Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Earth tilts by 45 degrees every six months in opposite directions (Scientific Discovery)

As of May 21, 2015, I Ken Nunoo have discovered that the earth tilts by 45 degrees backwards from Spring through  the end of Summer,  and tilts by 45 degrees forward from the end of summer through the end of winter, and the whole process repeats tilting backwards again continuously beginning from Spring through end of summer.  What I have just explained, simply means that the earth tilts by approximately seven degrees backwards each day beginning March 21, of the Spring season, and by the end of summer has tilted a full 45 degrees.  Then  the earth starts tilting forward or downward by seven degrees each day, beginning from the end of summer around August 21, to March 20 of the following year.

It is well known that the earth rotates on its axis 24 hours a day, but the earth does not rotate around the sun,  but rather it tilts by 45 degrees backward for six months and tilts by 45 degrees forward or downward back to its original position.

I made this observation while sitting on the grass lawn in Central Park, New  York City, USA  This specific lawn is by the lake near the entrance of 59th street and 5th Avenue.  Last year while on the lawn, I observed the position of the sun and time of day as the sun was partially above one of the tall hotel buildings in that area.  I noted that at about 1:45 P.M the sun can clearly be seen above the building.  At approximately 3.p.m the sun is above another tall hotel building.  Then around 5:30 it is also just above another tall hotel building.

During the Spring seasons, when the sun is above these buildings, while sitting on that particular lawn,  it can clearly be seen.  Then I noticed last year, that while on the same lawn, as fall season begun, the sun is less visible at the same time of 1:45 pm.  3:pm, and 5:30 pm.  I made a mental note of the observation.

This year when I went to central park again, as the weather warmed up and sat again on the same lawn,  I noticed that the sun was clearly visible above the hotel buildings again at 1:45p.m, 3 p.m, and 5:30 p.m   From this observation I concluded that the: EARTH TILTS BY 45 DEGREES FOR SIX MONTHS FROM SPRING TO SUMMER, AND TILTS BY 45 DEGREES FROM THE END OF SUMMER TO THE END OF WINTER (BEGINNIG SPRING OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR.  IT TILTS BY APPROXIMATELY SEVEN DEGREES PER DAY FOR SIX MONTHS BACKWARD, AND TILTS SEVEN DEGREES PER DAY BACK TO ITS ORIGINAL POSITION FOR ANOTHER SIX MONTH. 

Article by KEN NUNOO

Friday, May 1, 2015

Does a Messiah exist (Son of God)

Genesis 1: 1 informs us the Elohim made man in their image.  From this notion we have believed that God is like a human being and as such has a son.  Christianity named this Son of God, Christ. But is there such a person as the Christ, a person that plays the role of son of God?

Note how I structured the question: Is there such a person as the Messiah or Christ, I did not specify a name.  In the broad description of the role of the Christ, such a person does exist, and has often lived on earth.  I will elaborate on who the Christ potentially is, for such a person does indeed exist, even though the new testament gospel may be a story describing the role of such a man.

There are seven plains in existence in every object, but not all the plains within that object are active. Hence seven levels of planet earth exist in the same space as earth.  Every physical object that exist, can contain six additional versions of the same object within itself.

Even though an object can contain six additional versions of the same, not all the versions within an object are active.  Hence in a human being we have an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and PHYSICAL BODY, which makes a total of three active plains. A rock only exists as a physical body.

The person that is referred to as the Christ is the first being to be created by the Elohim spirits, whose body contains all seven types of beings.  Baracata hence has a physical human body that corresponds to the seventh plain, an angelic body that corresponds to the sixth plain, the body of a Saint that corresponds to the 5th plain, a consciousness that connects to the 4th plain, a Spirit (BARACATA), that connects to the 3rd plain, Spirit BA, RA, KA, TA, that connects to the 2nd plain, and an intelligence that connects to the first plain. 

Hence the first human like being to be created by God was a man whose body was similar to the cosmos, with all seven plains active.  The spirits then created man and woman from the image of Baracata, excerpt that only  three out of the seven bodies were created as man and woman.

Thousands of years later, another Baracata was created as the first Hebrew Adam, from who the Hebrews were created also with a pattern of three bodies similar to present Human beings.  Thousands of years later another Baracata was created as the first Latin man, who was the prototype from whom the Romans were created.

Thousands of years later another Baracata was created as a man with seven bodies, who was the prototype from whom the present Caucasians were created, with normal three bodies.  Thousands of years later another Baracata was created as the first Indian from whom the present Indians were formed.  Thousands of years later another Baracata who was the prototype from whom the African Negroes were created.

BARAKATA, is actually Spirit Baracata, in a human form, from whom all the nations of the human races were created.  BARAKATA, is the formula of the cosmos of seven plains as well as everything that exists.

Fast forward, BARAKATA, is always the first and last of all the prophets, beginning from Osiris, through Moses, Elijah, Rama, Socrates and many others,  All these men were the lives of Baracata, the only being that exists with seven bodies. Such a man is the one whose story is told in the bible as Jesus the Christ.  The Christ is one man, (BARAKATA), who was Osiris to the Egyptians, Moses, Elijah, Ezekiel, Abraham, Joseph, Isaiah to the Jews. He was Rama, Vishnu, and Shiva to the Indians,, and lives among you today like any normal man.   Barakata is your Messiah, and Christ, the Spirit that became flesh and lives as man. John 1; 1