Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Empire of Angels on Earth(Cosmos)

It has been said often that there are many angels among human beings, that live right here on earth. This statement is more correct than we think for there is literally an EMPIRE OF ANGELS,  that was created by the god Cosmos right here on earth.  The god Cosmos was one of the two gods that were created in Ghana, the other god created in Ghana was Okomfo Anokye.

The Empire of angels is along the coast of every continent here on earth.  Therefore, it stretches and connects all the six continents of AFRICA, NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA.

In the Empire of Angels, the Buckingham Palace that is in England is also in Africa, Asia, North and South America. In the Empire of Angels there 10 of the Palace of Versailles that is France also in Africa, and along the coast of North and South America, and also in Asia, Australia.  The Palace of Versailles created by the god Cosmos in the Empire of Angels were created with 10 colors of light.

In the Empire of Angels, the University of India, Oxford University, Harvard University, and many of the world’s top universities are in Africa, Asia, Australia, and all also in North and South America.

In the Empire of Angels the entire coasts of Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia is covered with green grass instead of sea sand. In the Empire of Angels all the largest shopping malls in America also in Africa, Asia, and North and South America, and Australia.

In the Empire of Angels all the worlds largest hotels and Casinos are all in Africa, Asia and North and South America.  In the Empire of Angels the worlds largest stores such as Macys in America are 10, in different colors in Africa, Asia, Australia, North and South America. 

The cities of the Empire of Angels are inhabited by thousands of angels who are right here on earth daily. The Empire of Angels is a city of its own containing an unlimited supply of food, clothes and all the basic needs for the angels.  The Empire of Angels is the new earth within earth. The Empire of angels is invisible to human beings and is the home base of the invisible Saints who were created by the god Cosmos.  

Even though California was burned down in November 8, 2018, the god Cosmos had already created a duplicate of the entire earth on August 11, 2018, which contains all the buildings in California, and placed it billions of miles away from earth.  The Empire of Angels was created on Earth in 2015, by Cosmos.

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