Monday, November 24, 2014

What is a Spirit ?(Powers of Seven)

A SPIRIT is a BEING of THOUGHT,  that has the body of THOUGHT MATTER, that travels at the speed of THOUGHT, that communicates by THOUGHT, and creates by THOUGHT.  Whatever a Spirit imagines itself to be, it becomes, whether it is the size of a proton, atom, or as big as a galaxy. (Ken Nunoo - definition of spirit)

A spirit has no mouth, has no fixed body, does not eat, does not sleep, does not drink.  Spirits communicate by Thought, and only a person that has the body of a  SAINT, or an object charged with the energy of a SAINT (angelic seal) can communicate with a spirit.

What  a spirit imagines in its mind becomes a physical reality in either the 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th plain.  The Spirits dwell in the first three plains.  Human beings dwell on the seventh plain, angels dwell in the 6th plain. 

Note the keywords used in the definition of spirit as: THOUGHT.  Thoughts are physical matter to a spirit, just as rocks are physical matter to human beings.  If a spirit imagines a creature the size of a whale in the ocean, such a creature will materialize in the ocean. If a spirit imagines, forms an image in its mind of an apple on a table, an apple will materialize instantly on the table.

The Elohim (Spirits) created human beings, animals, plants, the planets by imagining them into existence.

Spirits have their assigned responsibilities, and only responds to those person or persons that they have been assigned to respond to. A popular name of a spirit is JEHOVAH.  Spirit Jehovah is assigned to the angels and only responds to the call of an angel in heaven or on earth.  When a human being calls upon Jehovah, the request is re-routed to either YAHWEH, ARIELIS, or RA; these three are the spirits of the human race.


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