Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What is the gender of a transgender?

A transgender is a person who has changed their reproductive organs to that of the opposite sex.  Meaning, a person born as a man, at some point changes the genitals to that of a vagina,  and vice versa.

So if a man changes their gender from male to female, does the person become a female?
The answer to this question is simple, but at the same time complex to many, so I will give you the simplified version, to the question.

 A man born as a man is always a man on so many levels and cannot simply change their gender and claim to be female.  A human being has three types of bodies fused into one: (Intelligence, consciousness  and Physical).  Each of these bodies within a human being remains the same,  therefore a man that changes their organs to that of a female, still has the INTELLIGENCE OF MAN, consciousness of a man, THE SKIN CELLS OF MAN, AND THE BLOOD CELLS OF A MAN. Hence trans-genders are of the same gender they were born with, regardless of what they  do to their organs, breast or physical body.

 A man may change their genitals, replace their kidneys with that of a female, change their breast to those of a female, but that man cannot change their intelligence, skin cells, and blood cells, hence he will always remain a man.   The explanations applies to females who also claim to be transgenders.  No creature, can change themselves into any other creature other than they way they were born. Once a lizard always a lizard, once a monkey, always a monkey, once a man, always a man, once a female, always a female.  Skin cells have gender, blood cells have gender, consciousness have gender( the scent of a perfume to a female is not the same as the scent of a perfume to a man). Intelligence(the immortal body of human being)  has gender  and cannot be altered.  Only an Elohim can alter the consciousness of a living being.

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