Thursday, January 1, 2015

What is a Saint (Powers of Seven)

There are seven plains within every object on earth, but not all the plains within that object are active, however the plains exist within that object in a passive state.  A Saint is a living being or an object that exists on the 5th plain.  Human beings and all physical matter exists on the 7th plain.

None of the people classified as saints by the church are truly Saints, for I have pointed out that a Saint is a being that exists on the 5th plain and are completely invisible to human beings that dwell on the 7th plain and are also invisible to the angels who dwell on the 6th plain.

A Saint can exist both outside and inside a person or an object that matches the body of the Saint.  Hence a being of the 5th plain(saint) can enter and live inside the body of both human beings and angels, since they dwell on the 7th and 6th plains respectively.

The first human like being to walk on earth that had the body of a Saint within was Osiris, who was also Abraham, Moses,Elijah,  Vishnu and many others, who re-incarnations of the same person.  He was the only male figure that has ever existed with a body of saint inside his body.

It is only the presence of saint inside an object that allows  a person to communicate with spirits who dwell on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd plains.  The presence of the energy of a saint within on object is the only means by which a person can communicate with a spirit.  Even angels while on earth carry angelic seals that has the energy of  saint charged into it.  It is a spirit that reverses the age of an angel daily to keep the angel immortal.

The traditional medicine men from India, Africa, and Israel who are truly effective, all have an object on them somewhere that has the energy of a saint in it.  Some wear it around their neck, some carry it in a bag, some have it in their pocket, nonetheless an object that has the energy of a saint is on the person somewhere.

A saint or an object that has the energy of a saint in it can only be created by a Spirit, but at the same time only a person that already has an object that has the energy of saint in it can communicate with the spirit in the first place. (Catch 22). Hence, a person must already have a saint in order to communicate with a spirit to charge objects that contain the energy of a saint.

There are no prayers said by any human being, even if the person is an angel or a Pope, that has any effect, unless the person praying had an object that has the energy of a saint in it on them.  A saint is therefore like a wireless phone that allows us to communicate with people far away. In the same way spirits dwells on another plain, and can only hear a person on the seventh plain through an object that has within it the energy of a saint.

The Saint object is the actual spiritual power, (the telephone wire)  that connects the physical plain with the spiritual world of spirits.  If you observe traditional medicine men, they sometimes cover their hands or parts of the body with something that looks like powder before doing any kind of spiritual work.  That powder is often crushed eggshells, and if it is correctly used are sometimes charged with the energy of a Saint.  The saint may be contained in a talisman the person is wearing, or could be an oil the person rubs on their palm such as the angelic spiritual oil, or angelic seal charged with that energy of a saint.

I will re-iterate again that no human being can effectively pray to get results without an object that has the energy of a saint on them;  not even if the person is an angel or a Pope.

This spiritual power of the saint is what the traditional medicine men  of Africa, India, Israel, and angels, have that the church does not have.

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