Thursday, October 22, 2015

What is a Jesus ?

Note that the question is: WHAT IS A JESUS, not, WHAT IS JESUS?.  The bible as a whole is a coded text that refers to things by their generic names, but not actually referring to one person.  In Genesis 1:1 it is stated that : IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH.

The Tora verse is BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM VET HA SHAMAYIM ARETZ.  What I am pointing out to you is, each of the words are generic names, not referring to a particular individual hence there is no exact name of God in the entire bible.  The words BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM, are all titles of certain types of beings, that exist on the first plain known in today’s vocabulary as INTELLIGENCES or CREATORS.

The word JESUS is spelled YHShVH, which is derived from the word YAHWEH, which is spelled YHVH, and also note that JEHOVAH , is also spelled YHVH.  If Yahweh is a God, then Yashuah will translate as SON OF GOD. As before mentioned, names in the bible are titles, not referring to a particular person. 

This brings us to answering the question, WHAT IS A JESUS?  A JESUS is a Yahshua, A SON OF GOD, and the sons of God are the angels.  A Jesus is any angel. God is a Spirit, without a physical body, hence human beings cannot directly speak to God, the same way a human being cannot speak to the wind.

But angels on the other existing as beings on the 6th plain can speak directly to spirits, but cannot see them, because Spirits are beings of Thought, that communicate by Thought only, and invisible to all beings at all levels.  God and the Kingdom of God, is everything created by God, including all heaven and earth.  Human beings in general cannot speak directly to God, without the intercession of an angel, similar to going to a priest here on earth for your prayers and needs.

To communicate with God or seek the resources of God, one has to send their message through A JESUS (an angel – messenger of God), and through the mouth and hands of the angel the item IS delivered to the human.  When Jesus says, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCERPT THROUGH HIM. This statement is generic, which translates to: NO ONE IS ABLE TO COMMUNICATE WITH GOD EXCERPT THROUGH A SON OF GOD (ANGEL).

Another word for angel is GENIMA, or GENE, these two words are the common words that were used before the word angel were used in the western world.  In Africa, India and ancient cultures you will find the words GENIMA or Gene, used often in prayers.  A JESUS is an ANGEL, GENIMA, or GENE.

These are the fundamental principles of the TRINITY OF LIGHTS, ( GOD, ANGELS, and HUMAN BEINGS.) The NEUTRON, ELECTRON, and PROTON. These three have to be combined as one for the atom to exist, the FATHER, SON, HUMAN has to be combined as one for a manifestation or miracle to occur. 

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