Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mysteries of the Human Body (Schizophrenia)

Schizophrenia is a form of mental disorder which has been diagnosed as a split personality type.  It affects how a person sees things, and the person sometimes hear voices in their head.  This condition have killed many.  So what really causes Schizophrenia?

To explain this form of disorder of the mind,  we first have to understand the structure of the human body.  The human body is divided into three main bodies that are fused together as one: (INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL BODY).  In the Intelligence is stored the person’s lifetime skills.  Consciousness is what allows a person to experience our environment through the five senses of : SIGHT, HEARING, TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL.  The physical body is  the shell through which intelligence and consciousness function. 

Upon the death of a human being, the consciousness is like gas that evaporates into the air, the physical body disintegrates into sand, but the INTELLIGENCE IS IMMORTAL, and automatically enters the body of a child that is between Eleven and Twelve years old, and integrates itself with the intelligence of the child, and becomes one with the intelligence of the child, making use of the consciousness and physical body of the child.   I will refer to the child intelligence as the HOST INTELLIGENCE and the intelligence entering the child as the RE-INCARNATING INTELLIGENCE.

However, if a person dies by suicide, it becomes almost impossible for the intelligence to find a new host body, for they are often rejected by the host intelligence of everyone whose body they attempt to enter.  When the re-incarnating intelligence is attempting to unite with a body, and it is being rejected by the host intelligence, this condition is what causes Schizophrenia, for the re-incarnating intelligence will daily attempt to convince the host intelligence to accept them.  This results in the voices the person hears in their heard.

Example, a person at an adult age, may have had a mother or father that died by suicide.  In this case since no one else will accept their intelligence of the dead parent, the parent intelligence, will attempt to unite with the body of their children, by any means necessary, regardless of their gender, and regardless of their age,  and this will cause their children to be Schizophrenia.  People that have died by suicide are the main cause behind Schizophrenia, because they cannot find anyone to accept their intelligence into their body.

Doctors prescribe medication for Schizophrenia, but it does not cure the condition.  The only way out permanently is to consult an experienced Native Doctor in Africa.  Or follow this ritual that will give you to attempt to banish the re-incarnating intelligence out of your body.  Take one raw egg to a beach near you. Standing at the edge of the shore of the sea, with shoes removed, and feet in the water, say these words over the egg. INTELLIGENCE ELOHIM REMOVE THE INTELLIGENCE THAT IS TAKING OVER MY BODY INTO A MONKEY, AMEN. Say the above words three times,  then throw the egg into the sea.  Only perform this ritual for yourself and repeat it again if the condition persists.  The re-incarnating intelligence will eventually be transferred into the body of a monkey, and you will be free.

There is an exception to the rule of re-incarnation when it comes to gay men.  When a gay man dies, regardless of how they die, whether by natural death or suicide, their intelligence automatically enters the body of a monkey.  This ensures that no child can inherit the intelligence of a gay man.  Every gay man that has ever lived and died, presently lives in the body of a monkey.

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