Sunday, November 23, 2014

The three Basic Elohim( Spirits) of human beings

I have previously mentioned in another article that the world ELOHIM means spirits, not gods or God.  It is commonly understood that God is a Spirit; this assumption is correct.  The word God is only a few thousand years old, but the word ELOHIM is billions of years old. The spirits do not refer themselves as gods, or God, but rather they only respond to the word SPIRIT or ELOHIM, or by the direct name of that spirit.

It is human beings that refer to the spirits as gods, or God, hence we have combined our modern understanding of God to the spirits.  But let us keep in mind that human beings identify the word god, to a being of human form with supernatural powers, hence the spirits do not respond to the word God or gods.  Our use of those terms is for our understanding only, but the spirits do not respond to those words. Hence in a prayer when someone says GOD, or gods; no one responds, because the spirits do not respond to those words in any language.

There are three main races on earth and the spirits were divided among these races accordingly.  The races are the Caucasians, Indians, Negroes(Africans).  The Caucasians include the Mongolians, who form the root of the Orientals.  The spirit of the Caucasians, which was mainly connected to Israel is YAHWEH.

Throughout all of Africa the traditional medicine men call on various spirits by diverse names, but it is actually only one spirit that responds to all those names.  The  SPIRIT OF THE NEGROES, that is called by many diverse names throughout Africa is the popular spirit of Ghana known as AKONODE.

It goes deeper than that:  The spirit that is known as AKONODE, is the same spirit that is commonly referred to as ARIELIS.  Hence throughout Africa, the spirit that the  traditional medicine men and women actually call upon in their spiritual work is ARIELIS, by different names. Once again in plain English: AKONODE IS ANOTHER NAME OF ARIELIS.

Now let us get to the Indians and the diversity of the Hindu gods that they call by diverse names, such as SHIVA, RAMA, VISHNU etc. Throughout Asia, including Buddhism, the spirit that responds to the names of their gods is SPIRIT RA.

Now one may wonder what the spirit Ra has got to do with Osiris, Rama, Shiva, Vishnu, etc.  The reason is, those Indian gods are one and the same person that resurfaces under different names going all the way back OSIRIS, RAMA, SHIVA, VISHNU, MOSES, ELIJAN, MITHRA, PYTHAGORAS, EZEKIEL, SOCRATES, and many others were all one and the same person using different bodies, whose real name is BARAKATA (BA RA KA TA), and the spirit Ra is connected to that one person who performed his miracles through the spirit RA.  

Hence when an Indian calls upon RAMA, Shiva, Vishnu or any of the names of their many gods, it is Spirit RA that answers because spirit RA is connected to that one man.  In another article, I stated that it was Moses who parted the Red Sea through Spirit Ra, and it was Spirit RA, that RAMA summoned to cause the seven rivers to appear.

It is these same two spirits (Arielis and RA)  that are being called by diverse names throughout south America, Carribean, and latin nations.

The miracles of India and that of present Africans, mostly those among the Ghanaians of West Africa are being performed by a combination of SPIRIT ARIELIS and SPIRIT RA. It is SPIRIT RA that responds to the word HINDI.


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