Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Is there Re-incarnation (Rebirth)

Many have always wondered what happens after a person dies; some say we go to heaven, others go to hell, and some theories also believe human beings re-incarnate back one earth as new born babies.

To explain re-incarnation, first I will explain the basic components of living creatures on earth for they all have the same basic three attributes, from three different plains united into one.  I have already explained in other articles that there are seven plains in existence everywhere throughout the entire universe, including that of an atom.  Meaning, seven different versions of any physical object that we can see, and touch  can all exist within the same space in different dimensions.

 Living creatures including all human beings and animals are made of three components.  1. INTELLIGENCE.  2. CONSCIOUNESS. 3 PHYSICAL BODY.  These three components are each from a different plain.  THE INTELLIGENCE, are beings of the FIRST PLAIN.  CONSCIOUSNESS are beings of the FOURTH PLAIN.  THE PHYSICAL BODY, is a form of organic matter of the SEVENTH PAIN.  Of the three components of a living creature, it is only the Intelligence that is immortal, both consciousness and the physical body are mortal.

Upon the death of a human being, the immortal part of the person, which is the intelligence automatically re-enters the BODY OF A HUMAN CHILD THAT IS BETWEEN 11 to 11 and a half years old through the EYES of the child, and unites itself with the existing intelligence of the child.  However, both the original consciousness, and physical body of the dead person disintegrates into air and dust.

What I have just explained means, NO HUMAN BEING PERMANENTLY DIES, BUT THEY RE-INCARNATE IMMEDIATELY UPON DEATH IN A NEW BODY OF A CHILD THAT IS 11 YEARS OLD. What I have explained differs from the re-incarnation theories, because the dead person does not enter the womb of a woman to be born, but rather their intelligence combines itself with that of a child that is 11 years old.

Example, when King David of the bible died he re-entered the body of his son Solomon, who then became King Solomon.  Hence King Solomon was actually King David.  There is a single exceptional case of re-incarnation, that is when a dead person does not necessarily enter the body of another human being, but rather goes to heaven for a while before coming back to earth to re-inter the body of  a child that is 11 years old.  The single unique case only applies to one immortal being that sometimes materializes on earth with an angelic type body, but also sometimes comes in through the body of a child that is 11 years old.  By combining the existing intelligence with that of a new one, we evolve and continue projects that we started in previous lifetimes.

 This one individual with the unique exception is the one who was originally known as Osiris.   There was once in Egypt a child by the name Osiris. At the age of Eleven an immortal being from heaven entered his body. He hence acquired an immortal inner angelic body, with an outer human body. Upon his death, the inner angelic body of Osiris, returned to heaven with the body image of Osiris.  Osiris then materialized on earth with the angelic type body as Vishnu, the god of the Hindus.   After Vishnu he went to heaven, shape shifted (changed bodies), and materialized on earth and took the physical body of Shiva.

In these examples given, they are not re-incarnations, but rather it is a person who originally own an angelic type body that is capable of either materializing on earth with the angelic type body, and appears as  a normal human being, or enters another body of  child that is 11 years old with his angelic type body, and lives his life through the new body.

Hence it was Osiris, that become Moses along the line using the technique of entering the body of a child with a full angelic type body.  Hence Moses had both a human body and a full angelic type inner body. Upon his death he went to heaven, and somewhere along the line returns with the full angelic type body as Elijah.  Elijah was able to go to heaven in a human like body, because he was not born through a woman, but materialized on earth with an angelic type body.

Going forward in the same direction, the same person materialized on earth as Isaiah the prophet.  Isaiah like Elijah did not die, went to heaven and materialized back on earth as Jesus, by taking on the role of John, Joseph (husband of Mary), and was also the same person that played the role of angel Gabriel.

The case of Isaiah is the only case in existence where a person with an angelic type body enters the body of a human being. The rest of all human beings, re-incarnate automatically,  a few seconds after they die in a new body of a child that is 11 years old.  The reason why this pattern of re-incarnation is the only of its kind is; Osiris was created as both human being with an inner angelic type body.  No human being in existence has an inner angelic type body, only angels have an inner angelic type body.  Hence Osiris was half human and half angel (Elohim).

Hence almost all those human beings that have lived on earth and died, are all alive on earth this very second in a new body. The only exception occurs when either a gay man dies, or men who exceptionally wicked who have killed several people. Their consciousness are turned into that of a monkey, and hence they are reborn the minute they die as monkeys.

No human being is capable of entering into heaven whether dead or alive in their body of flesh. For a human being to enter heaven an angelic version of that person has to be created by a spirit into heaven while the person is alive.  A person has to be reborn with an angelic type body, before they can enter heaven. That which is born of a woman is mortal, that which is born of a spirit is immortal.

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