Thursday, February 2, 2017


THE JUJU DEMON JESUS IS A POWER OBTAINED BY A PASTOR FROM A NATIVE DOCTOR, TO USE AS A HOLY GHOST IN THEIR CHURCH.  The word JUJU is the same as the word Voodoo, due to the fact that it is a charm from a native doctor.  I refer to it as a demon, because it functions like a demon that takes possessions of members of the church.  It has the name Jesus, because it is the common name given to that type of Juju charm.

The Juju Demon Jesus is what takes possessions of people in Evangelical churches, that claim to have a holy ghost. When it takes possession of a person, it calls itself as Lucifer, Satan, Jesus, the Lord, and many other names,  There are thousands of them out there, for each time it takes possession of a person in a church, it replicates itself inside the body of the person. It then becomes a permanent  host inside the body of the person.

The Juju Demon Jesus is able to control the mind and actions of the person, once it takes a single possession of the person.  The Juju Demon Jesus was formed to imitate the holy ghost, Jesus, and Lucifer of the New Testament bible.   They are formed by sacrificing a human being, whose blood is combined with the ashes of the skin of a snake.   Snakes are associated with demons, hence when it describes itself, it has become a human soul with the skin of a snake.  Which automatically, causes people to associate it with Satan, or Lucifer.

The Juju Demon Jesus is not a spirit, and it is not an angel, but rather it is the soul (intelligence) of a human being that has been sacrificed in a voodoo ritual, that has been given the skin of snake.  THE HOLY GHOST OF THE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES, IS THE LUCIFER OF THE CHURCH.  I am not telling you this to condemn the evangelical or apostolic church, but rather to alert you that you are being possessed by demons formed by native doctors, that will eventually destroy you and your life.

In effect I am telling you tha :THERE IS NO JESUS IN HEAVEN AS GOD. THERE IS NO LUCIFER AS KING IN HELL. THERE IS NO GENUINE HOLY GHOST OF JESUS.  What is manifesting in the churches under the name of Jesus as a holy ghost, is a power obtained by some pastors from native doctors, which have created them as demons to play the role of Lucifer, when called by the name Jesus. 

How does Juju Demon Jesus operate?  As before mentioned, keep three key words in mind: Jesus, Holy Ghost, Lucifer(Demon).  The power obtained by pastors from native doctors plays the role of all three.  It is called by the name Jesus.  It is formed from by sacrificing a human being, whose blood is used in the ritual. Hence it is the soul of that human being that functions as the ghost.  Third, the blood of the person used in the ritual is combined with the skin of an animal, such as a snake, lion, tiger,  etc. Hence, it appears as a human being with the skin of a snake.  

Now in a deliverance service, what goes on is demon swapping. Meaning, the exchange of one demon inside a person for another demon to occupy its place.  Example, if the blood of the human being that was used in the ritual was a thief. Whoever, they possess will become a thief.  If the blood of the person used in the ritual was a prostitute, whoever female they possess will become a prostitute.

It is the goal of every pastor to want to increase the membership of their congregation.  Now these powers override one another according to whose ground you are on.  Example, if someone is possessed by the demon of a thief, and goes to a deliverance.  The Juju demon Jesus(holy ghost) of that church will automatically have power over them, because they are one their grounds of that church.  Hence, the Juju demon Jesus (Holy ghost) of the pastor will push out the other demon and take its place. The demon that was previously there will then enter the body of another member of the church.   Hence, one demon was swapped for another demon, but another member of the church now has the demon that was previously in the other body.  

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