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Are blood sacrifices necessary in rituals?

Throughout ancient times, when human beings have requested for favors from a Deity(God), it has been the common practice of making a sacrifice of a living creature.  This practice was commonly taken from the bible, when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac on an altar.

Many native doctors in Africa, India and other areas when they are consulted, will often request you to bring certain items, that may be used for cleansing or to open the doors for your request to be granted.  So the real question is, are these sacrifices of living creatures necessary at all, and do they play an important part in the ritual for your request to be granted?

In this article, I will explain to you what role the blood plays in a ritual and then you make your own decision as to whether it is necessary or not.  First of all to get to the core of this subject, I will first remind you that: THE (ELOHIM)  GODS ARE SPIRITS, WHO DO NOT EAT, NEITHER DO THEY SLEEP, NOR DO THEY DRINK.  So if the being to grant your request, is a spirit who does not eat or drink, what use is the blood then?

To explain the role of the blood, I will first explain that there are: SEVEN DIMENSIONS OF SPACE EVERYWHERE, WITHIN EVERY OBJECT, INCLUDING EVEN THE ATOM(SPIRIT ATOM HYDROGEN).  Hence there are seven planets earth that occupy the same space as where we human beings are.  Each of the other six dimensions are occupied by beings who also share the same physical space as us right here on earth.  Human beings occupy the seventh plain of physical matter and the entire universe and cosmos that can be seen with the human eyes all constitute the seventh plain.

The first six plains are completely different from that of earth and are occupied by spiritual beings.  The sixth plains are occupied by ANGELS.  Hence an angel standing in a park on earth, will usually be on the sixth plain of earth in the park, hence will be invisible to the human being, but the angels can see us, but we cannot see them. In the sixth plain there is no sun, and it is always morning daybreak all day long. There is nothing on earth on the seventh plain that can penetrate any of the first sixth plains, excerpt the spilled blood of living creature.

Why the spilled blood of a living creature? In the blood of a living creature is the CONSCIOUSNESS OF THAT CREATURE.  CONSCIOUSNESS WITHIN THE BODY ARE THE ORGANIC ELECTRONS WITHIN THE BODY. Just as COPER is a conductor of electricity, by which we can communicate through telephones, the organic electrons within consciousness can connect to all the plains.  Hence, when the native doctor spills the blood on the shrine, it establishes a temporary communication doorway that allows the SPIRITS (ELOHIM), TO HEAR THE VOICES OF ALL THOSE PRESENT.  The blood hence acts like a wireless conductor that transmits the request to the spirits.

I mentioned that there are seven plains, but the consciousness of a living creature is a being of the fourth plain or dimensions, whereas SPIIRITS ARE BEINGS OF THE 3RD PLAIN.  The plains are linked from the 1st to the seventh, hence the 4th plain links to the 3rd plain of the spirits through the blood consciousness of the living creature.

The Native doctors do not need human blood or that of expensive animals, however they need some kind of blood to establish their communication to the spirits.  The spirits do not drink the blood, but rather it allows them to hear the voice for the native doctor as well as those present around  the shrine.  When your request is complicated, the native doctors is merely charging a higher price of what blood to use in the ritual.

There is no normal human being on earth, that can communicate with a spirit, God, or a deity without a spilled blood, the same way we rely on cellular phones to communicate long distances.  In this case the native doctor is communicating through inter dimensional plains.   This is the common practice, but this use of blood is not necessary for native doctors or person who has been recreated by an Elohim with a GENIMA BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS. 

A GENIMA BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS IS A SECOND BODY OF CONSCIOUSNESS CREATED BY AN ELOHIM INTO  SOME NATIVE DOCTORS, THAT ESTABLISHES A COMMUNCATION DOORWAY BETWEEN THE NATIVE DOCTOR, WATER, AND A SPIRIT.  It means if  a native doctor that has a Genima body of consciousness combines their SALIVA with any liquid and spits it out, it establishes a doorway to the spirit world.  How is it possible? The Genima body of consciousness created by an Elohim into the body of the native doctor is connected to the blood, and the Saliva of the native with such a Genima body of consciousness charges any object automatically.

Native doctors are hence able to charge objects, which they give to their client as  means of communicating with the spirit.  For a human being the barrier is to get the message to the spirit, if it is achieved by any means, often our requests are granted.  But God, has designed spirits in such a way that, they exist on plains that human beings cannot contact them, and only the few ordained by God can do so.  Another method of communicating with spirits, is through an angelic seal that has been drawn and charged by someone that has a Genima Body of Consciousness.

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