Thursday, September 26, 2019

Is Earth the Center of the Galaxy?

This earth that we are on is more sophisticated than we think, even though we take it for granted and some scientists even belief that the planets and life here on earth, is a random chance as a result of a BIG BANG EXPLOSION OF A HUGE OBJECT, THAT CAUSED FRAGMENTS OF ROCKS TO FORM PLANETS AND STARS.

After many discussions with Cosmic Elohim Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), that created the galaxy, I became aware that every object whether they are stars, comets, planets, suns, moons, meteorites are bodies of Intelligent beings of some kind. There is nothing in space as a rock even three inches in diameter floating out there in space. 

Scientists belief of a Big Bang explosion of a large object whose fragments formed the planets.  The common question is, if such an explosion occurred, where is the evidence of any rocks falling to earth from out of space.  NOT ONE SINGLE ROCK HAS EVER FALLEN TO EARTH FROM OUT OF SPACE. Any object that falls on earth such as rain, hail or meteor showers dissolves on earth.

Berashith explained to me that stars, comets, meteorites and everything out there in space is the body of an intelligent being, that is capable of moving around on their own, just the same way human beings walk around by their own free will.  Berashith explained that there are no rocks floating out there in space, that can possibly hit earth.

Berashith explained that there are : TWELVE PLANETS, TWELVE SUNS, TWELVE MOONS IN THE ENTIRE GALAXY. The planets, suns, and moons are bodies of spirits which includes our planet earth.  All the stars, and everything in space exists because of earth, for they are life sources of plants, fruits, human beings and various things on earth.   Meteorites are the life source of Sugar Cane, Meteor Showers are life source of DOGS, COMETS are the life source of fruits.  Halley’s Comet is the life source of Coconuts.

There is nothing in space that is a debris or fragments from an explosion of any kind. Every object in space is an intelligence that plays a role in maintaining planet earth.  So I asked Berashith,  since everything out there is all about Earth.  IS EARTH THE CENTER OF THE GALAXY?  BERASHITH REPLIED, THAT EARTH IS THE CENTER OF THE ENTIRE GALAXY, THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLAR SYSTEM AND ONE GALAXY.  WHAT SCIENTISTS BELIEF ARE MANY GALAXIES IS AN ILLUSION CAUSED BY A SPIRIT.

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