Thursday, February 19, 2015

What is death (Rebirth)

Death is an exchange of an old, weak, sick, unhealthy body for a young and healthy one.  A living creature such as a human being, were designed in the same format and properties of that of an atom.   The basic atom consists of three parts, which are: Neutrons, Electons, and Protons.

This basic threefold formula is the master pattern of which living beings on earth have been made..  A human being is a threefold being united into one: 1. INTELLIGENCE.  2. CONSCIOUSNESS. 3.  PHYSICAL BODY.  The intelligence of a human are the Neutron Particles within the body.  The entire consciousness of a human being are the Electron particles within the body.  The physical body of a human are the proton particles.  What I have just described is not just an analogy, for it is actually what it is.  The MIND, is the intelligence, and it is a complete being of its own, forming the same shape as the physical body, since it is throughout the body.  Hence a human being has three basic bodies fused into one.

The Consciousness of a human being is what allows them to experience things through the five senses of : TOUCH, SMELL, TASTE, HEAR, and SEE. At the time of death both, INTELLIGENCE, and Consciousness leaves the body. Consciousness being made of Electron particles diffuse into the air.  The physical body disintegrates into dust.  But the Intelligence made of neutron particles, cannot be destroyed.  In the INTELLIGENCE OF  HUMAN BEING IS THE TRUE INDENTITY OF THE PERSON, WHICH IS WHAT THEY CARRY INTO THE NEW BODY.

Now upon death, the intelligence of the person, automatically within seconds enters the body of another child that is 11 years.  It then combines itself with the intelligence that child had from birth.  Example, if a man became  a doctor at the age of 40 years old, and died at the age of 85 years. This mans intelligence will instantly enter the eyes of a male child  of any race that is 11 years old and combine itself with that child.  Hence this doctor has given up his old body, for a fresh new young one.  Now you will notice that from the  moment the child inherits the intelligence of the doctor, he will gradually start having the inclinations to want to be a doctor.  Most certainly, this child will become a doctor by the age of 40 years.

What I have just described is the typical case of all human beings.  No one dies to go to heaven, and no one dies to go to hell. Almost all persons are reborn instantly right here on earth within seconds after they die.  This is what explains the continual growth in population.  Almost every living being that you see today will always continue live on earth till the end of time, unless some unforeseen disaster destroys the entire planet earth.

The exceptions are gay men, and extremely evil men that have killed people innocently, the consciousness of these are transformed into monkeys by a spirit, hence upon their death, they are instantly born as monkeys, eliminating them from the chain of human beings.  This is resulting in women giving birth to more females than males.  Death simply allows a sick, old, and unhealthy body, to acquire a young and healthy one.

One may ask, how some go to heaven.  To answer this I will use the one classic example that is well known.  Thousands of years ago there lived a child in Egypt called Osiris.  At the same time there lived a being in heaven called BARAKATA.  Now this Barakata, is a Creator, hence he is actually called ELOHIM BARAKATA.  When Osiris was 11 years old, a spirit carry the whole intelligence and angelic body of Barakata into the body of the child Osiris. Now this a different, because in this case Osiris acquired both the intelligence and the angelic body of Barakata, inside him, making Osiris, half human and half an angel.

As Osiris grew, he became more and more like Barakata.  Upon the death of Osiris the angelic body within him, was transported back to heaven, because it came fro heaven.  Now this same angelic body of Osiris who was originally Barakata, shape Shifted and changed his image, and materialized back on earth in India as Vishnu, the Hindu god.  Now the difference here is, he actually materialized back on earth from heaven, without entering the body of a child. 

Vishnu created a fake death exist, returned to heaven, and materialized back here earth again as Shiva.  A will skip some of the other re-incarnations of this person, but at some point, the same angelic body of Barakata entered the body of Moses when he was 11 years old, similar to the way he did with Osiris.  Gradually as Moses grew he was becoming like Baarakata. 

Upon the death of Moses, the angelic body within him, went to heaven, for a while, and shape shifted his appearance  and materialized back here on earth as Elijah.  Elijah while one earth was not born of a woman, for he was an angel pretending to be a human beimg.  Elijah went to heaven because he had an angelic body, for Elijah was the angelic body of Moses that went to heaven and returned.

Going forward when Elijah went to heaven, he stayed there for a while and materialized back here on earth s Isaiah the prophet.  Isaiah was Elijah that went to heaven and returned. Isaiah did not die, went to heaven, and materialized back here on earth as Jesus, and was the same person playing the role of John the brother of Jesus.  Isaiah was the author of all the books of the New Testament as John, alias Theophilus.

Human beings upon death do not go to heaven, but while they are alive, a spirit  may create a duplicate of that person in heaven as an angel. The human body will eventually die, but their image as an angel will live forever in heaven, and will also be capable of walking on earth just like any normal human being. There are thousands of angels here on earth every day, unknown to human beings.

The TRUE INDENTITY OF A PERSON IS THEIR INTELLIGENCE, NOT THEIR OUTER PHYSICAL BODY.  Having explained this, understand that your enemies do not also die and can be born among you or near you any time.  A terrorist can be born the son or daughter of senator in Washington. A person is their intelligence, not their outer appearance, that is what you should be looking for, not their race or physical body.

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