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What is the meaning of ELOHIM? (The powers of seven)

There are exactly seven words in the first line of the Torah, which reads:
Bereshit bara Elohim et hashamayim ve'et ha'arets.  These seven words are not ordinary words that have a translation in the Hebrew language as known in present Hebrew, but rather they are names and references of the CREATORS, and the seven plains of existence.

The Hebrew language itself has been spoken on earth for almost five billion years, but its writings started a few thousand years ago, when the Torah was written by Moses. Hence many of the words used in those text were spoken but misunderstood by the present Jews and misinterpreted.  

Each of the words in Genesis 1:1 Torah version is a NAME, that corresponds to the name of a Spirit or a creation of those spirits.  In the book THE SPIRIT ATOM HYDROGEN, I mentioned that a basic atom consists of seven levels deep, hence everything in nature has within it, six additional levels of matter or plains that is invisible to the eye.

To make this article short, the first word BERESHIT, is both the name of the first plain, and the name of the source from whom creation begun. Bereshith is THE INTELLIGENCE  CREATOR, the source from which it all started. The word in the bible meaning BEGINNING, is also the name of the source.

The second word BARA, is translated as CREATE, but it is rather BA and RA.  These are the spirits of the second plain, created by BERESHIT.  The SPIRIT RA, is the one commonly worshipped by the ancient Egyptian, and it is the same spirit also known as Rama, to the Indians.   I have mentioned the SPIRIT BA in other books and articles.  The SPIRITS BA and RA, were the first two spirits created by BERESHITH, who begun the creation of creatures, plants, animals and planets.

The third word is ELOHIM, which is the main word we are analyzing in this article. The original meaning of the word ELOHIM is SPIRITS, not gods, GOD, as translated in present Hebrew.  The word Elohim does not mean gods, neither does it mean God, but rather it is referring  to the spirits BERESHIT, BA, and RA, the NEUTRON, PROTON, and ELECTRON of the SPIRIT ATOM.

An ELOHIM is a SPIRIT, not a physical being of a human form as misinterpreted in the bible or Torah. Now keep following the logic, for I have mentioned that the seven words are plains as well.  The first three words refer to spirits, for the first three plains are the plains of the spirits.

Now comes the words SHAMAYIM and ARETS, which refers to HEAVEN and EARTH. SHAMAYIM as heaven is the sixth plain, the world of the angels, and Arets is Earth, the seventh plain  on which we all dwell.

As mentioned before, the Hebrew language is billions of years old, hence the words as used by the ancients have different connotations and meanings.  The seven words of Genesis are the NAMES OF SPIRITS (ELOHIM), that begun creation.  These seven words are abbreviated as BERESHITH, (BARA SHI TH, where BARA is BA and Ra, and SHI is Shamayin, TH, is Tau as EARTH).

It is further mentioned that the ELOHIM, created MAN in their IMAGE.  This sentence misinterpreted as God created man in their image.  The actual meaning of this text is: The ELOHIM (SPIRITS), created man in their IMAGINATION (by what they IMAGINED). Spirits create by their IMAGINATION; what they conceive or PICTURE IN THEIR MIND (IMAGE). Imagination is what is pictured in the mind, a drawing made in the mind, which we say is an IMAGE.

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