Friday, February 5, 2016

Is spiritual power a bloodline (Wonders and Miracles)

Is spiritual powers that some people seem to have a bloodline, inherited from the person’s ancestors, or can spiritual powers be attained through books? Today, especially in Ghana you will see many native doctors that can perform miracles, causing money to appear from nowhere, living creatures to materialize and many other amazing miracles.  The question is, how are such men and women able to do such things, and is it something that the average man or woman can do?

To answer the question of whether spirituality is a power of the blood or not, is to compare a native doctor to a pastor of the church.  Genuine spiritual powers can only be attained through the blood of an individual whose ancestral parent of either father or mother had the ability to perform miracles.  One may ask, how is this so?  The answer is, for a person to be able to communicate with a spirit, an Elohim Spirit first has to create a second body of consciousness inside that person, and this body of consciousness is connected to the blood of the person.

A normal human being has an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, BODY),  a genuine native doctor has an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, GENIMA CONSCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL BODY).  Hence a genuine native doctor has the additional body known as a GENIMA CONSCIOUSNESS, that assumes the exact physical appearance and shape of the physical body, however it is invisible to the human eye. 

The Spirit Arielis known by many diverse names is the common spirit of the native doctors, that has been nicknamed by various names.   To perform a miracle, the native doctor first  summons Arielis by certain words, who then enters the body of the native doctor.   Spirit Arielis then then comes out of the body of the native doctor wearing the GENIMA CONSCIOUSNESS BODY of the native doctor. 

At this stage Arielis, then assumes the physical appearance of the native doctor, wearing the exact same clothes of the native doctor.  Arielis at this stage is a spirit wearing the body of a Genima Consciousness, the two put together becomes an INVISIBLE ANGEL, that can pick up physical objects, but remain invisible to the human eye.   The money that appears inside the box of the native doctor or objects that appear are being put in there by spirit Arielis wearing the Genima Consciousness body of the native doctor.

Hence, even though the Genima Consciousness body is connected to the blood of the native doctor, it does not pass on to their children automatically.  However, it is likely that the children of the native doctor will inherit their ancestral profession of the shrine, and whoever is elected for the position, an Elohim Spirit creates a Genima Body of Consciousness for that person.

Now the second form of power is indirectly obtained from the Native doctor, but in this case an Elohim Spirit does not create a Genima Consciousness Body for the person.  When a person goes to the native doctor to acquire a power such as to make money appear.  The native doctor will then give the person a charged object or some form of oil.   What this oil or charged object does is to establish communication between the person and spirit Arielis.  When communications is established, spirit Arielis is able to determine the source of the charged object, and then goes inside the body of the native doctor that granted the object to the person, retrieves the Genima Consciousness Body of the native doctor, then uses that body to perform miracles for the clients of the native doctor.  This is only the case when the requests involve physical miracles such as money.

What I have explained is, the miracles of a native doctor are performed through a combination of the Genima Consciousness body of the native doctor and a spirit.  It is the Genima Body of the native doctor that does the work for their clients, only if it involves miracles where physical objects have to appear or move.

From what I have explained, pastors in general do not have spiritual powers, but the few that seem to do, obtained their power through a native doctor, either from Africa or India. Hence the so called holy ghost of the church, is the GENIMA BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF A NATIVE DOCTOR.  Another example of a Genima Body in effect is in my video Baracata Methodof cowrey Divination.  In that video you will notice that the shells rotate in my hands.  I am able to do that because I have GENIMA BODY OF CONSCIOUSESS.  My father had the ability to perform miracles and had a GENIMA Body Consciousness, and my grandfather was a native doctor who also had a genima body of consciousness. 

In general it will appear that spiritual powers are a bloodline effect, but in reality it is not, because it is a Genima Body of Consciousness, that is created into the body of the person by an ELOIHM SPIRIT.