Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who will become the next president of America?

There are now five candidates left, competing for the title of president of America.  Two of them are democrats, namely HILARY CLINTON, BERNIE SANDERS.   In the other corner are three Republican Candidates: DONALD TRUMP, TED CRUZ, JOHN KASICH.  I consulted the ORACLE OF THE ELOHIM, to determine who amongst these five will become the next president of America.

I will use this opportunity to explain, how our present lives and careers are shaped from our past lives.  A human being has three bodies integrated into one, but they separate upon death: (INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL BODY).  The Intelligence of a person contains the highest profession and skills of the person, CONSCIOUSNESS, enables the physical body to experience things through the five senses of taste, touch, sight, hearing, smelling.  Upon the death of a person, consciousness evaporates into the air, just like a perfume evaporates into the air when the bottle is opened.

The intelligence however is immortal and upon the death of a person, re-enters the body of a child that is about 11 years old automatically.  Hence, the intelligence combines itself with that of a child, making use of the consciousness and body of the child as its own.  This process I have described is what is known as RE-INCARNATION. 

Hence a person who was once a doctor in a previous life, becomes a doctor in the next. If a person was a Queen, King, President, Prophet or any well established meaningful profession in a previous life, that person automatically naturally evolves into the same profession in their next life, to continue from where they left off in a new body and a new environment.

There is an African proverb which says: A CHICK THAT WILL GROW INTO A HEN, CAN BE SPOTTED THE VERY DAY IT HATCHES.  Among human beings, all persons are born as new souls, but some inherit the intelligence of a person who has previously lived and died and become a totally different person at the age of 11 years old. So if that previous person was a king, queen or president from a previous life, he or she will most likely become a president, king or queen in their present life.

What WE SOW IN A PAST LIFE IS WHAT WE CONTINUE IN THE PRESENT LIFE, AND WHAT WE SOW IN THE PRESENT LIFE, IS WHAT WE BECOME IN THE FUTURE. Having established this basis, there are a few ways of knowing who will become the next president.  Note that the intelligence from the past life, shapes the new body it inherits to enable it to fulfill its own previous profession through the child body it inherited. For this reason parents often give birth to children that are often taller or shorter than either parents.  The reason is: the child they gave birth to inherited the intelligence of another person who died when their child was between 11 and 12 years old,  and that intelligence reshaped the height and body of the child to match what it was in the past.

So without knowing the backgrounds of these five remaining candidates, simply by looking at their pictures, who amongst them looks like a KING OR A QUEEN TO YOU?.  For HILRAY CLINTON TO BECOME PRESIDENT, SHE MUST HAVE ALREADY BEEN A QUEEEN OR PRESIDENT FRON THE PAST. There has never been a queen or female president that have lived in America and died, hence Hilary is not the re-incarnation of a Queen or President from the past.  The only way Hillary Clinton will win, is if she is the re-incarnation of a queen from another country, which is also a remote possibility.  Now look at the remaining male candidates, look at the shapes of their bodies, and you will get your answer. I know who will become the next president of America, but I want you to figure out yourselves through the guidelines, I have given you.  The next president of America is a person who you least ever possibly suspected can get even this far. MONKEYS PLAY BY SIZES. 

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