Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Can the world come to an end?

Various groups have speculated the possibility of the world coming to an end.  There are countries that have amassed nuclear bombs, and all it takes is one nuclear bomb whether detonated by accident or deliberately will most likely reduce an entire country into ashes.   America has missiles pointing to Russia, while Russia has missiles pointing to America.  Germany has missile pointing every direction, while the Chines have nuclear warhead pointing north south east and west.

These countries armed with weapons of mass destructions have been declared super powers, for any one of these nations, can literally obliterate all life off the planet.  From this point of view, the dooms day clock has continually been ticking towards midnight, and it presently stands at two minutes before midnight.  Meaning if the doomsday clock reaches midnight, all life on earth will cease to exist caused by a major catastrophe such as a the launching of a nuclear bomb.

Climate scientists also have their doomsday theories, that global warming if unchecked can destroy our climate to the extent that it can cause frozen ice in the arctic to melt, causing a rise of the sea, that could damage most of all life on earth. 

From these two point of views alone, it is speculated by many that mankind is heading towards an end of the world scenario.  Christians, are hoping that the world will end, and Jesus will then return and resurrect all the Christians from the dead, into heaven. 

All these sounds plausible, but can the world truly end, by some means.  I will first tackle the fear of the dooms day clock, which is related to nuclear weapons.  I will assure you from a spiritual point of view, that the earth that we live in is indestructible, however many of the living beings on earth could die from a nuclear bomb.  But there is nothing made by human beings that can destroy the planet itself. 

I will explain to you why. Human beings which make up the majority of the population of about eight billion are mortal. However, there are thousands of living beings on earth, that have bodies like beings that are immortal. These angels among human beings cannot be killed, even if America, Russia, and China all launch their nuclear weapons at the same time.

Now when it comes to the physical planet itself, it is immortal and cannot permanently be destroyed by weapons invented mankind.  There are no chemicals on earth, that can permanently destroy the wind, nothing can permanently change the salt in the sea, nothing on earth can damage the sun, no weapons invented by mankind can damage the clouds. The ocean, wind, clouds, sand, rocks are immortal, and cannot permanently be destroyed.  There is no amount of pollution that can change the quality of the sea. For as you know, all the human waste goes into the ocean, yet the ocean remains the same.

Human beings overcrowd themselves in cities and leave a vast majority of forests and villages unpopulated.  There are about 8 million people in New York alone whose size is smaller than the entire country of Ghana.  Human inventions can only cause damage to human beings, but cannot destroy all of nature. Our planet, ocean, wind, and sun are bodies of immortal beings and cannot be destroyed.  Mankind may destroy their buildings and cars, but not nature.  

No matter the number of cars that are on the street, it cannot change anything in the composition of the clouds, for the clouds are the body of an immortal being. There is nothing on earth that human beings can possibly invent that can prevent the sun from shining. Mankind can only kill mankind, but not our planet or the immortal beings that inhabit the planet.  


In case you have not noticed, that the continents are separated by oceans.  The wind that blows in Africa is not the same wind that blows in Europe.  The wind that blows in Europe is not the same wind that blows in Asia.  In the worst case scenario, if America were to launch all their nuclear weapons into Russia, and Russia were to simultaneously launch all their nuclear weapons into America.  These weapons will kill thousands of people in Russia and America, but they will have no effect on the people of Africa, Asia,  Australia, or South America.  For the simple reason that the wind that travels over the oceans separates the continents.

The maximum number of days the air in America and Russia can be polluted cannot last more seven days. By the tenth day, people from Africa, Asia,  Australia, and South America will then travel to Russia and America and take over their land. They will thank the Russians and Americans for having left them their property to inherit.

Imagine that the recent fires in California in America, were in places which are the storage facilities of nuclear weapons.  These weapons they have amassed are a fire hazard to the people in America and Russia, and could end up destroying their own people and their land.

For those immigrants that are anxious to enter America, have you also thought of the fact that the most so called civilized nations are the deadliest places to be.  That you will more likely die in America, than if you were living in Venezuela or somewhere in Africa.

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