents are truly your biological mother and father.

1.    The first clue is the color of your skin.  Two Caucasian parents cannot give birth to a negro child, and two negro parents cannot give birth to a Caucasian child.  This level is obvious but it applies on every level.  Two negro parents, cannot give birth to a child that is darker in complexion than both of them. If your complexion is darker than both your mother and father, the person referred to as your father is not your biological father, and possibly your mother is not your mother. 

If the complexion of your skin is lighter in color than both your mother and father, the man referred to as your father is not your biological father, and possibly your mother is not your biological mother.
2.    Color of Eyes. If the color of your eyes are completely different from both your mother and father.  Your father is not your biological father, and your mother may not be your biological mother.  Note that in all these instances, the man is certainly not your father, but your mother may or may not be your biological mother. Example if both your parents have brown eyes, and you were born with blue eyes, your father is not your biological father.
3.    HEIGHT  AFTER THE AGE OF 21 YEARS. If you are much taller than both your mother and father, your father is not your biological father, but your mother, may or may not be your biological mother.  Example, if your father is five feet nine inches tall, and your mother is five feet five inches tall, and you turn out to be six feet tall, the man is not your biological father, and the woman may or not be your biological mother.
4.    DIMPLES. If you were born with dimples, but neither of your parents have dimples, your father is not your biological father, and your mother may or may not be your biological mother.
If any of the above clues fit your description then question the authenticity of your parents, for often the man you called your father is not your biological father.  


5.     SPIRITUAL SKILLS.  If a person seem to have genuine spiritual skills, but neither their parents had spiritual skills, then the parents are not their biological father and mother.  Such a person is most likely an angel or god that was not born out of the womb of  a woman. TRUE SPIRITUAL POWER IS IN THE BLOOD. If a person is capable of making themselves invisible, that person is not a human being, (the person is either an angel or a god).  If a person is capable of sitting on air, such a person is a god, not an angel. If a person is capable of making objects that are outside of themselves invisible, such a person is a god.  An angel can be invisible, but cannot make objects that are outside of them, invisible.  

AN IMMORTAL BEING, CANNOT CONCEIVE A CHILD WITH A MORTAL BEING. Angels and gods are not born out of the womb of women. They are created into existence.  There is no blood from the body of an angel or a god in the body of any human being on earth.  Neither in the past, present, or future.  If a person is born out of the womb of a woman;  no matter what spiritual powers they claim to have, and no matter what miracles they seem to be able to perform.  Such a person is neither an angel nor a god, and such person will most certainly die.  Angels and gods do not die, to be resurrected.