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The Powers at the parting of the Red Sea (Wonders and Miracles)

The events that took place at the crossing of the red sea is the miraculous events of the bible and it’s depth is worth analyzing from various angles.  I will shed light on this subject through my questioning of the Intelligences as to what exactly took place during those life or death moments of the Israelites at the red sea.

In the book of Exodus chapter 13: 21-22 it is stated: By day the Lord went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night. 22 Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.

I will explain this text and the actual events that took place at that moment.  When the Israelites camped near the red sea, behind them were the Egyptian army, and before them was the vast ocean of the red sea.  They had two choices, to either turn back and attempt to fight Pharaoh’s army, and possibly end up being massacred, or flee into the ocean and possibly drown into the red sea.

To die by the sword is more painful than to drown in the ocean, so the preferred choice was to attempt to go through the red sea.  Before all these events took place, Moses had encountered God as the burning bush, when asked its name it responded as: EHEIEH ASER EHEIEH ( I AM THAT I AM).  I am laying the foundation of how Moses caused the red sea to open.  For in the response for the name of God, is the direction that Moses followed in successfully causing the red sea to open.

When Moses asked God for a name, the response was simply (EHEIEH).  Moses had also seen a burning bush.  Putting it together, Moses deduced that if God is fire , then it is also the clouds, the wind,  and water.  Moses then put his reasoning into practice, and summoned the Spirit of Fire to appear, and it appeared as a pillar of Fire.   He then summoned the Spirit of the Clouds to appear, and it appeared as a pillar of Cloud.  I will give you the translated words of how he did it, from the few words that God gave him at the encounter of the burning bush.

To cause the pillar of fire to appear Moses said: EHEIEH EHEIEH EHEIEH EL SHADDAI (SPIRIT OF FIRE) appear. Lo and behold a pillar of fire appeared.  These words were simply a logical flow of the words God spoke to Moses, when it was asked its name. Moses put together the words EHEIEH and the words GOD ALMIGHTY, and the words SPIRIT OF FIRE, and surprisingly, it appeared.

Unknown to Moses, he has actually summoned the SPIRIT OF FIRE.  He repeated similar words, to summon the SPIRIT OF THE CLOUDS, that appeared as pillar of clouds.

When they were trapped at the red sea, he spoke exactly the same words as: EHEIEH EHEIEH EHEIEH EL SHADDAI (SPIRIT OF THE WIND) open these waters.  Here, what he has done is to summon a spirit of the wind the blows over the ocean, unknown to Moses.

The Wind that blew over the ocean, was not an ordinary wind for it was actually the Spirit of the Wind causing the wind to split the red sea.

The Israelites having crossed the red sea, recognized God as Fire, and later when forming Judaism gave that Spirit of fire the name YAHWEH as their God.  They were not wrong, for truly indeed the fire that appeared at the crossing of the red sea was indeed a spirit in the form of a pillar of Fire, which is now presently the God of the Hebrews known to them as Yahweh.

It was at the crossing of the Red sea that Yahweh first came into existence, but the spirit of fire had always been existence, but not by any name. It was Moses that unleashed that Spirit of Fire for the first time.

The pillar of clouds unknown to the Israelites was actually the Spirit JEHOVAH, that appeared as a pillar of Clouds.  There was a third spirit present, which was the SPIRIT OF THE WIND, that actually parted the red sea, but the Jews did not know that the wind was a spirit, and only took on the spirit Yahweh as their God.

That Spirit of the Wind, was released but was never called by anyone, until thousands of years later, Ghanaian fishermen at sea encountered it, and started calling upon it and worshipping through it. That Spirit of the wind (that was first summoned by Moses to part the red sea) is the one known among the Ghanaians today as  AKONODE, AYI, Arielis to others and many other names.

The Jews took the spirit of fire as their God, the African fishermen took the spirit of the wind as their God(for as fishermen of Accra, they prayed to the spirit of wind to guide their boats at sea). So Yahweh settled itself among the Jews, and Ayi settled itself among the Ghanaians of Africa. And this is the way it is today.  My grandfather and his five brothers, were among one of those fishermen that encountered the Spirit of the wind at sea, who guided them to the shores of Accra the first time the Nuno family arrived in Accra Ghana. Now note that the first born male child in the Nunoo family in Ghana, are called Ayi-teh (Wonders and Miracles) which is the root of the Name of the Spirit of the Wind. 

From this lesson, it teaches us that there are spiritual powers within the elements, and there are as many Elohim as there are spirits.  What was unknown to the Jews is that, there is a spirit of fire and an Elohim of fire. There is a spirit of the wind, and an Elohim of the wind. There is spirit of clouds, and an Elohim of the clouds..  It is the Elohim of fire, that caused the pillar of fire to become visible, and it is the Elohim of the clouds that caused the clouds to become visible and it is the Elohim of the Wind, that gave a body to the Spirit of the Wind that parted the red sea.  Physical matter only occurs through an Elohim, whereas it’s inner body is a spirit.

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