Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Suicide and Schizophrenia as one

There has been many reports of death by suicide, through either by hanging, drug overdose, the person deliberately drowning themselves, and other means that person that committed suicide took their life.  Depression is stated to be the main motive behind most suicide, but there is another hidden factor that is not so obvious.

Many do indeed kill themselves for various reasons, but often there is an internal force (another soul) within the person that drives the person to commit suicide.  A PERSON THAT DIES BY SUICIDE RE-INCARNATES AS A SCHIZOPHRENIC, THAT DRIVES THAT BODY THEY INHABIT TO COMMIT SUICIDE FROM ONE LIFE TO THE NEXT.

I will break down what I have just stated.  Supposing a person in this life had two children who are both above the age of 11 years, and the person dies by suicide.  The soul of the person will not be able to re-incarnate into a fresh new body like normal people, rather his or her only choice of bodies will be that of the two children.  Supposing, the person that committed the suicide was a woman. Upon her death, her soul will automatically enter the body of one of her children, regardless of their gender.

Now assuming that one of her children was female, her daughter will gradually become a Schizophrenic, because she now has two souls (two intelligences in her body). That of her original soul, and the other one that of her dead mother.  She will continuously her the voice of her mother in her head counseling, and arguing with her over many things.  

The voice of her mother in her will keep telling her daughter to commit suicide.  You will find such schizophrenics, constantly arguing with the voice within themselves. ALL CASES OF SCHIZOPHRENIA ARE A RESULT OF SOMEONE CLOSE TO THE PERSON THAT DIED BY SUICIDE, AND HAVE TAKEN POSSESSION OF THEIR BODY. 

Religions and spiritual organizations have been formed by Schizophrenics who claim to hear the voice of God, Jesus, ascended master, or an angel such as Gabriel.  Those voices they have been hearing in their head are their own close relatives that have died by suicide. A NORMAL HUMAN BEING MUST NOT HEAR VOICES IN THEIR HEAD. IF YOU ARE HEARING VOICES IN YOUR HEAD, IT IS THAT OF SOMEONE THAT DIED BY SUICIDE.


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