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How miracles occur (Immovable Sword of Okomfo Anokye)

In this short article, I will explain to you how native doctors in Africa perform their miracles by using the classic example of that of the Immovable Sword of Okomfo Anokye, that he planted into the ground in the city of Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa that no human being has been able to remove.

The first line of the Torah 1:1 reads: BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM ET HASHAMYIM VE’ET ARETZ.  This is commonly translated as : IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.  In this line is the crust of the beings that exists:. BERESHITH (are beings of Intelligences).  BARA ( are spirits, and these first two spirits are: SPIRIT BA, and SPIRIT RA). The third type of beings are the ELOHIM ( these are Spirit Creators that created human beings, plants and animals).  The fourth type are the SHAMAYIM (known commonly as angels).  The fifth type are Human Beings.

Of these five types of being, the first three which are: BERESHITH + BARA + ELOHIM,  are beings that do not have the body or shape of human beings.   By analogy spirits are equivalent to beings having the body of Radio Waves, that can penetrate all physical matter,  whereas an Elohim is similar to the WIND that blows.

Every living creature is created based on this threefold formula of BERESHITH(INTELLIGENCE, BARA (CONSCIOUSNESS), ELOHIM (BODY).  Therefore a human being is an integration of a BERESHITH, BARA, ELOHIM). As explained, a Spirit being similar to Radio waves cannot move a physical object, however it can enter and penetrate any physical object.  An Elohim however being similar to wind can move the wind and can hence move physical objects.

Having explained the above, note that the Elohim are many and Moses parted the Red Sea and performed all those miracles of Egypt through the Elohim. As previously explained an Elohim is a force like wind that can move physical matter, however a spirit cannot move physical matter but can penetrate physical matter.  The EOHIM moved the wind at the request of Moses to part the Red Sea.  The ELOHIM are the creators of all living creatures hence at the request of Moses they caused creatures to appear on the land of Egypt.

Having explained the above, how is it possible for native doctors in Africa, such as OKomfo Anokye to perform a miracle by planting a sword in the ground that no human being can remove.  This miracle was also performed through an Elohim even though Okomfo Anokye was not aware of it.   The secret behind the common miracles performed by native doctors in Africa involve one spirit by the name AKONODE.

At this juncture, I will break down the levels of spirits, for spirits also exist on various levels, but of particular interest is this spirit known as AKONODE.  The human consciousness and the consciousness of all living creatures are partially similar to the BARA, for a human being is an INTELLIGENCE, CONCIOUSNESS, and BODY).  The consciousness of a human being is what we call the soul.  The soul of a human being is similar to a spirit, excerpt that the human consciousness have a fixed shape and form, resembling the physical body, and much heavier in comparison to that of a spirit.  There are two main spirits that exists that were created as SPIRITS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, that manages the consciousness of all human beings  One is commonly known as YAHWEH, who is commonly known to the Jews, the other is AKONODE, commonly known in books as ARIELIS.  The spirit Arielis has over 100 names, and is the common spirit of all Africans, and people of color on earth.

Once again, I will re-iterate that SPIRIT YAHWEH known to the Jews as God, is not God but rather Yahweh is a Spirit of Consciousness, that can take on the shape of the consciousness any human being.  When a spirit of consciousness such as Yahweh or Akonode enters the human body, they reshape themselves into the exact body and shape of that person's consciousness, resembling the exact identity and have all knowledge of the person.

Now let is get to the meat of the subject of how Okomfo Anokye planted the immovable sword into the ground.  All human beings are born equal but at some point are recreated by an Elohim and granted a second body of Consciousness of an Elohim inside their body.   This is typically, the case of genuine native doctors of Africa, and genuine men and women with spiritual powers .  They have a body of an Elohim inside their physical bodies, that resembles their physical body.

I will first give you a scientific analogy of the sword of Okomfo Anokye’s immovable sword.  Imagine that in the ground where the sword was planted is a tree about the size of a giant oak tree firmly planted into the ground, whose trunk has been cut.  The giant tree has the shape of a tree, however the body of the tree itself is made of soft iron.  The top part of the tree is on the same level as the ground.  This tree was created  and planted into the ground by the ELOHIM OF IRON.  This is the first step of the miracles; the ELOHIMN OF IRON,  created a giant tree into the ground, whose body is made of INVISIBLE IRON.

Okomfo Anokye made his requests through Spirit Akonode, and Akonode relayed the requests to the ELOHIM OF IRON.  The second step is;  the Elohim of iron created an invisible duplicate of the sword inside the physical sword of Okomfo Anokye.  Hence the sword itself has two bodies, one is physical, but the second second sword is an Elohim of iron version inside it, made of unbreakable iron.

When Okomfo Anokye planted the sword into the ground, he is actually planting the Elohim version of the sword, into the trunk of the Elohim oak tree of iron in the ground.  The Elohim oak tree is invisible to the eyes of human beings, and so is the Elohim iron sword inside the regular sword.

When a human being attempts to pull the sword from the ground, their hand only comes into contact with the physical sword, but in reality it is the invisible Elohim iron sword that is inside the Elohim tree, hence no human being can remove the sword excerpt Okomfo Anokye, because Okomfo Anokye has a second body of consciousness created into his body by the Elohim of Iron.  All persons that are cabable performing miracles have a second body of consciousness created by an Elohim into their body.

Now I will explain the common popular miracles such as the manifestation of money done by some  native doctors in Ghana, West Africa, without disclosing their secretes.  The common  manifestations are all done by Akonode, who respond to them by many names.  The Jews of today are not capable of performing such miracles, because their practice is done by Yahweh, and their style doesn’t get deep into herbal medicine.

The miracles of the native doctors and how they read people are all done by ARIELIS, whose other names are AYI, AKONODE, OGUN, and many others.  Not all native doctors are able to perform miracles, because they do not have a body of an Elohim inside their consciousness. 
When the native doctor summons Akonode, or Yahweh(SPIRIT OF CONSCIOUSNESS),  it enters the body and emerges with the ELOHIM BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE NATIVE DOCTOR. When Akonode puts on  that body, the spirit is then able to move physical matter, just like wind.  The spirit Akonode is at this stage wearing the exact image, clothes, of the native doctor, and is able to pick up physical objects that human eyes cannot see, and place them into the hands of the native doctor.  This is how the miracles of money and objects appear the hands of the native doctor. 

Therefore indirectly, the miracles of a person are being done through the consciousness of the person. This is the same case when one consults a native doctor.  The  being that goes out there to perform the work is your own consciousness that the spirit wears as a body to do your request. Hence both the good and bad results fall on your head, because the spirit merely used your consciousness to represent you, the individual that made the request. The words of power that the native doctors speak, that seem meaningless, are various ways by which spirit Arielis is summoned.  The seals within most Kabbalah books such as: BARBUEL, MARBUEL, ANIQUEL, among many others are all aliases of Arielis(AKONODE).

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