Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Expanding Planet Earth (Global Warming)

Global warming has been thought to be the cause of the emission of carbon dioxide, from the exhaustions of cars, burning of charcoal, and other various pollutions to our atmosphere.  I have just learned that the real cause of global warming is the result of the fact that our” PLANET EARTH IS EXPANDING DAILY AS THE POPULATION OF HUMAN BEINGS INCREASES.

One may wonder how it is possible for a planet such as earth to expand.  The planet earth is actually a: BALL OF WATER SUSPENDED IN SPACE, WITH LAND AS BODIES OF CONTINENTS IN IT.  Unlike all the other planets such as the moon, Jupiter, mars, mercury, venus, etc , these planets are bodies of sand.

As the population of the planet earth increases, the WEIGHT ON THE LAND INCREASES, THEREBY CAUSING THE OCEAN  ON WHICH THE LAND SITS TO EXPAND.  As the planet earth expands, it’s size is getting closer to the sun, as a result the general temperature on the entire planet itself is getting warmer.

An analogy of planet earth is equivalent to a bucket that is filled with water, with objects equivalent to continents floating in it.  We know from physics that DENSITY = WEIGHT/ VOLUME.  Hence VOLUME = WEIGHT/ DENSITY.  If two objects of the same size but of different weights are placed into a bucket of water, the heavier object will displace more water by volume than the lighter object.

As our population grows, the weight on the land increase, thereby increasing the the amount of the volume of water(ocean displaced), resulting in an expanding planet.  We are all on the planet, hence as it expands, it ‘s increase in size is getting closer to the sun by the day, which results in warmer temperatures than normal

The present population of earth is approximately 8 billion, if it increases to 16 billion, the present size of the planet will double, and will be almost twice as warm as today.  The original earth 5 billion years ago, was about the size of our present earth, and has increased three times its original size as the population grew over the years.


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