Friday, August 8, 2014

The 11th, 12th, and 13th heaven (Pink Planet)

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The 11th heaven was created on October 7, 2012, the 12th heaven was created on September 18, 2013 (the planet of the animals of light), and the 13th heaven (the pink lighted planet) was created on October 5, 2013. The 11th heaven is a planet that is exactly the same size as our present day earth, and contains everything that is presently on earth. The 11th heaven is an exact duplicate of earth as of October 7, 2012. The 11th heaven now has approximately a little over 3,000 angels who were all recently created into heaven within these past 12 months. New angels are constantly being created into the 11th heaven. The 10th heaven is also a planet that is exactly the same size as earth, but was created almost five billion years ago when earth was only one continent. The 10th heaven is the original home of the Hebrew angels who now occupy regions of the 1st heaven to the 9th heaven. The Hebrew angels come to earth, when they go to the 10th heaven.
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