Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What causes the rotation of earth (Powers of Seven)

Our earth is a unique planet that rotates on its axis twenty fours a day, giving us night and day. Incidentally, among all the planets out there, only earth rotates on its axis.  Some have speculated that it is the wind that drives it to rotate, some scientists speculates that it is a gravitational pull between earth and other planets.

I will give you an explanation as to the cause of the rotation of the earth, that no one has ever known or even conjectured.  In other articles, I mentioned that there are seven plains in existence practically everywhere, including even the basic atom.  Hence there are six invisible atoms within a single atom.

An entire planet is designed in the form of an atom.  An atom has within it, NEUTRON, PROTON, ELECTRON.  In the atom the  ELECTRON PARTICLE IS ALWAYS IN MOTION AS WELL AS SPINNING ON ITS AXIS.  Now enlarge a single atom into the size of the planet earth.  Within the earth’s core is a single ELECTRON particle that is about the same size as earth, rotating on its axis, making a complete revolution once every 24 hours.

 Now this single electron particle, the size of planet earth exists on the 4th plain, hence it is invisible to the eye.  The earth itself is similar to a living being with consciousness.  In a single sentence: THE EARTH ROTATES AS A RESULT OF A SINGE ELECTRON PARTICLE ABOUT THE SAME SIZE WITHIN THE EARTH.  There are seven plains within a single object, hence there are six additional planets of earth within the planet earth that is invisible to the eye.  The rotation of the earth was created on the fourth plain of earth, driving the 5th, 6th, and 7th plain versions of earth.

Even though plains exist in the same space, each plain can be designed differently from one another.   Hence there are beings on some plains that are not on other plains, and the surface of one plain may differ from the other, even though both occupy the same space.

Example; The angels dwell on the sixth plain, hence an angel standing next to a human in the same space is invisible to that person. In the same way, the sixth plain version of the SAHARA DESERT can be an ocean, whereas the 5th plain version of the same space of the Sahara desert can be a forest, and the seventh plain version, which is our version of the same space is a desert.

From another perspective, the earth itself is a SINGLE ELECTRON PARTICLE in the 4th plain of earth,  about the size of earththat is rotating, covered by sand, oceans, and forest on the seventh plain.


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