Sunday, December 3, 2017

Why do so many young people die spontaneous deaths?

Every year thousands of young people who seem to be in good health die suddenly, without any signs of ill health.  You may often hear of a young man about 30 years or a young girl about 22 years that has suddenly died overnight.  Yet doctors have no clue as to what killed them.  They simply went to sleep and did not wake up.  Many young people have mysteriously died, with no trace of heart attack, no illness of any kind.  I refer to this type of deaths as spontaneous death.  So what is the real mystery behind these spontaneous deaths of the young, I asked the Elohim.

 The clue to the sudden deaths of our youths, is connected to the 4th commandment In the bible: ‘HONOR THEIR MOTHER AND THY FATHER, THAT THY DAYS MAY BE LONG IN THE LAND WHICH THE LORD HAS GIVEN YOU". Now the clue is “the days”, is the life span of the person. Which means that dishonoring your father and mother will result in short years of your life. But breaking this commandment is a small part of the puzzle of what causes the sudden death, but it is connected to it.

Here is the mystery as explained to me by the Elohim. A mother is permanently spiritually connected  to her children throughout the days of her life, just as the umbilical cord of the infant was connected to her in her womb.  Even though the umbilical cord was cut at birth, the mother holds the life of her children in her mouth.  Note what I just said: I SAID IN HER MOUTH.

IF A WOMAN IS ANGRY AT HER SON OR DAUGHTER, FOR A DEEP REASON THAT DISHONORS HER, AND CALLS ON THE NAME OF THAT CHILD, AND SPITS HER SALIVA TO THE GROUND. HER SON OR DAUGHTER WHOSE NAME SHE CALLED WILL DIE BEFORE THE MOTHER. This act I have just described is carelessly performed by many mothers in Africa, and third world countries, not realizing that they were the cause of the sudden deaths of their children.  This power of mother over her children only applies, if the child is more than 11 years.  However, if the child is less than 11 years old, the mother has no power over the child.

What I have just explained only applies to the mother, a father has no spiritual power over his children and cannot curse his children to death.  However, a father can transfer an illness from himself to his son, regardless of the age of the child. Example, if a father broke his leg from a fall at the age of 45 years, he is capable of transferring the pain to his son, who may be 12 years old, at that time.  However, the son will not experience  the pain or illness, until he reaches the age of 45 years, which may last for the rest of his life and possibly die from it. But in this case, the father will always die, before the son.

In the first scenario, the mother that curses her child, will cause a sudden death to that child, who will surely die, before the mother.