Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Angelic Spiritual Oil (The Saint)

The Angelic Spiritual oil is a specially charged oil that when rubbed on the hands allows a person to communicate with spiritual beings.  The oil contains the energy of a saint, hence when it is rubbed on an object, that item becomes charged with the energy of saint, which transforms it into a spiritual tool.

Example, if the oil is rubbed on the hands during prayer, your prayers will most certainly be heard by whatever spirit or spirits you are praying to.  This oil is used to charge angelic seals, to make them effective by simply rubbing the corners of the seal with the oil.  Angelic seals that are purchased in stores, have to be charged before they are used.

Note that the charge in the object remains as long as some of the oil is on the object.  Hence the oil must be used from time to time on the hands, each time during prayers, and should also be rubbed on an angelic seal, each time it is used.

The angelic spiritual oil is a general purpose spiritual oil that can be used in place of or in addition to any oils that are used for a spiritual purpose. Add a few drops of the Angelic Spiritual oil to your oils to charge them. When the oil is rubbed on the body it acts as a protective shield against negative spells that may be cast on a person. It also spiritually cleanses the body of negative energy.

The oil can be used to charge objects such as talismans, angelic seals or any object a person may wish to charge by simply adding a few drops of the oil to the object. The oil can also be used to give vital energy to the chakras of the body which are: the center of the head, the middle of the forehead (third eye), the throat center, the heart center, the solar plexus, the reproductive area, the feet.

When performing divination such as cowry divination, rub some of the oil in your palm before you begin the operation of casting the shells.  Rub this oil on your angelic seals daily before you carry them.  Rub the oil on a crucifix, necklaces or any object you spiritually want to charge with power.

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