Tuesday, October 1, 2019

The incurable Saliva Virus

Scientist define a virus as a biological agent that reproduces inside the cells of a living host.  The host cell is forced to produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus at an alarming rate.  The most deadly virus we know of so far is the HIV virus, which kills millions of people per year.

Through conversations with Cosmic Elohim Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), I have been alerted of a virus among gay men which I will call the SALIVA VIRUS, and can be transmitted from a gay man to any normal man through the saliva from a kiss.  This virus Berashith explained, cannot be detected by scientific instruments, and cannot be seen.

A man infected by the Saliva Virus of a gay man, transforms to become gay and will have an uncontrollable desire to have sex with men.  It alters the consciousness of the man to act like a female, changes their voice, and can also make a man impotent.

Scientists know that gay men have the highest rate of HIV, according to the statistics from the Center of disease control in 2016. It was stated that almost 70 percent of all the HIV cases in America in the year 2016 were gay men.  Which means almost seven out of every ten gay men in the year 2016 have HIV.  We know that HIV is associated with anal sex among men.

Gay men, Berashith explained are the source of the Saliva Virus, which can easily be transmitted to any man through the saliva of a kiss or through oral sex, which is common among gay men.  Meaning, if a normal man were to kiss a normal man, there is no virus transmitted.  But if a gay man were to perform an oral sex on any man, or kiss a man, the saliva virus is transmitted through the penis of the normal man. Resulting in the normal man, becoming gay.

During the annual gay parade in New York City, you will see gay men of all kinds of races, and men that are gay who you will not even suspected could possibly be gay.  You will see gay Chinese men, gay Indian men, gay African men, gay Hispanic men, and one will wonder how did all these men become gay.

One may use Cocaine and quit, one may use marijuana and quit, a person may be a chain smoker and quit, a person may have cancer and may even be cured. But one sex or oral sex with a gay man, and a man becomes permanently gay. 

I particularly write this article to alert actors who perform various scenes, which could include kissing a real gay man.  Beware, that one kiss from a gay man, and it can transform any normal man to become gay for life, through the Saliva Virus.

For you the native doctors in Africa, beware that gay men have the EYES OF A VIRUS.  A dog has the eyes of a dog, a pigeon has the eyes of a pigeon, a goat has the eyes of a goat. Human beings have the eyes of human beings.  GAY MEN HAVE THE EYES OF A VIRUS. Read between the lines of what I have told you.

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