Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Power of Angelic Seals (The Saint)

An angelic seal is an object that is charged with the energy of a SAINT, that allows a person holding it to communicate with spirits.  The are seven plains in existence, within a single atom, and within every object.  The seventh plain is the physical world on which we dwell. The sixth plain is the world of the angels, and the 5th plain is the world of the Saint.  There are seven planets of earth in the same space.

Saints are invisible to angels since they dwell on the 5th plain, and angels are invisible to human beings since they dwell on the 6th plain, and human beings on the 7th plain.

The first three plains are the world of the spirits, who create by Thought, for objects to materialize on the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th plains. An angelic seal is object that is charged with the energy of a saint (energy of the 5th plain), which allows the person holding it to communicate with spirits that dwell on the first three plains.

It is the spirits that cause miracles to occur in the lives of human beings.  The world of angels(heaven) is entirely managed by spirits.  Angels depend on spirits for their daily food, maintenance of their body that makes them immortal.  Angels have human body forms, but the spirits manage these bodies for them daily and continuously, that allows the angel to live indefinitely.  Everything in all heaven, including the angels are managed by spirits.  On earth, it is through spirits that miracles occur. Without a seal or an object that contains the energy of a saint, no spirit or God hears the prayers of a human being.

Angelic seals are drawings that were originally carried by angels while on earth in order to communicate with their spirits. When an angel is in heaven, they do not need angelic seals, but an angelic seal is absolutely necessary for an angel to be able to communicate with a spirit while materialized on earth. Every angel that materializes on earth, is able to do so only through an angelic seal that the angel is carrying on them.  Without an angelic seal, the angel cannot materialize on earth in the first place.  Materialization of an angel, means the angel takes on a physical form like any normal human and is visibly able to walk and function on earth like any human being on the 7th plain.

In the same way, a human being carrying an angelic seal that is properly charged with the energy of saint, is able to communicate with spirits that causes miracles in the lives of the person.  An angelic seal is equivalent to a wireless phone that allows a person to dial into the world of spirits. An angelic seal when drawn does not automatically have power, neither do seals that people purchase in stores have power.  An angelic seal has to be properly charged, to be infused with the energy of saint before it can work for the person.

There are many forms of angelic seals that are used for various purposes. You will find some of them mentioned at  To obtain an angelic seal drawn on a white handkerchief of any angel or for a special purpose, go to PAYPAL and send $30 to BARACATA@YAHOO.COM . Each angelic seal is $30, drawn on a white handkerchief, shipping is worldwide, and it comes already fully charged.

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