Monday, October 26, 2015

Where is Heaven?

Scientists have been in search for heaven, but with no scientific proof of its existence.  Religion and Philosophers believe there is a heaven, an abode of God and angels.  But the real question is, where is the location of such a heaven?  If it exists.

In this brief article I will explain to you where and what heaven is, and the reason why scientists cannot find it. To begin this explanation, I will elaborate on basic concepts from the book title THE SPIRIT ATOM HYDROGEN.

Note the title of the book refers to Hydrogen as a form of spirit atom.  To explain heaven, I will first point out that in every physical matter, there are additional six dimensions or versions of the same matter of different compositions within it. Which means a grain of sand, contains six different versions of that sand.

There are hence a total of seven plains in all physical space, including entire planets such as earth. Each plain is the dwelling place of certain types of beings that  are invisible to the beings of the plain above.  Hence the beings of the first plain known as INTELLIGENCES or ELOHIM (CREATORS ) are invisible to the beings of the second plain.  The beings of the second plain are invisible to the beings of the third plain. The beings of the third plain are invisible to the beings of the 4th plain. The beings of the 4th plain are invisible to beings of the 5th plain. 

The beings of the 5th plain are invisible to the beings of the 6th plain.  The beings of the 6th plain generally known as angels are invisible to the human beings who are beings of the 7th plain.  The first to the 6th plain are integrated as HEAVEN, the 7th plain which is the physical body of all planets, stars, moons, living beings on them are considered the 7th plain.

Hence, there is heaven on earth, heaven on the moon, heaven on all planets and stars, for the first six plains are integrated into all physical bodies, including human beings.  Hence the human body can also contain the first six forms of bodies.  A human body consists of an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, AND PHYSICAL BODY, only three out of the seven active.  These three corresponds to the 1st plain, 4th plain, and 7th plain.  An angelic body consists of an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUS, AND ANGELIC BODY; which consists of the 1st plain, 4th plain, and 6th plain.  Hence an angel standing next to you in the same space is invisible to a human being.

Wherever you are on earth, you are also standing or sitting on the physical side of the heaven of the exact same space.  However, each of the plains are designed differently. Hence the six plain of earth does not have a sun or moon, but it is always daylight.  Heaven, cannot be discovered by any scientific instrument, for human beings and everything on earth exists on the 7th plain, which cannot penetrate the sixth plain. A human body has to be transformed into an angelic type body, before a person can enter heaven or the 6th plain. But note that the angelic body within human beings are not active, they are activated by a spirit before the person dies. If it so happens, then that person will enter the 6th plain of heaven automatically.  Unless a person is BORN AGAIN (transformed into an angel by a spirit), that person cannot enter heaven.

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