Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Is the male gender becoming extinct (Future Earth)

The dinosaurs were once very large reptiles that once lived on earth millions of years ago, but are now totally extinct from the face of the earth for various reasons.  The dinosaurs were extremely large, could fly, laid huge eggs, could carry large animals into the air, kill many smaller animals.  Yet with all these attributes, the dinosaurs were judged to be destructive to the existence of other living animals, hence their existence were extinguished from earth by the Elohim (Spirits).

I have learned that areas of the earth, such as the Sahara dessert and other parts of the earth that has deserts were mostly the home base of the dinosaurs.   The desert sands were created and dumped over the large eggs of the dinosaurs, hence killing all their  un-hatched eggs.  The desert areas have extremely high climate temperatures as well, hence with the combination of the heat of the sand, and mountains of sand poured over the eggs of the dinosaurs, extinguished the existence of all the dinosaurs.

Here again in today’s times a similar extinction mechanism has been put in place eliminating the male gender of the human race as they become gay.  In case you are not aware: children are not born gay, but rather it is straight men that are being transformed to become gay.  Each time  a man becomes gay, he is no longer a man in many ways and some are even being banned from the use of the male locker rooms in health clubs.  Now gay men are being given the license to marry in parts of the United States, which now encourages the gay life style, and each time a man becomes gay, there is one less man among men on earth, leading gradually to the extinction of the male gender.

The second direction by which the male gender is being eliminated is through the spread of the HIV virus., which is a common disease among gay man. Each time a man contracts the HIV virus, he either stays away from sex, and some if not already gay, start assuming the gay lifestyle.

The third factor of the elimination of the male gender is being done by a Spirit, and here again the technique is similar to that used in eliminating the dinosaurs by pouring desert sands of their eggs.  Each time  a man becomes gay,  a Spirit transforms their Consciousness into that of a FEMALE MONKEY.   This incapacitates the gay man’s ability to impregnate a female, because his inner consciousness thinks of himself as  s female monkey.   This approach indirectly covers the eggs of the gay men with desert sand, so to speak.

Now going forward in case you are not aware, you will notice that more and more women are giving birth to the female gender instead of the male gender, gradually eliminating the existence of the male species.  Here is the reason why.  The men of today are the same men that will normally be born as men in the future, and the women of today are the same women that will be born as women in the future, for intelligence is immortal.  But here is the catch in what is causing fewer and fewer males to be born.  Each time a man becomes gay, and the Spirit transforms their Consciousness into that of a female monkey, upon the death of that man, he is reborn as a monkey, because he no longer has the consciousness of a man. Hence, if there are approximately 60 million gay men around today, it means the human race has automatically permanently lost 60 million men to the monkeys. Going forward with these numbers,  the male gender can literally become extinct, for desert sand is being poured over their eggs.

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