Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is there re-incarnation (the powers of seven)

It is the believe among many that a human being after death often re-incarnates back on earth in the body of another human being, or sometimes in the body of an animal. Based on this belief some Indians do not eat cow meat, because it is believed that some of their ancestors do re-incarnate as a cow.

Re-incarnation theories have widely expanded, and it is a hope of many that they will be reborn again somewhere. Re-incarnation is based on the concept of the existence of a soul, which can be reborn again in the womb of another woman.

To explain whether there is re-incarnation, ask yourself the question whether ants, dogs, worms, snakes, germs, fish, rats, crocodiles and all the animals around us re-incarnate after death.  Most people will answer no to that question, so in a simplified way, the answer to that question is a HALF YES, AND A HALF NO.

There is a form of re-incarnation that takes place after death, but it is not in the way it is popularly understood.  I have previously, stated that a human being consists of  three parts:  PHYSICAL BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS, and INTELLIGENCE., all three fused into one.

The consciousness within a creature is what enables that person to experience things through the five senses of HEARING, TOUCH, TASTE, SMELL, SEEING.  Hence a human being is consciousness cloaked with a flesh.

The intelligence within a human being is like the main computer processor within the body that can store information in the form of images. The consciousness within a living creature is MORTAL, but the INTELLIGENCE IS IMMORTAL, hence upon death the intelligence of that person enters the body of a person that is about 11 years old and merges itself with the intelligence of that child.  Therefore, it is not the person that re-incarnates but rather it is their intelligence that always continues to exist.

All human beings that have ever lived are always alive on earth at the present time.  The greatest minds such as those of Albert Einstein, Socrates, Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle and  the rest are all presently alive in the body of living human being today. For this reason, human beings continue to shape and improve their environment, because the  intelligence of those past inventors, exist in the present and expand on what they have previously started in another lifetime.

No human being or creature permanently dies, due to the fact that their intelligence continues to live in another body.  We do not re-incarnate with the same personality and consciousness, but our intelligences combine themselves to those that are already alive and we live through them. Intelligence is immortal, consciousness and physical bodies are mortal.

There is an exception to the transference of intelligence, which applies to those that are transvestites and gay men.  I have previously stated in another article concerning gay men, that their consciousness are often transformed into that of a female monkey by a spirit of God. Hence upon death, the intelligence of all those gay men who have the  consciousness of a female monkey enters the body of a female monkey. Hence gays men are literally being removed from the chain of human beings and placed into the category of monkeys.  This information is not an insult, but rather to educate and enlighten.  The majority of gay men literally become monkeys after death.

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